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Air travel: Is it worth the risk? WHO Asks

Is resuming air travel worth the risk? asks WHO

Kenyan NGOs fight to stop UK aid cuts

Some face 30 per cent reduction in funding; they have written to Boris Johnson.

Kenya to buy pneumonia vaccine at half price

Country aims to eliminate pneumonia deaths in children by 2025.

What causes nerve disorders in the leg?

From discomfort and loss of feeling, one may have feet having a wooden feeling

Flu virus with 'pandemic potential' found in China

It emerged recently and is carried by pigs, but can infect humans, scientists say.

Coronavirus: Worst could be yet to come, WHO warns

More than 10m cases have been recorded globally since the virus emerged in China late ...

Tobacco control hurting access to harm reduction options

Experts says access to information that encourages smokers to switch to safe options ...

Drugs firm unveils training for Kenyans with albinism

There is a lot of superstition with many negative impacts on people with albinism ...

More than 100,000 screened for NCDs in Boehringer's campaign

More than 70,000 people were screened for hypertension and 40,000 for diabetes

Kagwe accuses returnees as he reports 155 new cases

They are not adhering to the protocols set by the ministry.

Kenyans see virus as money than health problem — poll

At least 41 per cent, up from 28 per cent in April, now see the pandemic as a financial ...

New mothers risk depression in solitude

Struggles of a new mother echo those of many others delivering now

'They were family': Owners cry after six dogs die in a month

Aflatoxin is more dangerous to dogs as their immunity is lower than humans'

Governments urged to draw up tobacco harm reduction policies

Kenya’s Tobacco Control Board has plans to impose tougher controls on nicotine pouches

Moral panic blocking solutions to smoking-related deaths - ...

Smoking is the biggest cause of non-communicable disease killing half of all those who ...

National UHC rollout gets Sh50 billion

Former Health CS Sicily Kariuki piloted UHC in Kisumu, Nyeri, Machakos and Isiolo.

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What Kenya must look out for before easing Covid-19 restrictions

Firstly, there is need for evidence that the virus is being suppressed.

Slums new Covid-19 battlegrounds

Three more people test positive in Kibra slum, while one dies in Mathare.

Mombasa slums flirt with Covid-19 explosion

The care-free attitude among the slum dwellers is alarming

Why men should help wives during and after delivery

The ‘Baba Anzilisha’ programme is changing mindsets in Vihiga