Shisha pots, sex toys - inside JKIA’s customs warehouse

KRA through its customs agents has maintained strict monitoring to counter entry of the restricted goods.

Kenya's economy grew 6.8% in Q1 on Covid recovery - KNBS

Growth was constrained by contraction in agricultural activities mainly owing to delayed long rains.

Trade pact could help lift 50 million Africans from extreme poverty

Women workers could see the biggest gains.

500 farmers to get free 12-week SMEs training on digital adoption

Digital transition and transformation is also part of the Yara's key agenda.

Kenya to benefit from Sh271bn World Bank food aid

The programme is expected to benefit 2.3 million people in the region.

KRA gets powers to sell tax defaulters property

KRA will sell the properties through public auctions or private treaty within two months of notifying the taxpayer.

Nairobi's still top investment paradise in Africa - Knight Frank

This has pushed the up prime residential prices by 3.5 per cent in the past year

Cost of living to escalates as inflation hits 7.9% in June

The cost of maize flour, Kenya's staple, has increased by at least 12 per cent since last month.

The man behind Maser, the company creating waves in Africa

Started own business in Delhi in 2014

Fostering integrated single revenue collection system in Nairobi

More adoption of the platform will help address the target deficits that come as a result of tax non-compliance.

Kenya invests in intelligence tool to collect data on trade

At least Sh90 million pumped in the Business Intelligence Tool

The Sh390 million funding is part of the Kenya Off-grid Solar Access Project

The project runs for a year to June 2023.

Inner drive necessary for success in business

A heightened sense of motivation keeps you going in tough times

Locked Assemblers angle for business as ban on used bus imports takes effect

The government has also issued directives controlling importation of used trucks.

Locked Kenya sights plans to acquire flying taxis

Electrically powered machines tend to be more environmentally friendly as compared to alternative technologies

Treasury goes for Sh60 billion in extended bonds sale

It has been floating at an average of Sh60 billion every month since January.

Suspect in Sh2.3 million heist at Prime Bank nabbed in Bungoma

The lender has intensified security around its branches