Fact Checker

FAKE: US alleged probe into Kenya's Euro Bond not true

Journalist Demetri Sevastopulo of the Financial Times said he did not write any story about Kenya.

FALSE: COP28 President has not resigned as UAE's oil company CEO

"It is extremely disappointing to see the  media use unverified documents."

Digital card claiming expressway has cracks not from Nation

Moja Expressway posted the stamped fake digital card on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Letter bashing CSs over food price drop not by Quickmart

The retail chain said the statement was false and should be ignored by Kenyans.

FALSE: Photo isn’t of bus made by a student from Bungoma

Marcopolo published a statement on its Facebook page confirming is set to deliver 287 buses

Image showing Gachagua behind Ruto, King Charles doctored

The deputy president has in the past been spotted in a similar yellow tracksuit.

Quote indicating new charges on latest Gazette notice is fake

To replace IDs, Kenyans will now pay Sh1,000 up from Sh100.

Image not of Zimbabwean Minister but of Kenya’s Health CS

One of Acholi’s followers pointed out the manipulation of the image

Digital card claiming monthly fee for unmarried couples fake

The cost of marriage certificates surged from Sh30,000 to Sh100,000.

This image is not of Kenya police vehicle heading to Haiti

The Star fact-checker has estblished that the claim is misleading

FAKE: Mwangaza has not attacked Senator Kathuri

A scan by the Star Fact Checker on the account shows that it is a parody account and not real.

MISLEADING: This image is not of Kericho Airstrip as claimed

It is not of Kericho Airstrip but of Ken Jones Aerodrome airport in Jamaica.

FALSE: This photo doesn’t show submerged cars in Nairobi

Google reverse image search results on the photo established that it was taken in Mombasa and not Nairobi.

ALTERED: Post showing front page of The Standard doctored

The headline of the legitimate front page shared by the media house does not match it.

FALSE: Claim that Ruto has legalised prostitution NOT TRUE

Currently according to the Kenyan Penal Code prostitution remains illegal.

FALSE: Raila didn’t hold bilateral talks with UK Envoys in August

Eric made the post on August 20, 2023.

DP wasn't peeping through window during King Charles's visit

The photo was going round on Tuesday during first official day of King Charles and Queen Camilla’s visit