Boys rescued in Zambia after circumcision abductions

The initiation site has since been burnt down, the country’s national broadcaster says.

Kenya's ‘serial killer’ mystery - five key questions

Police say Collins Jumaisi Khalusha, 33, confessed to killing 42 women, his lawyer told a court he was tortured into a ...

Baby ‘saved from traffickers’ was borrowed by charity

The mother, who lives in poverty, says she and her daughter have never received any money from PRC.

Leaving Syria's civil war to be a mercenary in Africa

“And if I die in battle [in Niger], my family will receive compensation of $50,000."

Inside beauty pageant in world’s worst place to be a woman

Hani Abdi Gas founded the Miss Somalia competition in 2021.

Rwanda President Kagame set for another landslide victory

He has dominated every election since becoming president in 2000, with over 90% of the vote.

Africa’s richest man doesn’t own a home outside Nigeria

Many wealthy Nigerians own houses in London, Dubai and Atlanta.

Car bomb kills Somalis watching Euro football final

The area is close to Villa Somalia, the official presidential residence.

Zambia made education free, now classrooms are crammed

“You need to come early to school because there is a shortage of desks.”

Kagame seeks fourth term as Rwandan president

In 2017 he won with a staggering 99%.

Children killed in Nigeria school collapse

Saints Academy in Jos caved in while students were in class on Friday morning.

Prisoners escape from Niger jail that holds jihadists

Two other attempted jailbreaks at the facility - in 2016 and 2019 - were repelled.

Nigeria-EU deal sparks false claims over LGBT rights

President Tinubu and Vice-President Kashim, who are both Muslims, have been accused of betraying their religion.

Burkina Faso's military junta bans homosexual unions

Homosexuality was frowned upon in the socially conservative West African state, but it was never outlawed.

Surgery risks overly high for women in Africa – Study

African women were twice as likely to experience severe complications after surgery.

Ugandan TikToker jailed for insulting president

The 24-year-old has been sentenced to six years in prison