Youth unemployment a ticking bomb

Unemployment breeds crime and without addressing the former, no level of policing will tame the latter.

End borrowing binge to avoid debt default

A Financial Times report warns that Kenya's borrowing binge has created a 35 percent chance of defaulting on its ...

Bus lanes can support Nairobi commuter rail

Bus lanes would be the best way to supplement the three new commuter rail routes to Ruiru, Embakasi and Kikuyu ...

Let USA not suffer contested election

Whatever the outcome, the American voter should accept that the presidential electoral process continues to be free and ...

Do not fix prices for macadamia, tomatoes

Tomato and macadamia farmers are demanding guaranteed minimum prices but this could undermine the rapidly growing local ...

You must wear mask during second wave

Masks intercept airborne droplets or 'aerosols' so they protect you and others from the risk of Covid infection

Fast-track IEBC reform before 2022 elections

Reforms to the IEBC should be completed at least a year before the next election so that the commission has ...

Next stage of BBI should be inclusive

The BBI team has worked hard to listen to all points of view in preparing its report. That inclusive attitude should ...

Medics' strikes are hurting Kenyans

Strikes must always be the last option to ensure minimal disruption in healthcare provision.

Land rates should make Nairobi self-sufficient

Updating the land valuation system will provide an equitable source of revenue that can make Nairobi financially ...

A ceremonial President would be truly radical

Installing an executive Prime Minister as the real leader of the country with a purely ceremonial President would be a ...

Protect yourself to avoid 'second wave' lockdown

Kenyans should continue to observe Covid protocols to avoid the risk of another lockdown to deal with a 'second wave' ...

Rising Covid numbers a cause for concern

Economy is on its knees, we cannot afford to play Russian roulette with the pandemic.

It’s imperative to find the missing students

Reports indicate that thousands of students did not report back to class.

Respect bishops, and slow down campaigns

The bishops are right to seek a truce between the Ruto and Uhuru factions of Jubilee as their bitter campaigns risk ...

Covid still threat to USA, and to Kenya

Trump proves that it is foolish to ignore the continuing threat posed by Covid-19.

Governors must tame hiring craze

The wage bill has jump through the roof in counties