Lessons from port of Singapore

We must invest in improving our port logistics as we embrace automation.

Loneliness: What we’re really hungry for isn’t available

As big a killer as obesity and as dangerous as heavy smoking.

Lamu police cruelty unwarranted

A police officer is supposed to serve and protect.

Help the girl child unleash her power

Securing her from violence and discrimination is the first step towards securing her future.

Betraying the Kurds again

This particular betrayal got underway on Sunday night.

Rising tea supply means low bonus

Collapse of tea prices was not a question of ‘if’, but rather of ‘when’.

Wake up beauty, time to hustle

A woman must own something.

Is the pursuit of food security mere hype?

43m people across 8 East African countries will require food assistance in 18 months.

This time round let’s fulfil the promise

25th anniversary of groundbreaking International Conference on Population and Development.

Give us more time to retire Sh1,000

Did wandering pastoralists – the third public – get the message?

Illicit financial flows obstruct sustainable development

Winning against public resource leakages calls for teamwork at all levels.

Women’s rights are not a favour

History shows that women have done more for the betterment of humanity.

KRA not bogeyman after your hard-earned cash

October presents unique opportunity for Kenyans, KRA to acknowledge their symbiotic relationship.

Citizens of all nations must strive to keep republic

Ideals of a republic are under assault, threatened by authoritarian impulses.

Reshuffle board to salvage IPOA

Current team basically killing the institution, has diverted from its cause.

Margarine is garbage, spreads disease

Adding vitamins to garbage does not change this fact.

Malaria vaccine gives kids a lifeline

Disease remains one of the top 10 causes of death.