Why Process Works

Once a visionary conceives an idea, process is triggered immediately

There is power in association

Association shapes your experiences in life

Overcoming Failure

Typically, failure comes with loss – resources shrink whenever you fail

Double Taxation Treaties can bolster Kenya’s investment attractiveness

Kenya has directed numerous resources toward the conclusion of DTT’s

Culture rethink needed

Small changes may lead us to an organisational culture model that works in Africa

A global economic downturn

Emerging markets' exports growth is now falling almost as much as they did in the great recession and tech bust

Boosting Kenya’s Trade through SEZs

Under the SEZ regime, participating investors stand to benefit from a trade enabling environment

Enhancing the International Competitiveness of Kenya’s Manufacturing Sector

Kenya targets to expand the manufacturing sector’s contribution to GDP from the current 8.4% to 15%.

Taxing the Digital Economy

Kenyan policymakers are yet to reach consensus on the most efficient manner through which the digital economy may be ...

When the whistle blows

•Senior managers’ decisions about how to handle such complaints can make the difference between an issue that can be ...

The Allure of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear power has long been lauded as critical in the African continent’s search of energy security

Winning ambition important for new leaders

Taking over a new leadership position is always challenging, and not least because everyone associated with the ...

Dear Boss: Lead, Don’t Disrespect

As a boss if you create an atmosphere of disrespect, the people who you lead begin to doubt their person, perspective ...

Ensuring Inclusivity of the Informal Sector in Kenya’s Tax Regime

Numerous taxation campaigns have been spearheaded by the revenue authority with a view to educating the general public


Health, safety and environmental concerns are among new things consumers factor before purchasing a product

Abiy, Eliud, Africa’s Pulse, Ecclesiastes and Ozymandias

We are at a Pivot moment and we can keep regurgitating the same old Mantras like a stuck record and if we do that this ...

Dear Boss: Teach Your Vision

As you teach your vision, assign responsibilities to your team based on your vision