Don't drop Covid guard despite restrictions ease

Each one of us must be responsible and not let down our guard lest we end up like India.

Justice Koome should avoid state capture

Justice Martha Koome is a worthy candidate for Chief Justice but she should remain independent and steer clear of any ...

DST should only apply to foreign companies

The new Digital Service Tax will end up punishing digital start-ups in Kenya rather than hitting the giant offshore ...

Somali factions must accept AU mediation

The Somali opposition and President Farmaajo should accept mediation by the Africa Union to avoid slipping back into ...

Relatives should not just inherit the seat

In a modern democracy, political parties should search for the most capable candidate rather than just settling on a ...

Governor Murungi's lesson wake up call to politicians

As Kenyans, we should also take lessons from Governor Murungi's experience

State actions must be based on sound law

Government must carefully weigh its actions, decisions to avoid going against letter and spirit of the law.

Kenyans deserve an impartial electoral commission

There are reports of behind-the-scene maneuvers to manipulate IEBC recruitment

Town planners must adhere to codes

Planning ensures development is not haphazard and our country does end up as one major slum.

Minimum tax isn't global best practice

The minimum tax will penalise law-abiding companies that are loss-making. Increased fuel taxes will be paid directly ...

Police should keep curfew roadblocks

The police should strictly enforce nighttime roadblocks to stop motorists breaking the curfew during the present 'third ...

Opaque procurement promotes graft

State agencies must put in the open all tenders and the winners must be enforced.

Political parties should not decide constituencies

Once political parties get involved in deciding the shape and size of political constituencies, the principle that all ...

Covid should not stop tourists visiting Kenya

The best way to support the Kenyan tourism industry is to help foreign tourists work around the travel restrictions of ...

Strict curfew will stop Covid spread

No exception should be made for boda bodas over the curfew.

JSC must pick new Chief Justice wisely

Political considerations and ethnic balance should not be major considerations.

Digital Act may silence legitimate comment

CyberCrimes Act 2018 erodes freedom of expression by allowing the police to arrest bloggers for any perceived 'false ...