Rethink Africa's agricultural funding models

Reject vested interests obsessed with technological fixes damaging soils and livelihoods.

A time for some reality checks

Our bodies need rest. Our land needs rest.

NCPB scam: Who was the mastermind?

Since the Unknown received a bigger chunk, he must be the one behind the plunder.

Teen pregnancy: Implement dormant health policies first

A problem we'd rather ignore than confront and find solutions to.

Transformation of public service workplace

Remote working will translate in cost savings for the government.

Ethnic profiling ends in misery

We should be a country that encourages meritocracy, substance in appointment to public office

International cooperation key to hooking big fish

It is not a job for the impatient or the lazy.

Reopening schools a daunting mission

Covid-19 has laid bare decades of woeful underinvestment in country’s learning resources.

US tech restrictions ill-considered

Consumer will suffer because ability to switch, mix and match products will disappear.

Food system has failed the test

We store little. We add value to little. We lose a lot to poor pest control.

Covid-19 lockdown a grave mistake

Even with the strictest restrictions in many countries, the disease hasn't been stamped out.

My two cents on Kirisia forest evictions, conservation

To the administration and the law enforcers, you have to work in a humane way.

How to change the illicit outflows narrative

• The International Tax Justice Academy is pushing for concerted effort to the problem • The 7th edition involves civil ...

I’m only trying to help, that’s all

People see what they want to see and think it will not affect them.

Covid-19 shows value of teachers, farmers

Coronavirus has let us in on what we have wrong: Understanding and priorities.

Will professors become Uber drivers?

Kenyan middle class is no longer growing but rapidly shrinking.

‘Herod’ craves Waiguru’s head?

Images of MCAs sleeping overnight in a crowded room point to a conspiracy.