JEBET: FGM makes mockery of law and order

We need a substantive discussion on the intersection of sexual gender-based violence, child marriage and FGM.

WASILWA: Ensure food is safe before passing it on

Food contamination happens at different stages of food production, from the farm to the kitchen.

KENDO: Victims learn nothing from crocodile tears

The powerful weep for the poor, and join in sleepless solidarity with the vulnerable. But deep down, they are happy ...

MWANGI: Kemsa a swamp in need of draining

It's been hijacked by miscreants who have seen it stagger from one multimillion-shilling scandal to another

MAKABE: Climate action a partnership venture

All actors must collectively and conscientiously collaborate in early warning, early action and response plans.

ELMAWI: It takes a village for a clean environment

We must all take responsibility for our environmental impact, reduce our carbon footprint and develop sustainable ...

NTHUMBI: Here's why Ruto is right about Finance Bill

A section of the political class that has kept us poor yet again are the champions of disinformation.

OCHIENG’: Why schools should preserve institutional memory

Great schools spawn on firm foundations of culture and tradition.

DYER: Yet another article on AI

A big challenge that was generally reckoned to be decades away has suddenly arrived on the doorstep, and we have no ...

MUGA: Surprises new technology can bring

It is not just the telecommunications and energy sectors that have brought forth new technologies that perform tasks ...

KITAU: Dividends of Kenya's diplomacy

Foundation laid by Kenyatta, sustained by Moi and reinforced by Kibaki, has delivered three great achievements.

SINDABI: Parents and guardians role in stopping drug abuse

The first step is in developing strong partnerships between parents and educational institutions.

WASILWA: Green Tobacco Sickness a farmer's nightmare

Handling tobacco takes a toll on farmers as they may suffer from nicotine poisoning, also known as Green Tobacco ...

KANDAGOR: Leveraging technology to end banditry, cattle rustling

It’s a fact that educated people are less likely to fight and will always sit down and resolve their differences.

KENDO: Is season of hope falling apart - again?

The rains were heavy, and destructive in some places.

WAIKENDA: Resurgence of Mungiki cause for concern

We cannot allow uncontrolled groups to take over and take control in a manner that endangers the peaceful living of ...

MWANGI: Entice more women to tech to bridge skills gap

The sooner women in tech become greatly visible as role models, the faster we can level the landscape.