OPPO introduces the A Series 2020 to the Kenyan market

OPPO A Series 2020 also comes equipped with a new and more compact waterdrop screen.

Facebook Expands Third-Party Fact-Checking Programme to Kenya

Facebook announced the expansion of its third-party fact-checking program to 10 African countries including: Kenya, ...

Data storage costs set to drop with new network technology

Atlancis Technologies of Kenya lauded by OCP for its adoption of non-proprietary open-source computing and cloud ...

Tweetdeck down as Twitter suffers outage

Twitter Inc said that the social media website and its dashboard management platform TweetDeck was hit with an outage, ...

'Publish or perish' hurting early career scientists

It is a horrible stress on early researchers and makes them go for less risky research that they know will definitely ...

WannaCry malware evolves from predator to high risk vaccine

WannaCry is a ransomware worm that spread rapidly through across a number of computer networks in May of 2017. After ...

Infinix Beat Ya Campo 2nd edition finals set for Friday

In a partnership with local top music & entertainment platforms including Boomplay & Vskit, the competition’s mission ...

Cyber Threat Intelligence Centre set up in Nairobi

The move is meant to help companies operating in Kenya and in Africa to develop a risk-based, proactive cyber ...

Infinixmall seeks to take over digital commerce in Kenya

China’s mobile phone manufacturer, Transsion,  earlier on in the year maintained its position as the Kenyan market ...

Facebook to stop stalking you-but only if asked

Facebook Activity will show all the apps and websites that send your information to Facebook.

Google Play app store accused of anti-gay bias

Google said it didn't comment on individual apps but denied it was was anti-LGBT.

People in a good mood are easier to hack

  • Scammers have transitioned from information-rich emails to simplistic emails.
  • A big misconception ...

Our blurred reality of social media

Social Media platforms were created to connect us; but can easily be weaponized.

Instagram will now be known as 'Instagram from Facebook'

Instagram will now be known as 'Instagram from Facebook' as the social media giant moves to take greater ownership of ...

YouTube and Facebook prioritise on child safety

YouTube and Facebook are working on ensuring the safety of our children on the internet in this technological era.

OPPO Unveils Reno 10x Zoom in Kenyan market

It will be available for pre-order from July 23 to 28 at OPPO shops and dealers countrywide.

OPPO to launch Reno 10X Zoom in Kenya next week

OPPO has partnered with artists around the world to share Reno’s potential.