Women changing nature of politics

The selection of Martha Karua as Raila's running mate solidifies an ongoing trend for women to play an increasingly ...

Presidential race begins to take shape

The presidential debates being organised by the media should put the candidates to task to expound on the various ...

Implement Chapter Six to save Kenya from the corrupt

It is one of the most progressive provisions of our Constitution after the Bill of Rights.

Political competition should be issue-based

The best way is for those running for the highest office in the land to discuss policy issues.

Expressway contractor must now replant trees

China Road and Bridge Corporation must replant the 3,000 trees destroyed during the Expressway construction as well as ...

Accept mandatory hospital HIV tests

Mandatory HIV tests for emergency hospital admissions make sense because doctors need to be aware of underlying health ...

You win some, you lose some in EAC

Kenyan manufacturers and workers are big winners in the East African Common Market but Kenyan farmers are being ...

EDITORIAL: Uhuru, Ruto truce key in success of poll

The tensions building up between Uhuru and Ruto must be brought under control.

Kenya's media habitat can be better

Use of state advertising as a carrot and stick against 'errant' media house has muzzled free speech.

Balance pay hike and cost of doing business

Food prices, cost of fuel and electricity, cooking gas, water, housing and transport have all gone up, yet wages remain ...

EDITORIAL: Kibaki served Kenya well

Leadership determines a country's trajectory and Kibaki's presidency propelled Kenya along the right path

Greedy politicians threat to national ethos

The mad rush to join politics is definitely inspired by the millions that await the winners.

Evidence key in NCIC hate speech war

Cases have been dismissed at the courts for lack of evidence, a situation that stands the risk of emboldening the ...

EDITORIAL: Back Magoha on extra levies

The warning is welcome and timely because we live in a country where corruption has been institutionalised

EDITORIAL: Kibaki deserves to be buried at heroes corner

His tenure wasn't all rosy as it was checkered with the 2007 post-election violence

EDITORIAL: Don't force leaders on voters

Boardroom decisions based on opaque opinion polls deny the contestants and voters their rights

EACC should go after, restore NCPB properties

A report by the Auditor General warns that ownership of NCPB properties cannot be confirmed, board’s financial health ...