EACC must move fast to probe Sh63bn MES deal

Conceived like a criminal enterprise.

Ministry needs to come clean on schools’ cash

Where did the money go yet schools were closed?

Let leaders freely market their policies

They say treat people well on your way up because you might need them on your way down.

EACC, DCI should bring to book MES culprits

MES could be one of the biggest scandals in the country

Senators subject to the law, not above it

Standing Orders give them immunity on the floor of the House as they perform their duties.

Deal ruthlessly with leaders beating drums of war

Memories of the 2007-08 post-election violence are still fresh.

Senate should resolve county funds impasse urgently

There is no devolution without resources; House must rise to the occasion.

Warehouse Receipts can revolutionise agriculture

The Warehouse Receipt System will benefit farmers because they can choose whether to sell at today's price or hold on ...

Mui Basin is different to Lamu Coal project

The Lamu Coal Power Project would have relied on imported South African coal. Exploiting the Mui Basin for power ...

Fight against Covid-19 losing steam

Life is back to normal all over the country, with all caution thrown to the wind.

Uhuru should halt war of words inside Jubilee

The bitter Jubilee war of words is distracting the party from the real business of government

Let date of company formation be online

Publicising the date of registration of a company will give a clue as to whether it is a briefcase company or not.

Kenya will need tough attitude in USA talks

Kenya will need tough negotiators to manage American demands in the ongoing free trade talks

Leader: Parliament should be thorough in Kemsa scam probe

This is not only just a matter of the possible loss of billions, this touches on the lives of millions of Kenyans.

Switch most sponsorships to public university pupils

Let funding of students in private universities be phased out, as proposed by the UFB, but retain sponsorship for ...

USA deal will end maize protection

Kenyan maize farmers will not be able to compete with giant low-cost American farms.

Magoha should consider re-opening all schools

Education CS is considering re-opening tertiary colleges in September but he should also consider allowing primary and ...