Why does Rashid fear trial in court?

If the courts are so soft, why does he not proceed with the case and clear his name? Or would he accept to be ...

Look for solutions, rather than problems

Raila should establish a credible policy-oriented opposition rather than trying to topple the government through mass ...

Both Raila and Ruto need to climb down

They should engage in meaningful dialogue in the interest of Kenyans both sides serve.

State agencies must work in synergy for the good of all

Kenha has been forced to cancel a Sh4.4 billion tender for a section of the 540km Mau Mau road.

Let IEBC Four serve their term for the sake of unity

Government should do the honourable thing and allow the four commissioners to retire after the expiry of their terms.

EDITORIAL: Parents must monitor children over long holiday

You can never be too busy chasing the shilling to the extent of not having time for your children

WANDAYI: Presidential term limit is a firewall on our democracy

The Yakubs of this world could be acting at the behest of some hidden forces.

NHIF must save public hospitals

The National Hospital Insurance Fund does not remit cash to public hospitals on time.

EDITORIAL: Ababu, make us dream of World Cup

Namwamba must work us back into play, ensure we compete at the top continental level

World Cup not priority, starving Kenyans are

It is good that the accounting officer of Parliament has made it clear that there’s no budget for that kind of activity.

Let market forces dictate cost of borrowing

The President has no business controlling the interest rates.

Sakaja initiative on city crime welcome

Sakaja and the police must find ways of getting community policing to work for the security of all.

Sale of loss-making parastatals taking too long

State universities, despite their financial challenges, seem to be doing well.

Police should not allow mob justice

The police should arrest perpetrators of mob justice, not encourage them.

75-year age limit is easy to remove

The age limit of 75 years is easy to remove if a President wants to stay in office.

EALA more than consolation prize

The best and the brightest should be sent as MPs to the East African Legislative Assembly

Lifting term limits will make president for life

Lifting term limits will inevitably lead to a president for life.