MUGA: Challenges in forming coalitions

A great deal of clarity on such matters could have been achieved if only BBI had been successful.

KENDO: No free lunch for Kenya Kwanza allies

Lacklustre performance from Mudavadi, Wetang'ula, Kingi and Mutua throws them into oblivion, unless Ruto lowers the ...

DYER: Farewell neutrality: Sweden and Finland

They have no nuclear weapons, and the only way they can have their security guaranteed by a nuclear deterrent is to ...

NAKHURENYA: Why BBI was good for Raila and Ruto

There is a need to change the law to strengthen the opposition to ensure it offers proper checks to government.

WEKATI: Has Ruto perfected science of charlatanism?

He has become a bit of a cult, especially among the youth. His catchy phrases are the vogue among his supporters.

WAIKENDA: Runoff will favour perceived underdog, Ruto

Raila must win round one to win the presidency.

AWITI: Famine stalks Horn of Africa again

Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya face the driest conditions recorded in four decades.

STEPHEN: How to avoid resource curse

There is nothing like free unclaimed land anywhere. All land has an owner.

SHABAT: 74 years of injustice in Palestine

Foreign occupation, suppression, apartheid, and discrimination on basis of race or religion have no place in today’s ...

OCHIENG: Expressway to transform city transport

Long winding traffic jams on the city’s roads will be a thing of the past.

MWANGI: Why killer cigarettes are still around

They have been manipulated to increase addictiveness by loading them with chemicals.

AfCFTA: Time to move into the fast lane

41 countries have deposited their instruments of ratification but not a single trade has occurred as a result of ...

UhuRuto: Anatomy of a failed presidency

The union between Uhuru and Ruto was not ideological but of convenience.

Radio Africa Group polls are credible

Opinion polls mirror the general public view.

DYER: What’s wrong with the Philippines?

The Philippines is a leading contender for the title of ‘world’s most populist country’.

MUGA: Covid-19 and human nature

People keep coming up with obstructionist ideas in opposition to the medical consensus.

FELGONAH: Be married and practical

No one should beat you black and blue. Nobody should enslave you in his home.