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Nearly 30 giraffes were killed in four months last year for bushmeat

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Group says the scouts played a major role and deserve to be reinstated

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Creative approach by conservancies is helping youth shun bushmeat

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Syokau and Kamau don't have to go through foremen hitting on them

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Programme on HIV-Aids helps them chart safe career path

A new multipolar world is being born — Russian envoy

West bid to isolate Russia fails in post-colonial era, says Dmitry Maksimychev

What to do if you've been sexually assaulted

Most people don't know what to do, whether to report to the police or go to the hospital.

Resilient widow using coffee to combat poverty in Mt Elgon

“Coffee is a cash crop and we consume it locally and export it to the world market"

Locked 30 years hiding, now smiling after surgery heals fistula

She got it while giving birth, it’s so stigmatised, she was ‘ready to die’

How Kenya can attract more Swiss investment

It needs reliable legal frameworks, transparency, says Swiss minister

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Image is crucial to investment in a country, says founder Ahmed Kaballo

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They know best what their needs are and thus solutions to the problem

How ties with China helped Kenya to build roads, rails

It has changed Kenya's infrastructure so much, returnee couldn't recognise it