PENDO: Celebrating the vital role of surveying professionals

Without surveyors, it would be impossible to build the roads, bridges, and buildings that make up our modern world.

KIHUMBA: Let's restore our forests for a healthy future

They play a key role in the well-being of humanity, including food and water purification.

KIMTAI: Financial literacy must begin at home

All we have to do is build a strong foundation by giving our children a perspective and building habits on money ...

MUGA: Ruto and Raila: Who's on the right side of history?

Here we are at yet another political crossroads, at which it is not easy to tell who is on the right side of history.

KENDO: V8 men shouldn't haggle over chicken

We should stop bargaining with poor women over the price of chicken. Buying at her price means a livelihood for the ...

OSMAN: Set up team to ensure political parties obey law

A few strong national political parties will entrench good governance and deal with chronic tribalism.

ICHUNG'WAH: Mass action is a smokescreen

They do not want to face the truth and desire it stifled, and the best way to do it is to cause instability, create ...

WAIKENDA: Opposition should give Ruto time to work

The government has achieved a lot in six months and just needs the space to work.

MWANGI: Handling substance use at the workplace

The first thing for employers to do is to ensure that the workplace is ready for a drug-free policy and programme.

ELMAWI: A nation on its knees

We need to reduce the number of people in office by half or review how much we are paying them.

MWONGERA: Let’s work to stop biodiversity loss

It is up to all of us to take action to protect Africa's biodiversity and secure a future for ourselves and species ...

DYER: Freddy and the ice: Messages from the future

We have crossed some sort of invisible threshold.

WAIYAKI: Address hearing loss at an early age

Hearing loss is not a learning disability but hearing is crucial for speech and language development.

DYER: Israeli pogrom and making of next intifada

Israel will win this round, of course, but somewhere down the road waits a possible local Armageddon.

SISULE: Racist rants can't solve unemployment

CS Kuria just needs to create the right incentives, then sit back and watch the free market do its magic.

MUGA: Regional economic interests always prevail

Insofar as certain viable economic activities continue to be associated with certain tribes, the voting patterns cannot ...

KENDO: Ready for 'Kuku Kienyeji Revolution'?

Low-cost investment in free-range indigenous poultry is a silver bullet for poverty reduction and nutritional upgrade ...