SAMSON NYASIMI: Varsity fee hike ill thought out

MPs should unite to pass The Universities (Amendment) Bill.

JOHN CHUMO: Unsustainable gold mining a disaster in waiting

The practice has become the worst enemy of water, air and the general biodiversity, posing a threat to the ecosystem ...

OKECH KENDO: Watch out for fake election promises

Politicians who are remembered for false promises should not get away with new baits.

MACHEL WAIKENDA: Judicial activism crippling government

Courts have a key role in safeguarding the rule of law but they must not overreach when making decisions that anchor ...

ALEX AWITI: Role of self-care in reproductive health

Self-care can empower and give agency to women to manage their health needs.

REBECCA MIANO: Towards net zero climate transition

KenGen intends to incorporate additional geothermal, wind and solar projects, which will further reduce carbon ...

JELDAH NYAMACHE: Teen pregnancy fuels depression

A vicious cycle exists between depression and teenage pregnancy.

PATRICK AMOTH: Screening will tame breast cancer

Majority of Kenyan patients are 35-50 years compared to 50-55 years in the Western world.

JAMES OGUNDO: Strong state government urgently needed

It's one with strong rule of law, strong governance institutions, labour unions, independent think-tanks – including ...

DP Ruto attack in Busia shouldn’t go unpunished

This type of thoughtless barbarity, almost certainly planned and bankrolled by a politician, has become a hallmark of ...

We need to look harder for TB in Africa

The scope and intensity of the global TB epidemic is fuelled by antiquated and inadequate TB drugs.

Growing old disgracefully is just the ticket for me

So what if a wrinklie wants to speed around Nairobi in a powerful little red car in his 70s or remarry at 80.

Ignorance killing smokers denied nicotine alternatives

In Kenya, relatively risk-free vapes and pouches are regulated just as severely as far more lethal cigarettes.

Killers’ motives lie in troubled past

Like a dangerous predator laying a trap for its prey, killers can be quite charming.

The arts flourish in Tanzania, under threat in Kenya, Uganda

A nation that exiles its authors or desecrates its literary sanctuaries is one staring at the abyss of civilisational ...

Wycliffe Muga's Podcast: Looking forward to peaceful election

Kiraitu was back then a notable idealist,

MWANGI MWAURA: KYEOP good idea but not all inclusive

Top-down conceptualisation and implementation failed to capture youths at ‘most risk’ of joining crime.