Reopening schools in NEP daunting task

No teachers and institutions stretched beyond capacity.

Activist CJ blinded by his legacy

A nation cannot be run by shock and awe tactics.

Sick students ignored in schools reopening tumult

Classrooms congested, there's barely walking room in dorms, sanitation facilities over-stretched.

Let's build a stronger, more effective UN

Our shared humanity is often stretched and strained but it is not broken, at least not yet.

South-South cooperation in food security

Taking into account the Covid-19 pandemic, these collaborations are now more meaningful than ever.

The scramble for Africa's seaports

The gap created by African governments has guaranteed massive investment opportunities to foreigners

Parties must not be sausage machines

'A party is like a sausage machine, it grinds up all sorts of heads together into the same baloney'

Climate change: brace for more catastrophes

Every global leader faces the same dilemma to a greater or lesser extent.

Return of self-sufficiency doctrine of economics

Need to have some critical supplies produced within a national priority.

Toxic positivity glorifies suffering

You were not put on this earth to accept suffering.

Ethics will drive the music industry

Unethical practice in the sector has been normalised for long all in the name of ‘hustling’.

Role of schools, parents in suicide prevention

Create an environment where students feel safe sharing about their struggles without feeling judged.

Where’s the outrage? Heads must roll over Pumwani cruelty

Where are the women groups and lawmakers who were threatening to strip?

Church leaders should emulate Jesus

He didn’t cavort with politicians.

Hustler, dynasty divide is a lie

The historical constant in the presidency is tribe.

UhuRao will implode just like UhuRuto

It is good for Kenya that UhuRuto is falling apart. It was an unholy alliance ab initio.

Uhuru will not extend his term

Has always put the interests of the country above his own.