Businesses should increase investment in employees eye health

Data shows sight loss affects around 2.2 billion people globally

Wangu Kanja calls for integration sexual violence data into healthcare system

45% of women and girls have been subjected to some form of violence

One woman reinventing event management

Kiiru said she has to be creative in her job as many people out there also do event management.

Doreen Majala: Why I advocate for girl child education

She insists there is still a gap in access to quality education for the girl child in rural communities.

How Simbi roses is navigating economic uncertainties through farm diversification

Beyond horticulture, Simbi Roses has embraced beekeeping, a venture that intertwines with ecological preservation.

What needs to be done as we celebrate Africa Day - Women Deliver

We want a world with the full realization of gender-responsive UHC.

NJOROGE: Why teaching abstinence isn't enough to curb teen pregnancy

"If we are going to teach abstinence then let us follow through with it fully."

ALX’s woman and tech initiative set to help 50,000 women across Africa

Women comprise just 5% of global software engineers.

Why women should go for early reproductive screening - Dr Sarita Sukhija

She says that early screening will help to tackle cancer and fibroid cases among women.

MELANIE WALKER: Women still missing from media top table

"News media need to be thinking proactively around their succession planning."

Dear president, survivors face numerous challenges while fighting FGM

"We face discrimination and increasing fear of antagonizing a community’s practice."

Mr President, invest in rescue centres in all counties to end FGM

"I said no to FGM/C when I lost one of my friends to the act. "

Mr President, invest in more health facilities and training of nurses to end FGM

FGM/C is a practice that negatively impacts all of us

GBV: Mr President, strengthen collaborations to end this pandemic

During COVID 19 over 45000 adolescent girls became pregnant in the country.

Shofco to roll out youth, women empowerment programs

Odede urged SUN leaders to work with the county and national governments in voicing the needs

Needs, wellbeing of adolescents should be prioritised

"The needs of young people have long fallen between cracks in service provision."

Day of the girl: Q&A with Population council director Michael Mbizvo

Mbizvo, is also a professor in reproductive health sciences.