The Allure of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear power has long been lauded as critical in the African continent’s search of energy security

Winning ambition important for new leaders

Taking over a new leadership position is always challenging, and not least because everyone associated with the ...

Dear Boss: Lead, Don’t Disrespect

As a boss if you create an atmosphere of disrespect, the people who you lead begin to doubt their person, perspective ...

Ensuring Inclusivity of the Informal Sector in Kenya’s Tax Regime

Numerous taxation campaigns have been spearheaded by the revenue authority with a view to educating the general public


Health, safety and environmental concerns are among new things consumers factor before purchasing a product

Abiy, Eliud, Africa’s Pulse, Ecclesiastes and Ozymandias

We are at a Pivot moment and we can keep regurgitating the same old Mantras like a stuck record and if we do that this ...

Dear Boss: Teach Your Vision

As you teach your vision, assign responsibilities to your team based on your vision

Rote learning adds little value

Much is spend in workshops but this is soon forgotten

President for Life puts United States on its toes

Chinese Communist Party project power and confidence on a grand scale

Invest in Effective Communication

This is the wrong century to assume communication

Sovereign Wealth Fund: Managing Kenya’s resources

Prospect of petrodollars significantly boosting Kenya’s monetary pool is on the horizon.

Changing face of HR management needs

We are beginning to see the HR Manager evolve into something  more useful

Streaming dreams, non-linearity crude oil

  • I have a supreme conviction around the Oil markets and am conducting my own operations and only on a need to ...

Leveraging a stable regulatory environment to attract FDI

It is imperative that the taxation regime in place adequately supports the growth of businesses in the long run

Saudi Aramco is dead in the water

The surge in the oil price will have zero effect on the IPO.

Consistency: The Difference Maker

In a world full of distractions, sometimes, not even an impressive collection of degrees can save you.

Money not main employee motivator

Managers, employees a group of individuals who find it convenient to do business with each other.