Let's all support the mental health task force

WHO says number of suicides reported in Kenya rose by 58% between 2008 and 2017.

Miguna's return cannot cause problems in Kenya

State gives Miguna more publicity than deserved by blocking his return.

Washiali should apologise for beating alleged thief

If you are caught beating someone on video, you should just apologise, not make excuses

If we work together, we'll defeat ShabaabWAR ON TERROR IS NOT A ONE DAY AFFAIR

Terrorists do not engage in conventional warfare but thrive on surprise attacks.

Education must not be commercialised

• Impromptu visits to schools on opening day can help establish amounts paid by students •The Education ministry stated ...

100% transition policy needs basic rethink

Formal education not for all, some will blossom, TVET for others.

2020 is the year to genuinely focus on Kenya

Kenyans demand the President, Cabinet, governors, MPs, MCAs do better.

Stop shedding crocodile tears for fallen heroes

Let's celebrate great Kenyans when they are still alive.

Beware politics of deception in the New Year

Lying and deception are the main ingredients politicians use to justify desired ends.

Kenyans want lords of graft convicted after arrest drama

But it is the war against corruption that has caught attention in 2019

Ruling barring officers charged with graft welcome

Welcome ruling reflects nation's mood, helps restore confidence in Judiciary.

Uhuru deserves praise for naming professionals to BBI

Technocrats must put country above self

Counties should pay pending bills without delay

Delay has caused liquidly problems with many firms laying off staff.

Governments should not favour religions

The trouble with a sectarian religious government is that it automatically discriminates against some citizens.

Be each other’s keeper on roads this Christmas

Kenyan roads should not be killing fields

Conflict of Interest Bill will bring radical reform

The Conflict of Interest Bill 2019 will radically curtail the freedom of public officials to do private business.

Quickly pass the Bill to have deputy governors

The County Government Amendment Bill would force governors like Sonko to appoint a deputy to avoid a power vacuum