GATHU: Combating HIV among teens, youth

The greatest tragedy is that many adolescents and young people living with HIV may not know their status.

MUGA: Let MPs have their CDF

It is one of the most enlightened innovations we have seen in a very long time.

Locked FELGONAH: It’s her right to set standards

We all have something we are looking for and it does not make you a gold-digger or vain.

NJERU: Let's get serious about medical tourism, telemedicine

A paradigm shift in how we deliver healthcare can lead to growth of lucrative niche market

KUBAI: How to win over science sceptics

Science journalism must be better at communicating and explaining science where good science is too often drowned out ...

OKECH: We must partially own climate crisis

Blaming everybody else, except the innocent we, a people more sinned against than sinning, defies reason.

WAIKENDA: Ruto's diplomacy key to Kenya's future

Economic diplomacy is critical for local businesses as it opens new markets.

WOOD: How No-Shave November helps prostate cancer fight

Early screening means less treatment and the cost of treatment will significantly go down.

SIRIMA: Address stigma to contain infectious diseases

If people feel stigmatised, whether internally or externally, their compliance with public health measures may be ...

AYAH: The third we should be observing

Is it fair, at every step, to knock off one-third of the population first as useless?

OMOLO: Don't force GMOs down our throats

The science of genetically modified foods and farming remains incomplete, and must be subjected to further advanced ...

SIMATWA: With our arable soils, GMOs can wait

Kenya still has so many avenues to explore in boosting food and financial security before turning to GMO innovations.

ORWA: 16 Days of Activism must include widows

They often face discrimination, disinheritance and oppressive social norms.

MUGA: For and against GMO

'New facts' are rarely judged in isolation. Such facts are viewed through a preexisting frame of reference.

Locked FELGONAH: Martha a victim of 2 selfish men

Had her husband been honest with her, he would not have driven her to the point of desperation.

THUITA: Measures needed to tame police excesses

For the police to use donated powers to brutalise citizens is the highest form of betrayal.

KIMANI: Why we should stop designing our roads for cars

Shift in focus towards non-motorised traffic also has great potential to reduce congestion on our roads.