Use the data, invest in midwives

Midwives’ work is not limited to delivering babies. They provide other essential services.

It’s Gema’s season to shine, or eat

Is the national fabric tearing again?

Kenya, Tanzania need each other

In East Africa, Tanzania sees itself as a firstborn but feels that it is disliked, hated even, by Kenya.

Why we need to battle climate change urgently

We all need to play our part, local government and private sector alike.

Blistering third Covid-19 wave calls for better preparedness

We must be fully prepared for the fourth wave.

Parliament must not usurp the will of the people

MPs must limit their work on the Bill before them to dealing with the flow and accuracy.

Forces of darkness keen to turn off media lights

Thankfully, no bullet or missile can ever shoot down a word. Any word.

Comfort zone not so comfortable

Covid-19 has highlighted the absence of a larger society looking after everyone.

Journalists: The gallant soldiers of public good

We salute the over 300 journalists who contracted and recovered from the pandemic.

How state surveillance rose with the pandemic

Despite progressive Data Protection Act, there's lack of respect for privacy, security of personal data.

Earth Day 2021: A rare opportunity to restore our planet

World headed to temperature rise of three degrees this century, above goal of 1.5 degrees in Paris Agreement.

Executive meddling will be Koome’s biggest headache

An independent Judiciary was among the many aspirations underpinning the resistance to Moi's tyranny.

Vaccine: Africa must invest more in health research

Policymakers must now be cognisant of the cost of inaction during budgeting.

Israel: Why Netanyahu (or someone like him) can’t lose

You can trace the drift to the right back to the Six-Day War of 1967.

Conservancies hold the key to expanding Kenyan tourism

We need a lot more if we are to optimise on our wildlife resource.

Ladies, here’s a guide to online dating

Meeting a man online should be deliberate. None of that love at first time.

Sh2bn just pocket change to looters

Who takes the blame? Gullible voters on the one hand and the legislature on the other?