GMO revolution is irreversible

If ban is lifted, it will boost delivery of food security and manufacturing.

Toilets, textbooks equally important

Toilet:pupil ratio is 1:200 for girls and 1:230 for boys against WHO recommendation of 1:35 for boys  and 1:25 for ...

LGBTIs have right to life, safety

The range of unequal treatment faced is extensive and damaging, sometimes life-threatening

Has devolution lived up to its billing?

While there are exemplary counties, such as Makueni, the vast majority have been total flops.

Mother and baby health an imperative

We have incentivised giving birth in health facilities by offering mama packs to mothers.

Why Uhuru's legacy is already secure

It is his virtues that will be remembered in the long run.

Graft war requires extraordinary measures

Due legal process will never resolve mega corruption scandals.

To avoid heartache keep your ears open

We listen passively; we don’t marry words and actions. We just want to be well behaved and accepted.

Three musketeers need our help

Anti-sleaze brotherhood of Kinoti, Twalib and Haji need consistent public rage and political goodwill.

Stand with Uhuru, ignore the debes

We must send a message to our politicians that Uhuru is the model that they must follow.

War in the Gulf?

Trump doesn’t want war, but he imagines Iran can be bullied and bluffed into submission

Global hunger is threatening families due to Climate Change

The wellbeing of families is central to healthy societies.