MPUNDU: Let’s move fast to address AMR

We’re not working fast enough on antimicrobial resistance in Africa and around the world.

BHALLA-LUCAS: Time to talk about suicide

More than ever, we need a direct, respectful and open way to speak about suicide.

NJAGA: Matatu menace getting out of hand

They are the most uncouth road users in Kenya, and perhaps in the whole world.

MUGA: Real change is incremental, not revolutionary

These promises made when a candidate is addressing a large partisan crowd mean nothing.

FELGONAH: Churchgoers, spare us the hypocrisy

A lot of evil has been done in the name of God. It often starts with the things that look insignificant.

OGONJI: ‘What will people say’ a dream killer

If a path feels right for you, follow it without minding what others might think.

BUHERE: Basic education is fit for purpose

'Eric' claimed in a TikTok video that students found the knowledge they were acquiring meaningless, hence the ...

OKECH: It’s season of bedbug killers

Voters must demand accountability. It's they, alone, who can change their destiny.

OUMA: To the west, we will always be subhuman

Western civilisation all about entrenching racial superiority—that whites are more human.

WAIKENDA: Uhuru's delivery record no longer in doubt

A lot has been achieved by Uhuru’s administration and will cement the President’s legacy.

AWITI: Civic, citizenship education key to preserving democracy

The promise of democracy – opportunity, liberty, prosperity and the rule of law – is faltering.

KOMBO: Plastics poisoning Africa’s food, people

Lack of clear regulation has led to a toxic circular economy that continues to cause havoc on the health of many people.

Tourism potential in Baringo a tip of Kenya’s unique brand

A lot is happening in the country that is changing the lives of many.

Remembering Riverside attack: ideology matters

We all need to work together to stop this menace.

MAKODINGO: Tame hate speech now

The term madoadoa was used in reference to non-Kalenjins in the Rift Valley.

DYER: Covid fatigue: Pandemic far from over

It won’t be over until the vaccination rates in Africa and Asia are the same as in Europe, East Asia  and the Americas, ...

JOSEPH KOMU: Learn from mine accidents to save lives

Miners need to go to work and return home to their families safely.