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YOUSIF: Citizenship issues left out in debates

More than one in 10 Kenyans lack legal identification demonstrating that they are citizens.

SISULE: History's verdict on Jubilee's food and housing legacy

The complete food security that Jubilee promised was illusory; it spectacularly failed to build half a million ...

NAIBEI: Choosing leaders: Our will or God's will

We cannot win at the higher levels if we don’t participate in the lower levels and apply Christ-like values in choosing ...

JAMWA: The place of presidential debates in growing democracies

Such an audience is savoured by politicians.

AJUOK: Sonko pursuit of ballot negates Chapter 6

It’s time to have a serious talk about Chapter Six and whether we really want it to work for us.

MUGA: History is always cruel

I’m sure plenty will be found to suggest that Uhuru’s time in high office was a great disappointment.

FELGONAH: Let’s extend grace to one another

Human beings should all be held to the same moral compass or leave people alone.

DYER: Monkeypox is a reminder

We haven’t learned enough from our harrowing experience with Covid.

WAIKENDA: Attempt to force six-piece voting must be stopped

All of the ills facing our democracy can be traced down to one problem—six-piece voting.

OKECH: IEBC a threat to free, fair elections

It has always been a citadel of conspiracies. The fates of Kivuitu and Issack Hassan should worry saboteurs of ...

OKOTH: New preacher rules violate freedom of conscience

Requirement of a degree in Theology can only mean standardising religion, morality and piety – an impossibility.

IRUNGU: Why presidential debate is important

These debates are how we, as voters, listen to all ideas and choose those who come to lead us.

MWANGI: Youths owe Kenya peaceful, drug-free election

A drugged youth means an unstable electioneering period plagued by violence and other forms of civil disorder.

NGWIRI, AWORI: Increasing heart surgeons in kenya

There’s an urgent need to scale up cardiac surgeon training, and efforts in this direction are commendable.

OMAR: What's a manifesto should address

A manifesto must address the dignified livelihood of all citizens.

OGUNDO: What defines good political leadership

Good political leadership is that which will deliver political goods that include security, stability, socioeconomic ...

Holiday tuition alienates learners from families, makes them hate schooling

The prescribed curriculum does not encompass the whole of life. It is a slice of a loaf of bread and not the whole ...