Why Silo culture hurts organisations

•As in the Cold War, these silos can be hard to find and even harder to take down •The only way to truly take silos ...

How the digital service tax works

•There is an unwavering push to capture incomes and activities conducted within the digital space within the tax ...

The Power of Practice

In modern culture, people genuinely believe that possessing knowledge alone is transformation

Taxpayers encouraged to tax advantage of the amnesty from penalties and interest under the VDTP

•Where the disclosure is made within the first year of the programme, in the prescribed form, taxpayers stand to ...

Why companies should champion preventive health programs

They should go beyond CSR.

Kenya's balancing act of funding budget and paying debts

•Kenya targets to raise KES 1.67 trillion from tax revenues financing 49.6% of the budget •In absolute terms, income ...

Exit millennials enter generation Alpha

New generation taking over from millennials

Kindness is a success factor

Now, customers seek genuine concern and care.

State funding for sectors that sustained economy despite Covid-19 hit needs to be increased

•The ICT sector is riding a wave of digital advancement that has cut across all industries and spheres of the ...

Full integration of EAC key for region

•Key to the achievement of a fully integrated EAC region is the free movement of people within the region •It is ...

Do virtual business meetings meet expectations?

•My recipe for starting better video meetings? Turn on your cameras and smile •Participants hide behind ‘camera off’ so ...

Perfection calls for hard work

How to achieve perfection

Youth as critical agents in a post-pandemic world

Business leaders consider youth unemployment as one of the major global risks today

It's time to cushion Kenyans from high cost of living

We are at a worse off place compared to this time last year.

How to build a mentorship relationship

In a healthy mentorship relationship, everyone is there to learn

Perennially high fuel costs to negatively impact cost of living

High fuel prices, combined with economic downturn may spell further woes for the ordinary Mwananchi.


Communication is the Achilles Heel of most organisations.