Fact Checker

US has not threatened to revoke President Uhuru Kenyatta’s visa

Pompeo's statement does not specifically mention Uhuru as claimed in the post.

Kenyan security body has not banned Ruto's political rallies

Author of the post states that he knows DP will disregard the directive and still hold rallies.

EU Ambassadors haven't endorsed Ruto’s views on BBI

Ambassadors say meeting with various political leaders do not mean endorsements.

Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is yet to be appointed WTO director

Final phase of consultations to start on October 19 and run until October 27.

Total Kenya is not giving out free gas cylinders to Kenyans

Beneficiaries asked to pay between Sh450 and Sh550 as delivery fee.

Prostate cancer rampant among boda boda riders

Doctors say prostate cancer mainly associated with family history.

This incident didn't happen in Kenya

The incident happened in Rwanda in 2016 floods that claimed over 59 lives.

Teaching colleges have not called for applications from D+ students

New teacher training program will push current entry mark to Grade C (plain).

FALSE: State not giving Kenyans Sh3,300 Covid relief fund

The hoax has been shared in countries such as Ghana, Uganda, South Africa and Nigeria.

MISLEADING: 2,600 students didn't miss university places

Universities declared higher number of capacity than number of students who qualified to join.

Do Eucalyptus trees cause reduction of water level in rivers?

No empirical studies to support the theory that eucalyptus are high water consumers.

FACT CHECK: Did Kenya have only 8 ICU beds before Corona?

No available data on critical care services provided by hospitals registered by MoH.

FACT CHECK: Expressway photo is not of Kenyan road

The road is a Polish expressway in Bielsko-Biała.

False: Robbery incident in lift did not happen at Sarit Centre

The incident happened in New York and not in Kenya.

Moody Awori lands role in Inter-County Covid-19 Committee

Awori picked to spearhead resource mobilisation for Covid response in the Lake Region.

FALSE: US Senator Kamala Harris has no Kenyan roots

She is the first African American to be chosen as the running mate of a major party's presidential candidate.

FALSE: No Cuban doctor married Busia man

The viral photo was from Ghana and originally published by entertainment publications.