Data Protection Bill is progress

Bill will resolve legal vacuum on data protection in Kenya.

Auction sugar estates, hotels to highest bidder

Do local people have the capacity to manage a giant sugar estate?

Auditor General, Controller of Budget owe Kenyans answers

Kenyans need answers on how 8 counties could have budget lines belonging to State House.

How about firing squads for those stealing public funds?

Yet another project not properly formulated.

Independent media is essential for democracy

Media is not the enemy of the people, even when it reports news that could be uncomfortable.

Kenya should narrow budget deficit

The country will spend Sh1.1 trillion on loans, of which Sh366.4 billion will be interest.

Tear gas wasn't needed for Uhuru Park demo

It is not clear why the police cracked down so hard.

BRT should be public, or private – can't be both

BRT needs a dedicated bus lane. This is available only on Thika Road and Outering Road.

It's time for heads to roll CS Matiang'i

Work fails to start in most cases due to the bureaucracies the relevant parties are subjected to

There's a need to recommit ourselves to tree planting

There was a determined effort to protect and conserve the environment.

If economy looks good, why is Wanjiku suffering?

The bottom line is that economic growth is not felt by most citizens.

Oparanya will not convince presidential voters this way

Oparanya is touting his candidacy as a chance for a more technocratic government