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Kenyan living in the US dies of coronavirus

The man from Molo was being treated for underlying condition when he contracted Covid-19.

Aga Khan medics quarantined over coronavirus

Patient who died of Covid-19 once visited hospital without disclosing travel history

Kagwe: This is how Covid-19 could overwhelm us

One person positive with coronavirus will indirectly infect at least 244 others

Govedi ejected from blood transfusion service

Her tenure was marked by consistent blood shortages, which the DCI is probing

State suspends prayers in forest shrines

Religious leaders and elders have traditionally prayed in forests to ward off calamities.

Uhuru's plan to save jobs, declares curfew

7pm-5am lockdown is the first since Moi imposed a similar order after 1982 coup.

What rainy season means for coronavirus

Coronaviruses are usually stable at low temperature and low humidity environment.

KNH sends home cancer patients over coronavirus

Doctors to decide who gets life saving treatment and who does not

Priest and Kilifi DG exposed over 300 people

Blatantly refused to self-quarantine.

When cancer robs one of both parents

It's bad enough losing one parent to cancer. Both was traumatic for Mary Keli

Shutdown: State defines critical services

No new case reported Thursday, Kenya has only seven patients

Looking back through time: The evolution of HIV control

More than 300,000 HIV+ Kenyans do not know their status

Corona couple allowed home after positive test

Couple proved capacity to self-isolate at their house in Nairobi even though they are sick

Growing corona anxiety calls for mental health plan

Panic buying, fake news show we were not mentally prepared for the outbreak

Kenya might ration ICU beds if infections rise

An ICU crisis is inevitable if the country registers a huge number of infections.

Living in city streets with HIV and TB, and no medication

Rebecca has struggled on the streets with illness for three years

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Cleaners, cooks among MTRH workers trained on corona

Facility has 25 isolation beds; CEO says most patients don't require hospitalisation.

Most coronavirus patients recover fully – doctors

Majority of patients across the world exhibited only mild to moderate symptoms.

Solid waste workers risk contracting hepatitis B, tetanus

They have no idea why wearing gear is important.

Coronavirus: Avoid hospitals if you develop symptoms

You risk infecting more people who have even more compromised immunity.