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Kenyan women top Africa in contraceptives use

Six million Kenyan women are on contraceptives and this year prevented 2,356,000 pregnancies.

Ex-New Zealand PM praises Kenya's declining population

Predicts Kenyans will soon look back and wonder what the fuss about gay people was all ...

Senate committee probes medical equipment scheme

The committee was impressed by the way the facilities were being utilised in Kilifi county

Why UHC should include sexual and reproductive health and ...

Providing a comprehensive package of sexual and reproductive health interventions is ...

Should euthanasia be legalised in Kenya?

The 15-year imprisoning of parents for euthanising their child stirs debate

New rare HIV strain discovered

Samples of blood were collected from  Kenya and 44 other countries across six continents.

Do no harm: Revisiting  medical radiation

There are concerns over the increase of unnecessary medical examinations and also the ...

Bring us more Cuban doctors, county pleads

CEC says they have advertised twice but no specialist has applied for two key positions.

Law to stop doctors, drugs makers exploiting patients

Overprescription is driven by greed and that has put patients on unnecessary drugs - ...

Family planning slows population growth

60 per cent of all married women use modern family planning methods

Man who almost knocked police barricade reveals struggle

Silas and his wife had eyesight problems due to diabetes.

HIV drug dropped in 15,000 children

Drug associated with liver damage and is registering growing resistance in many countries.

Why the cancer insurance policy by ICEA Lion makes sense ...

Cancer is quickly becoming a scourge in our society and the cancer insurance gives an ...

Cervical cancer can be kicked out like polio and smallpox

It can be eliminated through awareness, vaccination, screening and treatment

Blood clots: Unmasking a silent killer among Kenyans

There is widespread ignorance of Deep Vein Thrombosis, despite it being common as cancer.

Using laws to protect health of expectant women

We need to create a safe country for women as they bring their newborns into the world.

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Why many medical cases end up in court

Uncertainty clouds the Information that ought to be provided to patients

Boehringer partners with two varsities in innovation programme

The competition, called the Making More Health Venture4Change idea, aims to unlock the creative potentials of young ...

How patients are prescribed so many drugs, it’s killing them

Gradual buildup of medication in the bloodstream is fatally toxic

Cultural abortion: The unspoken cruelty destroying girls

From age six, Eddah started engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse.