Services fully restored – Telkom tells users

Service back to normal, Users told to restart devices.

Microsoft plans to buy Call of Duty company for nearly $70bn

It would be the biggest acquisition in the company's history and is expected to be finalised in 2023.

Smartphone that can fully charge within 38 minutes

Oppo Find X2 has better features than iPhone 11 Pro

Major US airlines warn 5G could ground planes, wreak havoc

The Federal Aviation Administration warned that potential interference could affect sensitive airplane instruments.

Twitter allows three more countries to us 'misleading tweet' feature

The test feature was introduced in August last year

Netflix increases subscription fee in US and Canaada

Netflix’s subscription rate ranges from about Sh. 700 to about Sh 1,450 per month.

Inside LG's New smart kitchen technology

Thanks to AI, Users can get data about their oven's condition through an application

Virtual reality will be a thing in 2022

The metaverse could bring human beings together like never before.

Promise and pains of drone industry

It creates jobs, improves operations but has high fees, many regulations

Why farmers are embracing drones

They significantly reduce the time and costs involved in spraying crops

Sony to start manufacturing electric vehicles

Sony has said the original Vision S can reach over 60 miles per hour under 5 seconds.

Change colour of your car to match your outfit

the touch of a button, a driver can change the shade of the cars exterior, allowing the colour to shift between the ...

Tiktok beats Google as most visited website in 2021

In September, Tiktok announced it had 1 billion monthly active users.

Online trading trends in 2022

Online trading software allows traders to access the best quotes.

Addictive gaming as a 'disorder of concern' - WHO

Candy crush toping the list as it is played by all age groups from 4 years to 50.

Vivo: World’s first flying detachable phone camera

Smart phone has a built in mini-drone.

Does charging on airplane mode affect phone?

Switching to airplane mode, turns off reception of radio transmitters which drains your battery.