Kendrick Lamar thrills fans with Rwanda concert

Top Rwandan musicians such as Bruce Melodie and Ariel Wayz also performed.

Tanzanians wonder where vice-president has gone

His disappearance from public view has sparked rumours about his health.

State of emergency in Seychelles after huge explosion

The international airport was also damaged, despite being 4km (2.5 miles) away.

Police 'close to making arrests' over death of UK soldier

He said Maj Kevin McCool was on a motorcycle trip off-base when he was attacked by a group of gunmen.

Five killed in Ethiopia after drone strike hits ambulance

Last month, the UN said it was troubled by drone strikes hitting civilian targets in Amhara.

Switzerland returns 2,000-year-old Libyan sculpture

Libya and Switzerland are both party to a 1970 Unesco treaty that seeks to prevent the illegal trade of cultural ...

WATCH: New treaty to send asylum seekers in UK to Rwanda

The British government is trying to salvage this flagship measure of its policy against illegal immigration.

Zambian president hopeful trapped miners still alive

Rescue efforts are continuing.

Mauritania's ex-President Aziz jailed for corruption

He is also alleged to have amassed immense wealth during his decade-long rule.

'How a dance posted on TikTok nearly cost me my life'

"I didn't want to come out [as gay], but social media pulled me out."

Nigeria air strike kills 85 worshippers 'by mistake'

More than 60 people were admitted to hospital for treatment, officials said.

WATCH: Death toll from Tanzania landslides rises to 68

Torrential downpours at the weekend washed away vehicles and brought down buildings in Katesh.

Nigeria airstrike 'mistakenly' kills worshippers

"The casualties ranged from children, women and the elderly."

South Africa intercepts 440 unaccompanied children

The children, all aged under eight, travelled on dozens of buses on Saturday.

How Kenyan women found justice over forced sterilisation

The four women fought a nine-year legal battle

WATCH: At least 20 wounded Gazans received in Tunis

International concern has deepened over mounting civilian deaths and injuries on the third day of fighting after the ...

Zambia yet to retrieve trapped miners days later

The accident in Zambia's northern Copperbelt province occurred after heavy rains.