Wheelbarrow push, Kazi Mtaani two sides of the same coin

We need to objectively interrogate what works for us starting with an honest assessment of what our problems are.

Warming and the Texas big freeze

It’s the ‘unknown unknowns’ that do the worst damage.

Equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines a moral imperative

The yawning gap in coronavirus vaccine access is bluntly, morally unconscionable.

Kenyans can’t wait to vote for BBI

Losing the momentum would clearly be subverting the will of Kenyans.

What to do when choosing a school for your child

Performance in schools is increasingly judged on the basis of effective learning outcomes.

Lessons from China’s rural transformation using agriculture

With over 72% of Kenyans living in rural areas, poverty reduction programmes should target this group

Hearing Kenya-Somalia case on Zoom insecure

Courts have been experiencing a phenomenon that has now been termed as “Zoom-bombing”

MCAs have spoken, what say the people?

You want politicians to wag their tails in deference? Feed their greed

BBI not about you and me

Those we entrusted with the implementation of the 2010 Constitution have failed.

Mixed results in first year of South Sudan's RTGoNU

Transitional Security Arrangements remain a work in progress, albeit very slow and with lots of challenges.

Wycliffe Muga's Podcast: Pork-barrel politics in Kenya

Thanks to pork-barrel politics, both the President and the MCAs have got what they want.

Felgonah's Podcast: Wife, be the witch in his life

It makes them want to give you all their money or even do the dishes.

Wife, be the witch in his life

That one is used to rough treatment. I promise you, that woman is not nice to him.

Kenya's introduction to pork barrel politics

This is a political tactic that has at last come of age here in Kenya.

Allow young mothers back in classroom

All girls have a right to education regardless of pregnancy or motherhood status.

Cheering suspects to the ballot

Political generosity exploits impoverished masses to win their votes.

Why is there a dearth of competent leaders?

Hubris – typically disguised as charm, self-confidence – is often confused for leadership potential