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Pemba, the forgotten people of the Coast

The Makonde, Shona and Hindus have been recognised but not Pembas

Why there is hope for minority groups

Political goodwill has prompted process to grant them citizenship

Kirinyaga, where oxen are beasts of burden

From a young age, they are nurtured to develop strength and agility

Why oxen have stood the test of time

Many households feel poorer without owning at least an ox

L Victoria folk wake up to pollution threat

The plastic is choking fish, putting livelihoods of 40 million at risk

Uniform policy needed to save L Victoria — leaders

Leaders said they do not want the lake to die due to pollution

The little-known side of Uhuru Kenyatta

The President is a ‘father’ to hundreds of Kenyans through The Kenyatta Trust

Happy ending for the hospital bed makers

President kept his word on buying the stock of two jua kali artisans

Beach operators turn to soap making after tourism collapse

They used to idle home until the next tourism season

How army is changing lives in Lamu

They came in as protectors, now give medical, education and relief aid

How investing in oxygen gave Kiambu edge in fighting Covid

While other counties sought ventilators, Kiambu bought oxygen in bulk

Why Kiambu inclusion in lockdown was expected

It is a major transit point and many had stopped following protocols

Mike Sonko: The rise and fall of Nairobi's ex-governor

The former governor is known for his flamboyant dressing style.

Why three months is not enough for maternity leave

Maternity leave ends while a mother is still healing and baby needs her

How to resolve maternity leave row

Employers urged to be more flexible and understanding

Agony of villagers infested by jiggers

Breadwinners are being incapacitated, pupils dropping out of school

Taming jiggers needs openness and funding

If left unchecked, infestation can lead to deaths