Star Farmer

Waiguru urges farmers to add value to produce

Value addition also creates jobs.

State to establish food authority to address safety demands

PS says more multi-disciplinary agency required given the complexity of issues involved.

Horticulture farmers get link to EU market in new project

Project aimed at creating sustainable market linkages between the EU and EAC countries.

Only 5% of Kenyan land suitable for maize farming - PS

Kenyans told to grow other crops to help shift the unending debate on maize.

You've failed tea, coffee farmers, Ngirici tells state

Ngirici says govt. has decided to keep quiet when farmers are crying about low prices

Pest Control Product Bill to streamline agrochemical industry

Bill will settle the debate on the safety of pesticides in the country.

EU provides 450,000 cashew seedlings to revive industry

Success of project will lead to establishing a cashew processing factory in Kilifi.

Expect 30 per cent loss in maize harvest

Farmers expected to have huge post harvest losses due to heavy rains.

Quelea quelea birds gorging on rice in Mwea

The small weaver bird is becoming a threat to rice production, says rice breeder

New board to regulate animal feeds

Manufacturers say shortage of maize led to increase of substandard animal feed.

White meat demand rises, beef declines - survey

Beef represents 23 per cent of the market, compared to 67 per cent in 2009

Farmers abandon sugar cane, reap big from pawpaw farming

They are growing an improved variety that only takes three months to start producing fruits.

Consumers willing to pay more for antibiotic-free meat - study

Misuse of chemicals in the food chain directly impact public health

Farmers urged to avoid synthetic fertiliser

Conventional agriculture does well in the first five to seven years then yields start reducing

How dirt, drugs and toxins end up in the milk you drink

How the cow is treated and how milk is handled can lead to a toxic brew.

Mercury, lead found in sukuma wiki samples

You are better off buying sukuma wiki from local market than Supermarket.