Warriors tackle World Hope in a Premier League encounter

The soldiers suffered a stunning 68-55 loss at the hands of Thunder.

Kedogo urges national 3 on 3 squad to up their game

Coach Kedogo said the team needs to be engaged if their performance is to improve.

Ulinzi Warriors await Umoja in top Premiership clash

The soldiers who have recruited heavily remain unbeaten after three matches

Kenyan boys brace up for next week's Anoca show

Coach Evelyne Kedogo said the games will be held from April 2-6 in Huyei.

Newly signed Adan is Equity game changer

The soldiers' coach William Balozi said all they need is for the key new signings to train

Ochieng wants change in league match schedules

Ochieng made the plea after inadequate lighting became the main talking

Dagoretti seek to go past semis at the nationals

They have embarked on a serious two-week training ahead of the August 8-13 games.

KPA start campaign with a home duel against newly promoted Emyba

The porters shut out Ulinzi Warriors to claim the title