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Exclusive: Inside Bill Gates’ massive Covid vaccine plan

World needs billions of doses. Gates is pushing for success by 2022

Your snack may be leading you to an early grave

Intake of trans-fatty acids is associated with increased risk of heart attacks.

‘Clients believed my hotel was infected with corona’

Covid-19 restrictions wiped out small businesses owned by women

Pandemic a boom for digital health services

TeleAfya App has seen usage jump by more than 100 per cent, founders say

Stem cell therapy now available in Kenya

Dr. Arshni and her team of experts at Tia Clinics have introduced Stem cell therapy also known as Growth Factor ...

How Shofco is winning war on virus in Kibera, Mathare slums

“I am motivated to save lives,” - Akello

Rejected cerebral palsy kids sheltered by Eldoret family

Pr Korir's family welcome kids hidden, neglected or abandoned in Uasin Gishu

Covid19 and Home-Based care - is it working?

Besides easing pressure on hospitals, home-based care is also meant to ease cost of treatment.

See through my eyes: Cornea donation

There are at least 2.2 billion people with vision impairment

Firm secures UV robot to kill virus during pandemic

The UV disinfection robots has been clinically proven to eliminate bacteria.

Philips introduces new ventilator in Kenya

The Philips Respironics E30 Ventilator has been approved by the PPB

Council clears Lancet, says other labs must be probed

Some sick Kenyans procured false 'negative' results elsewhere to avoid isolation, stigma

Kenya assured of Covid vaccine next year

Twenty per cent of all people to be vaccinated next year; but health workers first.

Kenya misses 2020 HIV targets

Unaids blames stigma on gays, sex workers, people who inject drugs and prisoners.

Pandemic: Kenya is not in a good place

Kenya is undercounting the number of Covid-19 cases and deaths

The role of local communities in clinical trials in Africa

Africa should actively participate in drug and vaccine discovery and testing.

How Kemsa is getting ready for UHC - Dr Manjari

Gigantic drugs agency moves to save local drugs industry, lower costs and end stock-outs