Nigerian attempts to break chess marathon record

He aims to play for 58 consecutive hours and raise $1m (£805,000) for charity in the process.

Chibok abductee and her three children rescued 10 years on

Some of the freed and rescued girls have returned home pregnant or with children.

Burkina Faso expels French diplomats

Relations between Burkina Faso and its former colonial power have soured since 2022 coup

Zimbabwe's illegal money changers back on streets

The black market is offering about 15 ZiG (buy rate) and around 20 ZiG (sell rate) to the U.S. dollar,

Prominent Tunisian journalist jailed for defamation

Boughalleb, a radio journalist, is known as an outspoken critic of President Kais Saied.

CAR and France hold talks seeking to revive strained ties

The exact details of the agreement remain unclear.

Anger as Sierra Leone cities remain in the dark for weeks

It has severely disrupted daily life, with operations disrupted in major hospitals.

Biden calls for tripling tariffs on Chinese metals

Chinese embassy in the US said it "firmly opposes" the measures proposed by Biden.

EXPLAINER: Did cloud seeding cause Dubai flooding?

Bloomberg suggested cloud seeding planes were deployed on Sunday and Monday.

Deadly African heatwave 'impossible' without warming

Around half the people who died were over 60 years of age, and the hospital said that heat played a role in many of ...

Kenya-China agricultural lab project yields superior crop varieties

The move according to experts will improve food security for farmers in Kenya.

Nigerian socialite charged for throwing money in air

Pascal Okechukwu pleaded not guilty to three counts of abusing banknotes.

Togo opposition denounces presidential 'power grab'

President Gnassingbé came to power in 2005 after the death of his father, who had been president since 1967.

Nigerian father shares grief after daughters killed in car cash

The driver has been arrested and is due to appear in court, police said.

Tanzania floods kill nearly 60 in two weeks

April marks the peak of Tanzania's rainy season.

Standoff continues as MPs prepare to vote on Rwanda bill

The BBC has seen some of the documents and understands the list is accurate.

Charities plan legal action against Rwanda removals

Downing Street hopes this will allow the first flights to take off before the end of spring.