Raila should drop secession demand

Raila should drop his threat of secession which is impractical and unworkable

We need to decongest prisons

It beats logic to jail a maize roaster caught operating on the streets without a licence.

AG should strike down GMOs ban

The Attorney General should continue to try to lift the court import ban on GMO foodstuffs which are safe and cheaper.

Build affordable housing for rent rather than sale

Providing low income housing for rent rather than for sale is the best way to tackle the spread of informal settlements.

Extending the SGR to Malaba makes sense

Connecting the SGR to Kampala through Malaba will be an economic game-changer

Russia, USA must talk about Sudan

Russia and the United States need to talk about the Sudan despite being at war in the Ukraine.

Counties must pay for pension arrears

We suggest that the counties should be surcharged for the duration they held the money.

El Nino readiness not an option

The Met has announced, well in advance, that the long rains will gradually give way to El NiƱo, which will reach its ...

Ruto needs to uncover who was behind Kemsa

President Ruto needs to set up a commission of enquiry into Kemsa as well as changing the personnel at the top.

Raise VAT to equal Uganda, Tanzania

Increasing VAT to 18 percent would harmonise sales tax with Uganda and Tanzania while also increasing the tax ...

Let's fete our heroes when they are alive

Leaders will fall over themselves to be seen to be offering support to the family of a bereaved yet in life they never ...

Safaricom share value depends on Ethiopia

If its Ethiopia investment is successful, today's depressed Safaricom share price will seem like a bargain.

Suicide must be decriminalised

Suicide should be decriminalised because it is a mental health problem and not a threat to law and order.

Let civil servants work after 60 years

The PSC should be allowed to give contracts to civil servants who can still contribute after 60 years of age.

LEADER: Kenya can't afford to pay MCAs more

Kenya cannot afford to pay MCAs any more than their already generous remuneration.

Debt burden has forced tax rises

Tax rises are necessary but government should introduce then gradually to ease the pain for wananchi.

Sudan power vacuum dangerous for Kenya

Kenya and the AU need to actively pursue a ceasefire in the Sudan to prevent a power vacuum that could be exploited by ...