AFRAA estimates Sh860.5 billion revenue loss for African Airlines

Africa airlines will lose approximately $8.103billion (Sh860.5 billion) in revenue this year, according to a new report ...

Africa less cautious about Covid-19, loses least working hours, ILO report

more than one in six young people has stopped working since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic while those who remain ...

Zoho announces fixed local pricing to ease fluctuations on Kenyan businesses

Global technology company, Zoho Corporation, has availed more than 45 business software applications at a fixed price ...

Airtel's EA revenue up on data and voice

Voice revenue in East Africa grew to Sh64.56 billion

Airlines suffer huge loses as coronavirus grounds travellers

Ethiopian Airlines is one of the main players in Africa's aviation industry

Abiy proposes Sh15trn budgetary support for Africa

Says economies are fragile and vulnerable amid Covid-19 pandemic.

Airlines count loses as coronavirus takes toll on aviation industry AFRAA

The African Airlines Association (AFRAA) is urging African governments to consider compensating inevitable losses, ...

Zimbabwe partnering up with fintech for gold-backed digital currency

Zimbabwe has already seen the surge of bitcoin casinos along with different online websites.

Traders in Kenya and Rwanda grabble with large numbers shoppers rush to stock

Rwandans clamoured for rice, cooking oil, sugar, and flour at a market in the capital Kigali

Coronavirus to hit hard on Africa's air economy

The African Airlines Association(AFRAA) has said the coronavirus is expected to negatively affect Africa’s aviation ...

IMF's former Africa head nominated as the Fund's Deputy MD

Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Tuesday nominated Antoinette Sayeh ...

Compfix Data Limited to offer cyber security and disaster recovery services

The company has also introduced new solutions, which include Disaster Recovery as a Service, Cyber Security, Compute, ...

TECNO sponsors the first China-Africa mobile Internet economy summit

At the summit, TECNO shared its valuable experiences and substantial achievements in African mobile Internet ecosystem

Uganda to use uranium deposits to boost energy production

The country wants to exploit nuclear technology for energy, medical and other peaceful purposes.

Africa Development Bank: Risks to growth increasing

The trade dispute between the world’s two largest economies has roiled global markets

Banks lead sustained economic growth in Kenya - report

Kenyan banking sector leading region, successful banks being regional leaders

Fix tax loopholes for Africa to benefit, tax activists say

The network wants governments of Kenya and other African Governments to review the old and outdated DTAAs