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Locked Journalist who saved Jaramogi Odinga’s property from auction

The property was under the hammer over Sh2m loan, says Paul Amina

Delays making Mombasa port lose trade to rivals

Congestion and poor management are also costing it

Locked Nassir: My agenda for Mombasa county

Drugs and unemployment hurt cohesion in the coastal town, says Nassir

Women defying unfavourable traditions in fight for leadership

"Female aspirants are forced to comprehend much baggage more than their male counterparts."

The lonely fight to save Indian Ocean from litter

Volunteer groups are up against public indifference and government inaction

Locked How the headscarf became a ‘symbol of pride’ for women

It is a timeless accessory in the customs and dress of African women

Sewing the seeds of hope

The project is helping vulnerable in Bomet women rebuild their lives

Locked Building method that cuts cost, time by 40%

Precast cuts the time taken to complete a floor from one month to a week

Locked Why ‘Kaptagat lungs’ are dear to Kenyan athletes

Kipchoge is leading efforts to save forest elite athletes train in to win

Kenya inching closer to forest cover target

Concerted efforts have brought it up to 8.8% against target of 10%

Locked Agony of losing a relative to cancer

Spitting, belly pain among symptoms families say were misdiagnosed

Kenya banks on camels to stop IED killings on Somalia border

IEDs have killed 100 police, 100s of civilians. Camels trained to detect them

Reforms address funding, welfare

Border Patrol Unit is now among the elite units relied on in special operations

Locked The legend of Ondiri swamp and its place in ecotourism

It was a dumpsite until fencing saved it but is still vulnerable until gazetted

Locked Man who blew whistle at Uhuru fast-tracks revenue audits

Corruption follows the budget but PAC has cut theft via tenders, says Wandayi

Locked Meet families living as squatters in own land

Land succession issues are delaying their compensation for Thwake dam

I’m alive: Justice cry by owner of severed hand

It was cut by a machine at work only to end up dumped at Nairobi Park