Star Farmer

New innovation to repel tsetse flies from livestock

Innovative technology mimics the odours of animals that are not bitten by tsetse flies

Antibiotics classified to prevent overuse and resistance

Kenya holds first African World Antibiotics Awareness Week from Monday.

Farming changing fortunes of Garissa residents

Garissa has debunked the myth of it being a vast, dry land and agriculturally unproductive as profiled by colonialists ...

Unga sales dip over safety concerns

Flour prices stagnate following suspension of aflatoxin contaminated maize flour

Animal feed millers want state to allow GM maize imports

The competition has led to high prices of animal feed in the country.

State sets aside Sh200 million to buy rice for grain reserve

For the first time in history, the Strategic Food Reserve will buy rice from farmers

Wheat glut might cause price drop to farmers' loss

Harvest from lower Narok was late, coincided with Nakuru and Eldoret's.

Farmers urged to use Aflasafe to produce safe cereals

Product developed by researchers from Kalro with support of US government.

Raise coffee fund to Sh4 billion, Kigumo MP urges state

Says Sh3 billion in this year's budget is too little to have a big impact on production

New KCC to convert milk to powder

Ministry requests Treasury for Sh2 million to buy milk

Sugar imports rise by 70% due to low production

Out of 13 sugar companies, only five operated continually in September

Kirinyaga farmers turn to profitable purple tea

Farmers plan to enlist more people and venture into other international markets.

Ugali crisis as price rises to Sh140 a packet

Consumers forced to dig deeper into their pockets to place a meal of ugali on the table.

Waiguru urges farmers to add value to produce

Value addition also creates jobs.

State to establish food authority to address safety demands

PS says more multi-disciplinary agency required given the complexity of issues involved.

Horticulture farmers get link to EU market in new project

Project aimed at creating sustainable market linkages between the EU and EAC countries.

Only 5% of Kenyan land suitable for maize farming - PS

Kenyans told to grow other crops to help shift the unending debate on maize.