ODM must ensure smooth transition

This is an opportunity for the next generation of leaders within ODM to step forward and carry the torch of progressive ...

Use of chemicals to dry maize unethical

Apart from maize, some fruit traders also use chemicals to hasten the ripening of bananas, mangoes and avocados for ...

Nurses exodus must be balanced

A balance should therefore be struck between exporting labour and ensuring attrition of critical staff is contained.

New Eurobond is cheap at the price

The new $1.5 billion Eurobond is cheap at the price because it has stabilised the economy, caused the shilling to ...

Increase minimum wage for Kenyans everywhere

It is inequitable to increase the minimum wage for security guards but not for all Kenyans.

ALURU: Why transparency is key in improving electricity sector

"We cannot afford to speculate on the availability and cost of power."

Nuclear power is wrong for Kenya

A nuclear power station in Kilifi is too costly for Kenya, over and above the environmental problems.

KALEKYE: We must unite to secure radio sustainability

Government should create an environment where radio can continue to flourish.

SAM NYAMWEYA: Acts of lawlessness in Kisii county must end

We must rise as a community and say no to this barbaric and archaic behavior.

Corruption fuelling killer brew sale

Is it time we packaged some of Kenya's traditional brews as a commercial venture to get rid of the illegal breweries?

It's not right to pay for holiday tuition

Parent should not have to pay for holiday tuition for their children

Senegal elections should proceed on original date

President Macky Sall should allow elections on the scheduled date to protect democracy in Senegal.

Our democracy needs a functioning IEBC

Its constitution needs to be above board so that all political players can accept it.

Kenya must take disaster prevention more seriously

The sackings by Nema come too late and may be unhelpful. Three people have already been killed

Refund Housing Levy cuts

Courts resoundingly declared the law as currently formulated illegal and unconstitutional.

Phone firms must clean up subscriber records

Mobile phone sim registration remains a major loophole and weakness that must be sealed.

Judiciary should hear Haiti appeal urgently

Government should appeal the High Court ruling because Haiti needs Kenya police to lead the peace mission against the ...