Talent management and succession planning

Succession management is at the most comprehensive end of the spectrum.

Finding your space in adopting the SDGs

Given their size, growing businesses are quite flexible to change.

The power of introverts at work

Introverted leaders deliver thoughtful, innovative and people-centered perspectives.

The new trend in women suits that are 'male designed'

A simple trouser suit is timeless and flattering as well as versatile

Growing your business online in the digital age

It is extremely important to ensure that the type of content you create is of the highest quality.

Business operations efficiency for success

Systems are designed to make work easier and as businesses, we need to utilize this to the maximum.

Mental health care is self-care

Women still face challenges when it comes to status, power, and positions.

Want to cut cooking costs? Try this

They are a boon to households and women entrepreneurs in Migori

How to position yourself as a top candidate in recruitment

I had to rework every single application almost every day.

Self-awareness for a fulfilling life

There are three components of self-awareness which entail the mental, physical and contextual.

The dynamism of the virtual assistant space

A virtual assistant is essentially an umbrella term.

3 marketing tips to grow your business

Share useful knowledge about your brand.

Femme fatale: Fallacies of 'feminine leadership'

There was a time when women in leadership positions across the world could fit in a room.

How women can use the capital markets to grow wealth

Bonds and bills are fixed-income instruments.

How to gain new skills while at the same job

Do not be afraid to do more.

How to take care of yourself – one day at a time

We don’t need to be signing up for those exotic out of the way retreats.

Myths, truths, and intricacies of mentorship

A good mentor can be a determining factor of success.