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Killer chemicals still growing foods in Kenya - report

Some negatively affect hormones, cause mental retardation in children, and slow death.

Kieni food poisoning victims fell sick after three days

They complained of diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pains on Saturday.

Medic calls for donor funding for cleft lip and palate

•Causes of the Cleft Lip & Palate range from problems with genes passed down from one or ...

Why men should not fear vasectomies

Some men leave wives to pursue intrusive, hormone-upsetting options.

Sex more enjoyable after vasectomy

You don't have to worry about an accidental pregnancy

Win as KNH nurses formally join KNUN

Panyako was arrested and charged for storming the hospital last year.

Contraceptive failure linked to abnormal pregnancies

P2 pills should be taken separately and sparingly, but overdosing is rife.

Governors appeal to Uhuru over killer cancer disease

Oparanya noted the key challenge was the cost implication it has on the victims.

Euthanasia: Why some people would consider it

Most terminally sick patients and especially those who have cancer live a low-quality ...

Poor food choices driving up obesity among employees- study

Google for instance spends an average of $20 per employee per day on food

Second Ebola patient dies in DR Congo border city

The World Health Organization called it a global health emergency last week.

Mombasa meat is safe, tests show

Samples were collected from the main supermarkets including Naivas, Tuskys and Chandarana.

Man left to die by wife beats stage 3 cancer

His troubles began with appetite loss, stomach pain, weakness and weight loss

Eating red meat increases risk of cancer - medics

Western diet significantly increases the risk of developing colorectal cancer.

Cancer-free: Survivor sheds hope for battling survivors

He was told he had six months to live, 10 years down the line he narrates his tale of ...

More Health

Experts advocate for HPV vaccine to fight cancer

Ideally, females should get the vaccine before they become sexually active.

Separate elections proposed for minorities to choose rep

Special interest groups are women, persons with disabilities, youth.

Beware, lifestyle diseases can be hereditary, says medic

If there is a case of obesity in the family,  that gene of obesity will be passed on. So the subsequent generations ...

UHC does not mean free health care

• With UHC, all people can access the health services they need without the risk of financial hardship