Big Read

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They face examiners in expressive and receptive exams to gauge their skill

Deaf drawn to forums around sign language

Many access information valuable to their well-being in the community

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Distancing herself from Nelson Havi days, she vows devotion to rule of law

How investing in quality daycare centres is helping women find jobs

An IDRC-funded study shows improving daycares frees mothers to do income-generating work

Locked How Kenya has prevented new Westgate-style terror attack

Ten years later, the rivalry between security agencies has been quashed

Why terrorists target road contractors, infrastructure

They aim to make it hard for security agents to pursue them

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Founded by Andrew Wemyss, Sotik offers hope in a turbulent sector

Locked The Korean teacher uplifting Dandora dumpsite dependents

Sight of mum, kid in dumpsite drove Kwak to give up his job to help

How Vanoma boosts nano-influencers' income

Brands and retailers can track sales from partnerships with influencers

Time for barbers from across Africa to unite

More and more men are seeking a facial, pedicure, manicure or massage

Saving vital mineral licks that support biodiversity

They're a nutritional lifeline to animals and humans around Mt Kenya, but are disappearing

Locked Tech solution helps solve human-wildlife conflicts

At Lewa Conservancy, wildlife is monitored remotely using a network

Hustlers trapped as shylocks offer easy money, endless hell

The saying when the deal is too good, think twice has never been truer

Locked Borrow then divert: How debtors dig own graves

Trader also blames the predatory nature of lending apps and shylocks

Locked Saving forests one briquette at a time

Chebet Lesan is changing lives of people cooking in smoke-filled huts

How elephant dung papers help to save environment

It is of high quality and has no difference from timber, bamboo

Town being eaten by the sea and the researcher racing to save it

Sea levels could rise by 2m by 2100 if global warming persists untamed