Consistency: The Difference Maker

In a world full of distractions, sometimes, not even an impressive collection of degrees can save you.

Money not main employee motivator

Managers, employees a group of individuals who find it convenient to do business with each other.

Three signs of a great idea

Some people believe that their conviction certifies an idea.

Purging the rottenness out of the system

If you had said two years ago that the status of global geopolitics and financial markets.

Economics of Population Census 2019

It is crucial that necessary legislative protections are introduced as a matter of urgency.

What interesting leaders look like

They tell exciting stories and they seem to lead unusual lives.

China's strike at Trump

The level of Chinese retaliation was the message and of the ilk of the Shoe thrower in Iraq all those years ago.

Dear Entrepreneur, You Need Rest

The common excuse that entrepreneurs have is: “I am so busy.” Hence, they get rest off the table

Nurturing an investor friendly regulatory environment

PPPs expected to deliver Big 4.

Feedback Loop Phenomenon

Allowing yuan to slide below 7 to dollar is watershed moment for currency markets.

Court dismisses bid to stop National Bank takeover

Court determined that the petition lacked merit as it failed to understand legal framework.

Widening Kenya’s international trade ties

President Kenyatta’s preference for foreign travels indicates a larger agenda of widening Kenya’s international trade ...

A sense of ownership

We’re just not much good at getting our employees’ attention, and holding on to it.

Powering regional integration through trade

Last year was an alarming year for Africa's  regional trade blocks.


Higher, albeit volatile, oil prices have supported the outlook for Angola, Nigeria

The Power of an Idea

It’s easy to take ideas for granted because we see them as just thoughts.

Workplace Wellness

In the modern workplace getting real productivity out of employees is a two-way street.