Hell’s Gate needs tender loving care – not Love Festival

Motor vehicles, especially travelling at speed, are inherently dangerous to wildlife.

Putin the immortal?

He is a Russian patriot.

Sycophants dim Ruto’s star

Hope is fading, as Jubilee Party fissures widen.

One way to bolster devolution

Through public interest litigation.

Africans ought to lead climate action

We don’t have to wait to 2050 to experience the devastating effects.

Moral decay begins with you

At what point will we declare enough is enough?

Cholesterol not your heart’s enemy

Amount of cholesterol in our blood depends on how much is needed, not how much we consume.

Love for Kanu tactics terrifying

Kuria’s arrest reminds one of harassment of opposition leaders back then.

Extreme events are reversing development goals

They are occurring with rising frequency, destroying the means of livelihood for millions.

Ethiopia has steered Igad well, more needs to be done

Reflecting on Ethiopia’s achievements and challenges can help shape Igad's future.

Why state insists on education for all

The truth is that education is an important tool of governance and control.

Perils of economic tribalism

Government well-placed to reward or punish any tribal community.

Churches now playboy mansions

Along the way certain men started using christianity as a net to fish women.

Beyond Zero 2: Leaving no one behind

I invite you to run with me on March 8.

Uhuru running out of time

Slay corruption and everything else will fall into place

How CEOs can deal with shareholder demands

•The CEOs strategy view can be at odds with Directors’ governance objectives or revenue priorities •Focus on long-term ...

African vision for sustainable finance

Sustainable finance has gained traction, particularly after the 2007-2008 global financial crisis.