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Lari farmers go for modern beekeping as demand for honey soars

Tendo Apiaries trains farmers and schools on the method and value addition.

Kenya losing close to Sh400 billion to malnutrition

GAIN says malnutrition in children has resulted in reduced productivity, high cost of treatment and high education costs

State aims to slash Sh160bn edible oil import cost

Plans to grow sunflower in 34 counties and eventually lower prices of cooking oil

Farmers want e-voucher back to bring sanity to fertiliser subsidy program

Farmers warn that the fake fertiliser and seeds will delay planting and affect production

Cotton farmers to reap from value addition

Bt cotton is a genetically modified pest resistant cotton variety that produces an insecticide

DP establishes task force to streamline avocado subsector

Task force given 30 days to come up with an actionable plan.

African farmers reap big from mechanisation

A new report by Heifer International says Africa is the least mechanised continent

North Rift, Central to receive 2m bags of fertiliser – PS

Farmers has complained of a delay in fertiliser distribution

Laikipia women fight cactus with bare hands to reclaim land

Thorny plant has invaded 60 per cent of 16,000 acres and the community can no longer utilise the land.

Husna sits at the core of land issues in UN food agency

She has worked around land, natural resources and environment issues for over 25 years.

PRINT: Researchers seek to reclaim African indigenous vegetables in the agricultural landscape

Indigenous vegetables play a critical role in addressing micronutrient deficiencies, says KALRO

Banana is world’s most exported fresh fruits, says FAO

Industry is however, struggling with climate crisis, rising costs, falling consumer purchasing power and a destructive ...

Swift completion of irrigation infrastructure to boost rice production

Rice is increasingly favoured as a staple food and irrigation is being increased

Bura and Tana Rivers Irrigation schemes, the next rice producers in Kenya

State to raise current rice production of 240,000 metric tonnes per year to over one million metric tonnes per year by ...

Drought likely to increase HIV in sub-Saharan Africa – study

Research estimates that climate change may result in 11.6–16.0 million additional cases of HIV by 2050

Perkerra irrigation gives hope, income to Marigat residents

The basics were built by colonisers using Mau Mau prisoners who slaved for hours under harsh conditions

Lobby seeks to harmonise research, grants to benefit small farmers

This will help avoid duplication of activities and reduce wastage of resources