Korean firm develops toilet that can turn poop into ashes

The firm says the system is eco-friendly as it will enable treated water to be fully recycled.

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It's not only through representation that Gen Z is causing a shake-up.

Rihanna to headline Super Bowl half-time show

Rihanna said at the time that she would have been an "enabler" if she had accepted the slot.

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Wolf Hall author Hilary Mantel dies aged 70

Wolf Hall was a fictional account of Thomas Cromwell's rise to power in the court of Henry VIII.

Lady Gaga forced to stop show amid lightning storm

The star later posted a tearful apology to fans on her Instagram account.

Getting back to a new normal

Jiji Ndogo is impatient as hungry villagers demand new election

Long live the matwana matatu culture

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Ten other charges were dismissed.

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One mother named her child Constance Petition

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