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EDITORIAL: IEBC must learn from 2017 mistakes

  • The IEBC Commissioners must  live by their oath of office and deliver a free, fair, credible and verifiable ...

Cops must arrest and charge leaflets bigots

The evil architects hope to reopen the sore wounds of the 2008 post-election violence.

Vote wisely, your life depends on your choice

We urge voters to think with their heads and not hearts when making their choice of leader.

EDITORIAL: Gachagua tirade recipe for poll mayhem

This type of alarming hate speech is the last message we need in the lead up to fiercely fought election.

EDITORIAL: Rabble-rousing speeches recipe for chaos

Any leader worth his salt must pause; self reflect and remember that their ambitions for office must not cost a single ...

IEBC must step up election briefings

What the IEBC needs to do between now and election day is to have daily media briefings to give updates.

Who killed IEBC tech guru Chris Msando?

He made public pronouncements the 2017 transmission system was foolproof.

IEBC and DCI must work to deliver for Kenyans

By parading their differences on social media, Chebukati and Kinoti are sowing seeds of discord.

Raila must attend presidential debate

The debate is only 10 years old, having first taken place in 2013.

More questions than answers in poll sticker saga

Such a scenario just 15 days to the election does not inspire confidence in the electoral commission.

LAVROV: Russia and Africa: A future-bound partnership

Russia-Africa ties are based on the time-tested bonds of friendship and cooperation.

Presidential debates good for democracy

The forums help voters get clarity on the rhetoric by politicians out on the campaign trail

EDITORIAL: Failure not an option on August 9

Chairman Wafula Chebukati and his team must not let Kenyans down

EDITORIAL: SRC should reject governors' sendoff package

Their needs are hugely exaggerated and out of sync with the economic circumstances of the country

EDITORIAL: Kudos to Omanyala for gritty show, but heads must roll

He landed only two and half hours to his heat

EDITORIAL: Sonko order right way to go

The Supreme Court has in one brush confirmed that all is not lost.

LEADER - CS Magohas's schools fees order populist

While all children have a right to education, schools on the other hand cannot continue to be saddled with huge amounts ...