Zimbabwe 'bans new water heaters' amid electricity crisis

Many reasons have been given for the power shortage.

US presses Egypt on alleged torture, mass arrests

Egypt says torture is banned, rights are respected.

Uganda charges revelers arrested in gay-friendly bar

All 67 suspects are in custody and will appear in court over the next two weeks .

Zimbabweans angered by withdrawal limits for new notes

The central bank has maintained per-customer withdrawal limits.

'East African women shun government hospitals' - report

300,000 women in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are not satisfied with government hospitals.

Cardi B's African fans left both excited and jealous

The US rapper will be both in Nigeria and Ghana next month.

Hundreds of elephants starve to death in Zimbabwe

Authorities say until the rains came there would be more deaths.

Dangote appoints daughter to head firm's commercial unit

Dangote is classified as Africa's richest individual by Forbes.

Census: Why counting people can be controversial

The Kenyan government has yet to release all the data on the ethnic composition.

Detention of Nigerian journalist sparks anger

His lawyers were denied access when trying to collect him from jail in Abuja.

Zimbabwe sacks more than 200 doctors over strike action

516 out of 1,601 doctors have faced or will face disciplinary tribunals.

US warns S.Sudan leaders over delay in power sharing deal

Deadline to set up a new administration was 12 November, but leaders agreed to delay by 100 days

Albino girl's hand chopped off in Zambia

A seven-year-old girl was sleeping when unknown people chopped-off her hand.

Tanzanian journalist Kabendera case postponed again

He is being held at Segerea prison, a maximum-security facility.

Rwanda appoints new foreign minister

Biruta, will replace Richard Sezibera who has not been seen in public for months.

Genevieve Nnaji protests after film disqualified from Oscar race

Oscar team says Lionheart has 'too much English'.

Journalist fighting Ebola killed in DRC

People working to stop the virus are often targeted.