Japanese tea buyers fund library for farmers

Zensho group of companies build library, equip with books for Sh2 million high quality tea.

Water CS urges KPC to put up health centre in Kiboko

Tells firm to supply residents with clean water.

Meru farmers increase yields with simple methods

Programme promotes smallholder horticulture in arid and semi-arid areas of Meru.

Kitui factory receives fabric to stitch uniforms

Delivered to make 6,600 uniforms for chiefs and assistants, assistant county commissioners.

Embu parents hold land to avoid siblings' feuds

They don't allow their children to use family land for fear of conflicts with 'the left out' siblings.

Kiboko River oil spill now before Senate

Mutula wants to know why Sh48bn pipeline was built without leak detection system.

KPC fails to provide alternative water source

Officials say they have to consult with stakeholders before supplying water

Smoke chasing Embu men from home

They hang out around trading centres to avoid choking smoke at home.

30% of Meru kids not immunised

Parents urged not to hide behind religion to keep their children from being immunised.

Speedy justice wins Kilungu magistrates praise

Swift determination of the cases is justice for defilement victims

Taxi driver shot dead, trader survives attack

One fired at shopkeeper three times but missed

Media officer who sued Governor Kiraitu, executive fired

Activist says he was sacked because of revealing corruption, impunity and rot in Kiraitu's administration.