Counting your 2021 blessings

•Take time to celebrate and be grateful you made it this far •Let your victories fuel your vision for next year

Success is a journey, not an event

•As you learn, you grow, and as you grow, you will attract bigger and better opportunities •To enjoy your success ...

Role of National Development Banks in economic growth

•NDBs are considered more flexible that conventional finance institutions •NDBs support SMEs, which comprise a ...

The difference between hearing and listening

•There is a distinct difference between being able to hear and being able to listen •To know whether your team has ...

How to start a business

Once you have identified the problem, you are set

Supporting Kenya’s manufacturing sector in international markets

High costs of business in the country are a great disadvantage

How agriculture firms can benefit from technology

Through these platforms, farmers can increase their demand and bring in new customers

The power of believing in people

Many successful people and leaders are insecure and crippled by self-doubt

Maximising Kenya's potential natural resource revenue

The resources while a source of significant revenues may at times be a double pronged sword

Pride makes leadership difficult

•Pride makes effective leadership difficult, and in the process, a lot can go wrong •Humility means that leaders create ...

Conformity assessment challenges in e-commerce trade

One of the challenges in the trade is the difficulty in implementing compliance with technical regulations

A look into what is the metaverse

This is a unique product that is coming into the market

Why an organisation needs to develop a culture

•Leaders drive culture by behaviour, thereby inspiring others to participate •A culture campaign must involve adequate ...

Universal electricity access may be achieved through off-grid solutions

Access to electricity plays a prominent and catalytic role in economic development

Are you grooming the next leaders?

•Effective leaders are interested in ensuring the success of others •Simple words and actions of encouragement can go a ...

Where does Africa fall in global climate debate?

•Africa should spend more adapting to climate change, given her vulnerability, than mitigating it •Africa collectively ...

Clearly visualise your tasks

•The fixation with task completion begins very early in life, with participation in household chores •We would all do ...