Ladies, let men do the chasing

It is human nature, more man nature, that they despise what they get easily.

It’s one atrocity after another in Palestine

This new chapter of aggression has killed 34 civilians injured 120.

Airport in the middle of nowhere

That is precisely what the Isiolo International Airport is.

Opportunity for Kenya to thrive in seaborne trade

Country has 15 operational ports, harbours, wharfs and terminals.

All talk on world stage but no action

Political goodwill needed to ensure implementation of what is committed on the world stage.

Correct power bill is our right

Kenya Power yet to resolve billing crisis ,frequent blackouts and harassment of consumers.

Mt Kenya should hear Uhuru out

Sagana meeting should bring to an end the Kieleweke and Tangatanga hostilities.

Bolivia: Not a coup, just a blunder

Morales’s mistake was to believe that he was the indispensable man.

Oman and Kenya ties formidable

Sultanate of Oman celebrating 49 years of development.

Butter trumps margarine every time

Delicious, natural, minimally processed and not proven to cause heart disease.

Pretrial detention needs rethink

Locking people up before trial is costly, contributes greatly to overcrowding.

Census results a measure of devoluton success

Ideally, we are supposed to have many ‘Nairobis’ in all the 47 counties.

NEP should fight for its survival

A presser will not solve these problems.

Uhuru leaving Coast in shambles

With directive to transport all cargo from Mombasa port through SGR.

Modern dating: Chivalry is dead

Are there men who still take women to dinner and a movie or dancing?

Infrastructure and economic growth

Kenyans have come to understand just how illusory 'economic development' can be.

Who is willing to lift up the Nation?

Apathy never ended oppression in any society.