MWANGI: Punishment doesn't deter drug use in children

The time is ripe for the country to embrace a principle referred to as ‘restorative justice’.

GACHOKI: Overcoming Kenya tea value stagnation

Value addition is a common buzzword in Kenya that to many only implies packing, while it actually means much more.

WEKESA: Why did Kenya stop building monuments?

As a country, the last special event was in the year 2010 with the promulgation of a new constitution.

MUGA: In job creation, Kenya opts for Philippines model

It does offer an immediate solution to the problem of youth unemployment

OGUTU: Africa must strive to earn its place in international system

Some steps have been undertaken to improve the continent’s fortunes

KIPYAKWAI: Debt distress not limited to Kenya's government

Whenever interest rates are higher than growth in income, you have a recipe for debt distress.

MWANGI: Celebrating love, contraception, intimacy and safe choices

Love is not only about grand gestures but also about responsible choices.

KENDO: Tomahawk steak eaters vs mtura nibblers

The few enjoy the steak, selling at Sh10,000 per kilo while a roll of mitura, poor people’s sausage, costs Sh100 up ...

KIETI: How to deal with a toxic donor

It is important to identify the early signs of toxicity and take timely mitigating actions to save both parties from ...

NYANKABARIA: Single and broke this Valentine's Day

If you're single, let go of the jealousy. Let the lovers carry on.

ORENGO: Bursary not handout but investment

When we invest in education, we are investing in the future prosperity and well-being of our entire community.

HERMAN: Shaping a future without scars

We believe long-lasting positive change can only be driven by those who are closest and most impacted by the problem.

OKUMU: Essential role of mentorship in surgery

In the world of surgery, mentorship is the backbone of success and growth.

MUGA: American presidential politics and Kenya

Africa has nothing to fear from a second Trump presidency.

OGUTU: Foreign policy should reflect multipolar world

Various countries have appeared to drive a hard bargain to get the best out of such a configuration.

ONYANGO: Women deserve to live without fear

They are not a lesser gender and deserve to feel secure everywhere.

KENDO: Junior secondary school muddle baffles

Sabotaging education is hurting the confidence of the children, their education and their future.