Oil & Gas: Are We There Yet?

750 million barrels of crude oil considered commercially viable.

Experience not Service

Good customer experience makes a person five times likely to recommend a company.

State questions Sh300bn costing of Nairobi-Mombasa expressway

The 485-kilometre mega project yet to kick off despite ground breaking set for June.

Linkages between skills development and economic growth

In fast-paced ever evolving market the value of skills development can not be overstated.

Osaka G20, Xi and Trump, a visit to the DMZ and a limit Short in the Eurodollar market

The UK and South African Houses of Parliament are similarly unputdownable.

Conversations that Drive Innovation

In the innovation process, it is important for leaders to achieve this goal

'What’s happening brother' - Bitcoin, USDCNH and WTI

Bitcoin is trading at Fresh Highs of $9,270 (Sh927,000).

Master the messy Innovation Process

To succeed at innovation, you must cultivate the mindset that would ensure you win.

Funding the 2019-2020 budget

Unlikely that the increase will see KRA hitting its collection targets altogether.

Adaptive cultures

Company cultures with market focus tend to be results-oriented, with focus on competition.

How to sell innovation

The market may surprise you by its response because customers are different now.

Stable cultures

Culture of an organisation was not considered to have bearing on results.

Encourage Diverse Innovation Perspectives

Perspective conveys the idea of viewing from an angle.

Securing off-grid electricity access

KPLC notes that as at 2018, household connections to the national grid stood at 73 %

Try emotion

Giving orders, demanding compliance not way to change performance.

US - China war now ballistic

President Jinping is on a Pedestal and is faced with the Strong Man Conundrum.

Develop the right innovation attitude

So how do you develop the right innovation attitude? It’s simple: be at peace with feeling stupid.