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Hybrid Rice production in Kenya seeks to cut reliance on imports

The hybrid took four months to mature and gave him 25 bags from an acre, compared to nine of Pishori

Put money where your mouth is to fight climate change, lobby says

Actions and not words are what will count, says the right group

Negotiators concerned over lack of progress on climate talks

They cite lack of progress on climate finance, adaptation and loss and damage

Kenya records decline in variety breeding

Report says Kenya seed variety breeding is on a decline.

Dairy farmers to get minerals to boost animal resilience

The nutritional product contains salt, feed lime, Zinc, Iodine, Selenium, Manganese and Cobalt

Horticulture records low earnings due to climate change effects

Kenya records a decline of more than Sh20 billion in export earnings

Kenya hits record high on fresh produce export to EU

Interceptions attributed to maximum residue levels in beans and peas

Kebs launches standards to boost food safety and traceability

Pests remain a major challenge in trade for horticultural products, says CS

Demand for green maize likely to cause unga shortage, expert

A 90kg bag is retailing at a high of between Sh4,500 to Sh5,000

Maize harvest to be at an -time low since 2017

Maize consumption per capita is at 80 kgs per person per year or 200g daily

4.4 million Kenyans to face hunger, says UN

The UN bodies issued an early warning for urgent humanitarian action

Locked 76% of pesticides used in Kenya highly toxic, report shows

Use of the pesticides pose great risk to farmers, local communities and consumers

Nutritionists introduce recipes for cooking beans rich in iron, zinc

Say developing the 40 recipes is aimed at appealing to the modern Kenyan.

Eat more beans to fight malnutrition, says expert

Beans are highly consumed, versatile, cheap and available compared to other foods, says expert

Support farmers, agribusinesses to cope with drought – experts

Says those in the Horn of Africa are facing extreme drought after four failed rainy seasons.

Farmers urged to use sticky traps to manage pests

The innovation also helps reduce the use of chemical pesticides

Home of Wisdom Siaya model farm practices smart agriculture

The farm in Asembo Bay practices climate smart agriculture.