Google Stadia, a new way of gaming on any device

The app allows you to stream games to any smartphone, computer or TV

Unveiling the Spirit of Excellence

It is one of the qualities that African leaders must embrace to be effective

The culture dividend

Change brings about a more thoughtful focus on the customer

High fuel prices have a ripple effect on the economy

High fuel prices have a ripple effect on the economy

Beware of brainstorming

These are the words used to stimulate action.

How to use Twitch streaming app

The app's home screen has evolved over the years with a wide variety of games and genres

Visible leadership

Many of our modern leaders have mastered the ability to be consistent and authentic.

The Tipping Point

This is the most exciting moment in culture transformation

How hustlers survive in tough times

Selling household electronics after losing your job helps pay the bills

Adobe Connect video conferencing solution to assisting educators

It has a solid feature set including video chat and desktop and document sharing

Conviction is not a cheap endeavour, but it’s worth it

•The conviction-driven leader moves in unconventional ways •Conviction makes an ordinary person extraordinary

A new approach to ICT

Having technology that isn’t fit for purpose is a common issue

Productivity holds key to business success in post-covid world

Investors are gearing up for a strong economic recovery

Addressing tariff and non-tariff barriers will revitalize EAC trade

A raft of policy measures have been considered and implemented with a view to boost trade

Things fall apart

The progress of digital transformation has been accelerated with the pandemic

Building back better requires building back greener

Governments and individuals have to adapt if they are to survive the short term.

What's Next in AI?

Creating an AI ecosystem and forging local and global relationships is vital