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Uganda 'regrets' expulsion of Asians by Idi Amin

More than 27,000 Asians were expelled by Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in 1972, and thousands settled in Leicester.

Ivorian soldiers 'enduring' detention in Mali

Mali's junta has accused the Ivorians of being mercenaries coming to "destabilise" the country.

Mass burial for Congolese killed at anti-UN protest

Most of those killed at the protests were under the age of 30, the youngest, an 11-year-old child.

Nigeria seeks to block YouTube accounts of banned groups

He said the YouTube channels were used to spread hate and disinformation against the country.

Migrants targeted in South Africa after gang rape outrage

Dozens of people are being held by police in connection with the assault but none have been charged with rape.

Western envoys snub South Sudan peace roadmap meeting

The meeting was to be attended by signatories to the revitalised peace deal.

Court refuses to drop charges against Zimbabwe author

Dangarembga was arrested during anti-corruption demonstrations in Harare in July 2020.

Nobody gives us instructions, Museveni to US

Uganda was one of 16 African countries to abstain on a UN resolution demanding Russia halt the invasion.

No Nigeria amnesty guarantees for gay dating app victims

On Sunday, six people were arrested for allegedly blackmailing those who signed up to the gay dating app.

Six Nigerians arrested over same-sex website scam

The suspects are said to have used the site to woo their victims before robbing them.

Nigerians worried about a bill to outlaw cross-dressing

Anyone found guilty could end up with a six-month prison sentence or a fine of $1,200 (£980).

Ngũgĩ is one of the most important writers - Chimamanda

“It was also a kind of awakening for me to an idea of Africa that was not just about Nigeria.”

'Bloody independence day' arrests ordered in Liberia

The government’s silence over the incident has been condemned by many people.

Ex-al-Shabab leader appointed Somali cabinet minister

Mukhtar Robow has been chosen as the religious affairs minister in Somalia's new cabinet.

UN should look at speeding up DR Congo withdrawal - government

Under the current agreement the UN forces were due to leave by the end of 2024.

It's time for Africa to get reparations - Ghana president

Ghana was one of the points of departure for many of those enslaved in West Africa.

Baby and father confirmed as Ghana's first Marburg deaths

This brings to two the total number of people who have died in Ghana in the current outbreak.