Fact Checker

City footbridges to be demolished for expressway

Footbridges built by H.Young&Co though EACC raised concerns over tendering process.

Is Judiciary, Executive standoff a misread of Constitution?

The two arms of government should simply strive to read from the same script.

Senator Gideon and Atwoli were not left stranded in Malawi

There is no airport by the name Bingu in Malawi.

No expressway being constructed in Nairobi National Park

The photo is of murram being excavated for road repairs within the park.

Kenya has released 600 patients into home-based care

The measure is intended to alleviate the pressure on hospitals.

MISLEADING: Kakamega residents didn't hold pro-Ruto demos

Photo doing rounds taken in 2016 during anti-IEBC demos at Anniversary Towers.

Senator Ledama Olekina has not joined Ruto camp

The post was made through a fake account that has since been deleted.

Advert on Gates Foundation inviting tenders is false

According to the advert, some Sh4,100 would be charged on categories applied for.

JKUAT trainees have not produced a vaccine for coronavirus

• The post also claims that six Chinese victims of the disease had been cured with this vaccine, but this news has not ...

FALSE: First virus trial vaccine recipient has died

Dr Elisa Granato, was interviewed by the BBC after reports of her death first emerged.

Trump didn't say disinfectant test will start in Africa

The source of the information is not mentioned in the publication.

FACT CHECKER: No, smoking bhang doesn't prevent Covid-19

Smoking bhang puts individuals at more risk - WHO.

No evidence pregnancy increases risk of Covid-19

The claim made on Facebook is not supported by any evidence.

Sonko's video doesn't show bodies of virus victims

Clip is linked to a post dating back to 2018 long before the outbreak of Covid-19.

Free vouchers ad 'from Tuskys' supermarket is fake

Tuskys supermarket has distanced itself from the advertisement.

Is Wuhan exporting clothes and beddings to Africa?

China barred people from leaving or entering Wuhan on January 23.

Are Africans immune to corona virus?

Health experts says black people don’t have more antibodies than white people.