Perennially high fuel costs to negatively impact cost of living

High fuel prices, combined with economic downturn may spell further woes for the ordinary Mwananchi.


Communication is the Achilles Heel of most organisations.

How to handle the pain of change

In the change process, it is silly to expect easy

Kenya Film Bill and Policy for development of the Movie Film Economy

The industry generates approximately Sh12 billion in revenues annually.

Promoting local production will lead to regional industrialization

Imports from other countries, outside of the EAC, enjoy lower rates (25 per cent) for products that are or may be ...

Why it is time merchants start accepting Bitcoin?

It has helped transform the way in which many businesses interact with one another as well as their clients.

How to treat human capital for better results

In business, the conformist urge leads to stagnation.

Flexi working hours is the right way to go

•Companies that fail to offer flexible working arrangements will find it more difficult to hire the right people •Some ...

Do not be a slave to success

•You know that your drive is breaking you when you succeed at the expense of your well-being • You can enjoy success as ...

The evolution of trade

The growth of infrastructure has played a big part in advancing trade.

China February exports post record surge

It is the dominant import source for Kenya.

Personal growth does not come  easy

•Are you willing to try, fail, try again, make mistakes, look stupid, fall on your face, get up and keep going? •Like ...

Kenya's economy likely to outpace regional peers in 2022

•. Market analysts are positive that Africa’s economic recovery will be better than expected •As a whole, and ...

Leaders should reflect both on failure and success

•In the good times, when business was succeeding, he was a charismatic, coaching leader •But in the bad times, when ...

How to make yourself more valuable

•One common mistake by entrepreneurs is the thinking that they can increase their value without valuing people ...

How is cryptocurrency breathing life into developing countries?

It is immensely advertised as a saviour of the growth of the economy of third-world countries.

Cutting your image

•Established brands sometimes find they are expending effort on customers who no longer fit their business ...