ICC right to pursue both Israel, Hamas

The ICC is right to charge both Israeli and Hamas leaders since both have committed war crimes

Good idea to extend SGR, KPC to Kampala

Extending the SGR and fuel pipeline to Kampala will be mutually profitable as well as enhancing regional cooperation.

Act now to curb the cholera outbreak

The infection spreads easily when one ingests contaminated water or food

Tax hike should be gradual

There is need to look for more innovative ways to capture the untaxed who are the majority.

One man - one shilling is unfair for allocation

The present revenue allocation system which also considers the land mass of counties is fairer than the crude one man ...

Limuru Three debate should not be disrupted

In the right to speech we are reminded that we must tolerate the views of the people or groups we dislike the most.

Support children from schools that are still closed

More than 2,000 schools will not reopen for the second term today.

Counties must clear huge Kemsa debt

Almost all the counties, save for Wajir, have accumulated massive debts at the state-owned medical supplier.

Reconsider MPs' foreign travel allowances

MPs must demonstrate leadership by aligning their actions with government's call for frugality, responsible spending.

Let your girls get the HPV jab

Despite its proven efficacy, HPV vaccination rates in Kenya remain suboptimal.

Decision to cancel school reopening is wise

The postponement provides a critical window of opportunity to address pressing concerns.

Impeachment motion against CS Linturi welcome

The fertiliser scandal is a mockery of the President’s agenda to uplift those at the bottom.

Teach emergency skills in school

Few members of the public have any basic survival skills such as swimming, how to use a fire extinguisher or first aid.

Don’t let the rains go to waste: Plant a tree

Every tree planted today is an investment in cleaner air, improved water security, and a more vibrant ecosystem.

Party elections foster democracy

Very few political parties in Kenya hold internal elections.

Devastating floods call for urgent action

We urge immediate action to address the critical needs of those affected by the flooding.

A functional IEBC should be constituted urgently

A compromised IEBC undermines democratic principles and public confidence.