Graft war requires extraordinary measures

Due legal process will never resolve mega corruption scandals.

To avoid heartache keep your ears open

We listen passively; we don’t marry words and actions. We just want to be well behaved and accepted.

Three musketeers need our help

Anti-sleaze brotherhood of Kinoti, Twalib and Haji need consistent public rage and political goodwill.

Stand with Uhuru, ignore the debes

We must send a message to our politicians that Uhuru is the model that they must follow.

War in the Gulf?

Trump doesn’t want war, but he imagines Iran can be bullied and bluffed into submission

Global hunger is threatening families due to Climate Change

The wellbeing of families is central to healthy societies.

Crush Mt Kenya rebellion ruthlessly

Everyone assumes the President will exit active politics, even before he hands over.

Time is right for deep reforms in university education

We must go back to the basics; university must be about teaching excellence.

Take the lead in your sphere

A jack of all trades portrayal diminishes credibility.

Emotional investing bad for your wealth

Emotions can be a great asset in life, but when it comes to investing, they are a liability.

It's a scary thing to fall sick in Kenya

It is most dehumanising when one has to watch helplessly as a loved dies since they can’t afford high cost of ...

MPs’ gluttony a slap in the face

Barely a week ago, on Labour Day, government turned down workers’ request for a 15% increase to the minimum wage.