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Sudan’s decades-long civil war has finally come 'home' to Khartoum

Why digital identity is imperative for Kenya's evolution

Today we variously carry up to 25 different forms of identification, to prove that we are who we claim to be.

Medieval-style Mombasa Catholic Cathedral turns 100

Building turned out majestic despite delays by World War 1 and Spanish Flu.

Why Lamu prison is teeming with repeat offenders

The rate of recidivism in Kenya is at 47% and growing, according to data from the Kenya Prisons division.

Locked How Mackenzie's ex-follower snatched family out of Shakahola

Wife and children had joined hundreds of others to prepare to go to heaven to meet Jesus.

Locked Kwale women change lives by venturing into business

They are tired of waiting for men to feed and clothe them

Women helped to do e-trade and tendering

Kwale is registering them in groups, connecting Internet, building roads

Why it is hard to stop revenge killings of lions

Ten speared dead in a week after goats attacked but arrests upset locals

Locked The day a family went to ask Mackenzie about lost sister

Mtumishi Janet was fasting in forest, Mackenzie was to be the last to fast

Locked ‘Mtumishi’ who dumped husband and Mzungu for Mackenzie cult

Janet is believed to have fasted to death in Shakahola along with kids

Why scientists root for biological pest control

The delta trap is a huge relief to tomato farmers in Nakuru

Locked We’ve never had water, power: Forgotten villages of Vihiga

Locals say they are still living 'colonial life' due to neglect since 1963

Senator wants Vihiga in Equalisation Fund

There are places in the county that have no water and other amenities

Nigerian wows with an alternative to Chat GPT

The creation by Justin Irabor has taken Nigerian Telegram by storm

Locked How tracking sea turtles helps their conservation

Group uses Photo ID technology to keep track of the creatures

Locked How group rids ocean of turtles’ ‘silent killers’

Net entanglement, plastics significantly reduce life expectancy

Why peace in DRC is such an elusive aim

EAC troops are trying to contain 120 armed groups without firing a bullet