Hire disabled people who can work at home

Coronavirus gives the lie to employers' excuses.

Coronavirus has halted BBI but Ruto still sidelined

Drive to undo DP continues unabated.

Truth, justice needed for victims of rights abuses

Sexual violence common feature of  human rights violations, many in informal settlements.

Young French-speaking Kenyans have an advantage

French opens tremendous opportunities.

Policy will determine coming weeks

Consider for example, the application of “social distancing” in the informal settlements.

What life will be like after Covid-19

There will be a much more heightened awareness of good hygiene in society.

Joy and pain of working from home

The hardest part is taking stock of life. Life lived and yet to be lived.

Media has done well covering Covid-19 pandemic

The issue of social distance is not new to Africa, or unworkable in Africa.

Bats in the house

We do not have a strong public health system,

Are these signs of End-times?

Last Saturday was dedicated to special prayers for God to take away the pestilence.

Shame, bowing to everything white

Only white people and the affluent receive first-class, efficient government service.

Covid-19 triggers unprecedented global economic turmoil

Economic loss owing to a lockdown will be devastating to thousands of households.

Coronavirus anxiety: Keep mentally fit, calm and safe

This too shall pass.

Coronavirus wake up call to review conservation

Less-intuitive dimension of conservation could benefit people living alongside wildlife.

Keroche–KRA tussle: What it is and what it isn’t

TAT recently ruled in favour of KRA in the much publicised Sh9.1 billion decision.

Opportunity to test flexible workspace models

In all likelihood, employees are going to have to work from home.

Covid-19: More oxygen needed

A victim is bound to end up in one of ill-equipped facilities.