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Somali Islamists now target Kenyan recruits

They are among a growing number of Kenyans with no family links to Somalia drafted by the militants.

When not all that glitters is gold

Complainants are made to pay cash, which the sellers claim was used to pay government taxes.

Common types of fraud and how to avoid them

The Internet makes it easy for unscrupulous dealers to buy counterfeit gold from black markets anonymously.

How to thrive in farming without rain or land

Rodgers Kirwa grows onions, kales, indigenous vegetables, tomatoes and cucumber

Fewer youths enrolling in agricultural courses

Decline blamed on fewer students qualifying for the course, not lack of interest

Pay we set you free: How cops trap motorists

One motorist needed Sh1,100 in Sh100 bribes to travel smoothly from Nairobi to Mombasa.

How the law exposes traffic offenders

Cops use legal loopholes to turn motorists into cash cows.

Interns toil without pay as jobs elude them

She was excited and eager to start, but she ended up quitting the job after just four months.

Employers urged to work with varsities to ease transition

What students learn in class is often different from what they need in the workplace

Mercury, lead found in sukuma wiki samples

You are better off buying sukuma wiki from local market than Supermarket.

Traditional wedding reveals rich culture of the Orma

The wedding house has no bed and a couple are not supposed to go out.

Risks women take for bleached, enlarged 'beauty'

Women are popping pills and injecting silicon for 'sexier' looks.