Fact Checker

Facebook image doesn't show massacre victims in Tigray

Photo taken in Nigeria, after members of Boko Haram killed at least 40 rice farmers.

Digital card of Raila dressed as a witch doctor altered

Original card has a scanning code in the bottom corner of the image.

Inhaling steam of natural herbs not proven remedy for Covid

Gumtree has potential health benefits, has been used medicinally for several purposes.

President Uhuru Kenyatta was not captured watching Selina

Pascal Tokodi starring as Nelson asked the president to watch the local tv film Selina.

FACT CHECK: Obama hasn't endorsed Ruto

The painting hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC.

June Ruto's photo taken in Poland, not at UN headquarters

Photo taken when she received CS Monica Juma in Warsaw, Poland.

Kalonzo didn't secure Sonko release

Court had not issued a ruling on Sonko’s release on the date the post was shared.

FALSE: Remdesivir Vaccine not reserved for African countries

Remdesivir is not a vaccine, but an anti-viral drug developed by Gilead Sciences Inc.

TRUE: Covid-19 anal swab is a more accurate

Some patients test positive on rectal swabs in the very first days of Covid-19 onset.

DP Ruto was not slapped at Burma market

Social media users called on the IG of Police Hillary Mutyambai to investigate.

Raila was not captured holding bible upside down

Caption said Raila was holding the Bible just for a photo session.

Online hoax: Huawei not offering free new year gifts

Whichever answer you choose you get a notification awarding you with a gift box.

Does Safaricom allow NIS to illegally forward your calls?

Service not security intelligence gathering technic but a call notification service.

MISLEADING: Bite from spider causes 4-hour erection

High or low blood pressure, fast or a slow heartbeat, nausea are among the signs.

Does wearing masks for a long period of time reduce your oxygen uptake?

With pre-existing conditions as asthma, obesity, one will experience difficulty in breathing.

Four Std 8 pupils, two teachers have not succumbed to Covid

The said parent was to go live on radio but switched off his phone.

PARTLY TRUE: Safaricom calling for next of kin registration

Message advised subscribers to dial *234*5# to register upon which would be guided.