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WHO reports crucial shortage of Ebola funds

Has been supporting surveillance along the border with Uganda and Tanzania; says there is a 40 per cent funding gap

Ebola: Why cross-border risks for Kenya remain high

Kenya appears prepared, but a lot more can be done.

Sicily Kariuki statement on Ebola

An alert to all health workers and the general public to enhance surveillance.

800,000 students miss out on NHIF cover over Nemis hiccups

The Sh4 billion cover under NHIF relies on unique code provided to learners.

Kakamega hospital under probe over identical twins

The DNA results also showed that Imbayi is Omina’s daughter.

No ebola in Kenya and there is no vaccine

There’s going to be a six to 12-month lag before there’s adequate vaccine supply

All you need to know about the deadly Ebola virus

The early symptoms are a sudden fever, muscle pain, fatigue, headache and sore throat.

Kenyans participate in HIV vaccine trial

If the trial is successful, it will bring a new form of HIV prevention to people.

Bhang smokers beware, it can cause infertility - research

Bhang affects sperm count, ovulation and odds of conceiving.

Nairobi Hospital chiefs deny shareholders audit report

They say it would be "extremely prejudicial" for them to release the audit for scrutiny ...

Inability to find a sexual partner is a disability - WHO

WHO now also wants to classify infertility as disability.

Melinda Gates: Why Kenyan women need more cash

Says there's very little data on women's contribution to the economy.

Eliud Kipchoge secrets of marathon success

Kenya’s long-distance runners have a psychological and social advantage.

Diabetes patients to manage condition through mobile

New programme is aimed to empower patients to become more aware, access care.

Blind villagers share hope after regaining sight

FHF-Kenya said Taita Taveta being a trachoma epidemic region in Kenya.

Court blocks payment for leased medical equipment

Kenyan sued saying the cost is exaggerated, project does not align with people's actual ...

More Health

Hospital fined for calling itself 'the best'

Dr Agarwal Eye hospital in Nairobi was fined Sh700,000 for ads on billboards in the city

Mystery of babies with swollen heads

Hydrocephalus entails an abnormal buildup of cerebral spinal fluid in the cavities of the brain.

Counties make Sh1 billion from patients seeking dialysis services

Patients pay Sh9,500 for each dialysis session using the machines bought through the managed-equipment scheme.

Why anthrax outbreaks recur in Nakuru

Preliminary results show a high-risk belt that experiences repeated outbreaks, especially in the dry season.