Locked Raila's new demands to President Ruto

He wants Ruto to stop burdening Kenyans and instead focus on lowering cost of living.

Locked Stalled projects as of June 30, 2022: Amount paid so far

"Some contractors were paid for work not done."

Locked Troubled Kemsa: What they said before Senate Committee

Mburu told Senators on Tuesday Kemsa was not in her department

Locked Why Azimio leaders did not attend National Prayer Day

Said Kenya Kwanza government is not being frank about the challenges currently facing the country.

Deaths caused by wars/conflicts in 2022

"More state-based conflict battle-related deaths took place in 2022 than any year since 1994."

Countries with the highest suicide rates

Lesotho has a high rate of violence that could be attributed the huge number.

Locked Audit: Cracks in Nyamira County Assembly

The report by the auditor general was for financial year 2019/2020.

Boyz II Men: What you need to know

They are currently a trio composed of baritone Nathan Morris alongside tenors Wanyá Morris and Shawn Stockman.

What's next for Finance Bill 2023?

Finance Bill, 2023 will be tabled before Parliament for debate.

Ruto's vision of 15b trees by 2030: How it's going so far

Raymond Omollo said Kenya’s commitment to reforestation has roared into life.

Statistics: India's death train crashes

The cause of India's worst train crash in over 20 years is not yet clear.

Locked How Ruto, Raila numbers play out in National Assembly

Ruto accused Azimio of playing politics of conmanship and deceit with the electorate.

What top 10 EPL clubs pocketed in 2022/23 season

The 2022–2023 season was the highest-scoring 38-game season in Premier League history.

What you need to know about Polycystic ovary syndrome

Many small sacs of fluid develop on the ovaries

Frying tasty bacon at home

Bacon has a high fat content, but some are actually the healthy kind.

How to save your phone if you dropped it in water

At times one can try drying it but that may not be enough.

How to cook tasty and delicious Bhajia

They are delicious and loved by people all over.