Leave the boy child alone! Andrew Kibe tells Pastor Dorcas

Pastor Dorcas is the second lady and runs a boy-child initiative.

Art exhibition with nude models gets mixed reviews

Visitors to a new Royal Academy exhibition must squeeze between two nude models to enter it.

I’m proud of adventurous spirit in you! Sonko tells daughter

"The house will feel emptier without your laughter and that of your mum."

Crazy Kennar reveals ambitious plan for live stage act

"This year I want to do something that is so scary to me."

It was never a secret, Kate Actress clarifies divorce

The two in a joint statement on Tuesday announced their divorce after six years of marriage.

Director Phil and Kate Actress announce divorce

They however asked for privacy for the sake of their children.

YouTube suspends monetisation of Russell Brand's channel

Over the weekend the comedian and actor was accused of rape and sexual assaults between 2006 and 2013.

New love cancels old love it seems

A twist for the ages threatens to scuttle Makini's wedding plans

Out of the darkness comes a surprise

Sugar baby of man who chewed Viagra like githeri spills the beans

Can I get my kidney back?

Doctor never thought a threesome could lead to a divorce

[VIDEO] Ed Sheeran crashes wedding to perform new song

Ed, 32, had some time to spare after his show was postponed due to safety concerns.

WATCH: Kourtney Kardashian says pregnancy is empowering

Kourtney Kardashian has taken to social media to show off her baby bump.

New romance brewing in Jiji Ndogo?

One woman's meat is another woman's poison, it seems

You were my first boss, Maina Kageni mourns Sean Cardovillis

"You mentored me and clapped for me at every stage of my career... I thank you for that."

Samidoh's relative blasts Karen Nyamu over recent comment

Her response comes at a time when it seems that Edday might not be returning to Kenya.

It's my birthday! Natembeya thanks God for life

Said his life is a testament that a man is shaped by his community.

The boy who needed surgery

Things are not always what they seem.