Safeguarding business continuity in times of crisis

Corporate entities and service providers have had to re-strategise internal business processes

Corona will pass but at what cost?

The market remembers how brands behave in crises: customers will quickly abandon their loyalty to unkind brands

Are you rich or only look rich?

The time that you spend faking it could be invested in learning how to make it

Geopolitical oil politics and its impact on Kenya

March 9, saw significant slumps in the financial markets, with oil prices not being left behind


Diligent executives in Africa take an interest in the kind of workspaces they provide for employees. They wrangle ...

Lifting others into leadership

True leaders are obsessed with the growth of your influence

The UK Hints at Increased Trade with the African Continent

The UK hopes to focus on long-term economic growth and development of the African continent

Don’t let anyone devalue you

You are priceless and it’s scientifically proven that of the over seven billion people on earth, there is no one like ...

Promoting Intra-EAC Trade

Following strenuous trade relationships between EAC partner states, signs of positive movement toward a more cohesive ...

Coaching culture steadily picking up in Africa

•Coaching opens your eyes to see the assets that you have and had been blind to •The coach gives you tools and ...

Commercial fish farming way to boost Kenya's dwindling catches

•Kenya's fish demand currently stands at more than 1 million tonnes against an annual production of 250,000 tones •Most ...

Why You Must Dream

Your dream isn’t just a mere thought and if properly engaged, it can change your world and the world at large

How the entrepreneur affects ideas

The idea empowers its incubator to trigger a series of events that create ripples in unexpected ways

Strengthening Trade Ties with the US

The message that Kenya is sending to the world, at least on matters trade, is that we are ready and open for business

How English, French and Arabic easily blend in Algeria

Last week in Algiers I had a unique opportunity to watch language in action. Our hosts were the most modern GSM ...

Why you need to guard your online footprint

•Fingerprinting is used by advertisers to track your online activities letting them build a profile of you without ...

How ethics affects business performance

For Africa to truly move forward, entrepreneurs and business leaders must see the need for ethical business practices