Legal powers needed to take over schools, hotels

Government may soon need the legal authority to commandeer schools and hotels as quarantine centres

Economic stimulus package needed desperately

Uhuru needs to reassure businesses, employers and employees through a economic stimulus package

Coronavirus is real but public still taking it lightly

The government's focus must now target ordinary Kenyans ignorant about Covid-19

All airline passengers must self-quarantine

Not only that, they should also get tested.

TV, radio, e-learning can help students at home

It's not the time for watching cartoons, movies, listening to music.

Fearmongers hurting war on coronavirus

Kenya needs to manage information flow in its fight against corona.

BBI team should seriously consider Muturi proposal

We should seriously consider Speaker Justin Muturi's proposal for an executive president chosen by members of the ...

It's premature to seek to impeach DP Ruto

There appears to be insufficient evidence to impeach Deputy President William Ruto at this stage.

State should stick to donkey abattoir ban

• Around 400,000 donkeys are slaughtered every year in Kenya to supply ingredients for the Chinese trade in animal ...

Reflections on the International Women’s Day

Celebrations provide women with opportunity to reflect on pertinent issue of the progress.

Avoid conflict risk at border or Somalia

Longstanding tensions are running high between Kenya and Somalia and putting us at risk of falling into open ...

Kenya Airways a victim of double standards

Kenya Airways banned from flying to China because of Covid-19.

We shouldn't become complacent about HIV

The rise of HIV prevalence in Busia to 9.9 percent means that Kenyans should protect themselves and not be complacent

Ensure funds for labour attachés in Middle East

Labour officers in embassies in Middle East should ensure Kenyans have safe working conditions.

Intellectual property crimes hurt - Kyle McCarter

McCarter said US is a long-time partner with Kenya in the fight to defend IP rights.

Patriotism or mama mboga tax, KRA need to restrategize

KRA to expand its tax base by ensuring that all Kenyans pay their fair share of taxes.

Going by Swvl case, Kenya not investor friendly

NTSA, government should support efforts to streamline Nairobi's chaotic public transport.