Fact Checker

FALSE: Amref did not recommend a 21-day lockdown

Gitahi said the screenshot of the post that had been circulating on social media was fake.

FALSE: Germans didn’t abandon cars over hiked fuel prices

The pileup happened in Beijing, China in 2010 during road construction.

How misinformation was spread in Laikipia clashes

Misinformation has been spread through social media.

FALSE: Kang’ata didn’t attend Senate proceedings from Sabina Joy

Kang'ata has dismissed the video, saying that he is a teetotaler.

Shell Energy not rewarding cash prizes for its anniversary

Vivo Energy Kenya has flagged the post as fake.

FAKE: Naivas Supermarket job advertisement is a scam

The post claims that the retailer is recruiting new staff for the upcoming branches.

False: Covid-19 vaccine could cause fertility problems

According to the WHO, Covid-19 vaccination is recommended for everyone 12 years of age and older.

True: BBC Journalist died of Covid-19 vaccine complication

The coroner's findings were widely reported by other UK-based News websites.

Tax evasion claims letter addressed to DP is not from KRA

KRA is known for its manner of carrying out raids to premises when it comes to tax evasion.

False: BBI Secretariat not taking BBI case to Supreme Court

Junet rubbished the claims, saying that the statement was fake.

Fact-checking claims of CS Wamalwa’s new party

ORPP said the circular is fake, and that it has registered 74 parties, not 75.

FACT CHECKER: KAA post advertising jobs is fake

KAA said it advertises jobs through https://www.kaa.go.kecareers/

'Seven-point bottom-up approach' not from UDA

It claims to introduce land reforms to ensure that no citizen owns more than 10 acres

FACT CHECKER: MP Kuria has not ditched 'Hustler nation'

Kuria, who is allied to the DP, missed the event, arousing speculations from Kenyans.

FACT CHECKER: Curfew order still active

Social media post is false, and misleading. Uhuru had extended curfew for 60 days on June 29.

FALSE: State to block sims due to Huduma registration fault

The post is designed to look like a warning against a scam.

Mt Kenya won’t get 40 of 70 constituencies in BBI Bill

Mt Kenya region will get 17 seats.