Fact Checker

FACT CHECKER: No, smoking bhang doesn't prevent Covid-19

Smoking bhang puts individuals at more risk - WHO.

No evidence pregnancy increases risk of Covid-19

The claim made on Facebook is not supported by any evidence.

Sonko's video doesn't show bodies of virus victims

Clip is linked to a post dating back to 2018 long before the outbreak of Covid-19.

Free vouchers ad 'from Tuskys' supermarket is fake

Tuskys supermarket has distanced itself from the advertisement.

Is Wuhan exporting clothes and beddings to Africa?

China barred people from leaving or entering Wuhan on January 23.

Are Africans immune to corona virus?

Health experts says black people don’t have more antibodies than white people.

FACT CHECK: Has KWS banned Kahumbu from Kenyan parks?

Kahumbu claimed that she was banned after her spirited campaign against KWS.

FACT CHECK: Did June Ruto meet Echesa in Poland

A photo of Echesa with Deputy purportedly with June Ruto has gone viral.

Are senators in conflict of interest for representing Sonko?

Duo prejudices their duty as senators who have the mandate to oversee counties.

Taita Taveta MCAs impeached Governor Granton Samboja

The Members of County Assembly are accusing the governor of gross misconduct.

TSC has sacked 36 teachers for professional misconduct

The TSC made the announcement via a Gazette notice.

Francis Muthaura’s term as KRA chairperson has been extended

The extension is effective from October 21, for three years.

KU closed indefinitely over student unrest

University senate had ordered the closure following two days of student unrest.

These underwater photos are not from the Likoni Channel

None of the photos is from Kenya as claimed in the post

Ranitidine drug withdrawn from Kenyan market

The prescription drug relieves heartburn and is sold in Kenya as Neotack.

Betting firms close shop in Kenya

Firms halted their operations following the decision to introduce the excise tax.

Car slids off Likoni Ferry and into Indian Ocean

Kenya Ferry Services confirmed the incident on its official Twitter account.