It is time to tone down the rhetoric

Extremists on both sides must tone down their rhetoric following the demos organised by Raila Odinga on Monday.

MUTUNGA: Separating wheat from chaff in Azimio demos

The only right the police are entitled to be given is the route of the demonstration

Enough is enough with Raila demos

Enough is enough: it is time for opposition leader Raila Odinga to stop his demos but government must acknowledge the ...

Kenya's economy too fragile for disruption

A sit down between the two leaders in the absence of their hardliner lieutenants would do Kenya some good.

Kenya should continue to protect free speech

Protect freedom of speech and association even while homosexuality remains a criminal offence under the Penal Code

MPs should allow SRC to have teeth

The SRC must be a statutory body rather than an advisory one if government want to control its spending.

Raila's mass action should be on Sunday

Raila's mass action should be on Sunday, not on Monday which will be very inconvenient for everybody.

Time to end scourge of police executions

IPOA should vigorously prosecute the police shooting of two young men who were allegedly involved in a bank robbery in ...

Tax breaks should apply to all, not to individuals

Tax breaks should be general and available to all citizens, not just to certain well-connected individuals.

MURUMBA: Enhance local revenue to end perennial county cash crisis

Since 2013, the 47 counties have received at least Sh2 trillion as an equitable share of revenue

GITHUA: Psychosocial support crucial in fighting violent extremism

The role of psychologists cuts across many of the other pillars in the NSCVE

EDITORIAL: Efforts to flush out bandits must respect human rights

But the state needs to rethink the directive to local communities to vacate certain areas in the next 24 hours

Raila can demonstrate but not break the law

Police should allow Raila to hold his demos but should ensure that the law is followed and that no roads are blocked or ...

Kisumu jetty should push SGR to Kampala

The new Kisumu jetty reminds us that the SGR needs to be extended from Naivasha to Malaba and Kampala to complete East ...

Raila should wait before calling for mass demos

Raila should call off his mass demos until there is genuinely national dissatisfaction with the Ruto government.

Let shilling float and restore OTS

The best way to deal with forex and fuel shortages is to let the shilling depreciate against the dollar and to restore ...

Don't slash budget for Auditor General

Government should not cut funding for the office of the Auditor General as it is vital that government expenditure is ...