How droppers for hire are delivering bundles of malicious content to users

  • Disguised As Pirated Software, Droppers Deliver Toxic Bundles of Malware, Information Stealers, Click-Fraud, ...

The transformation of China-Africa digital development and cooperation

China promises to support Africa in raising the level of digitisation in the public and corporate sectors

Why China’s premier digital economy forum is important

The country is ready to work with others to seize opportunities presented by digital revolution

The ASUS Zenbook 13 OLED lands in Kenya

  • OLED tech is no longer new as several laptops have been released with OLED tech so far, however, what's great ...

Connecting schools to the Internet improves learning in Turkana

110 schools connected to the Internet since 2020 by Unicef, Kenyan government and partners

REPORT: Retail sector became a top target for ransomware and data-theft extortion during the pandemic in 2020

  • Retail organizations became a prime target for ransomware during the COVID-19 pandemic when many retailers ...

Rampant Raccoon Stealer campaign that uses Telegram and adds cryptomining and cryptocurrency Theft

  • Stealer is Delivered to Targets Bundled with Ransomware and Other Malicious Content.
  • The campaign ...

Huawei’s Galileo hall offers a peek into the future of 5G advancement

  • The Galileo exhibition hall virtual tour showcased advancements in robotics, broadband connectivity and ...

Twitter tests internal 'dislike' button for select iOS users

Downvotes are only limited to tweet responses, not the original tweet.

WhatsApp to let users send messages without their phones

New feature will let users send, receive messages "even if your phone battery is dead".

Twitter to shut down Fleets from August over low usage

Fleets will no longer be available Starting August 3.

ASUS aim to expand market share in Kenya with the Zenbook Duo (UX482)

  • The ZenBook Duo 14 is a refreshed version of the original ZenBook 14.
  • You can drag a window from the ...

Infinix launches the NOTE 10 Pro Series in Kenya

  • The launch took place at the Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant, Diani Beach, which was the first for a smartphone ...

Huawei launches upgraded training centre

The center has a wide array of the latest innovative equipment in mobile networks.

Twitter tipping a game changer for influencers

Social media influencers could get paid directly by followers in future

How to detect online scams

Amazon Web Worker is the latest to leave investors weeping

Unpaid tax by IT giants could vaccinate entire world, ActionAid study shows

The tech companies have have actively worked to pay as little tax as they can.