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Scientists release new, weed-resistant sorghum variety

It resists striga, a destructive parasitic weed that can cause up to 100 per cent yield loss.

Maize prices could hit Sh4,500 per 90kg bag next week

State told to cushion consumers against high cost of unga, Sh150 for 2kg packet.

Upsurge in tea cottage factories to spur competition

Private investors join trade in droves following repeal of Tea Act (Cap 343).

You can make wine or yoghurt from tea — researcher

He says Kenya is moving into other specialty teas to enable farmers get value for their money.

Drink more tea for better health, slow down ageing

Experts advise that you should take at least eight cups of black tea a day to stay healthy

Girl who shunned popular courses seeks to make farming fun

Atieno says it is a misconception held by many that agriculture is all old and boring

Bread prices shoot up by Sh5 to Sh60

Millers say shortage has led to increase of wheat prices to over Sh4,000 per 90kg bag.

Kibaki’s longstanding legacy in the dairy sector

Kibaki’s history with the daily sector dates to the early years of post-independence.

Government seeks to promote good governance of small-scale fisheries

The small scale fisheries in Kenya employs between 2.5 to three million Kenyans, says Ministry

Tough times ahead as maize prices skyrocket

Prices have reached record high of between Sh4,200 and Sh4,300 per 90kg bag.

Milk prices to rise as monthly production drops by 15%

Monthly production is at 74 million litres

'Chinese seeds' germinate towards sustainable food security

Coverage rate of improved crop varieties has exceeded 96 per cent of China.

Study finds cricket porridge more nutritious

The porridge has a combination of edible African cricket, finger millet and amaranth.

Milk prices up by Sh5 - Sh10 for a 500 ml packet

The current milk shortage is due to drought and dry spells, says PS.

State eases conditions on GMO imports for animal feeds

Ministry of Agriculture lowered the requirement of yellow maize imports to 99.1 per cent GMO free.

Demand for dairy goats soars locally amid regional interest

The goat breeding programme aims to boost farmers' resilience and adaptability.

Kalro institute selected as centre of excellence in livestock research

The centre uses climate - smart technologies to boost productivity.