Witness protection must work for justice to prevail

Without effective witness protection, big criminal cases will collapse like a house of cards.

Address concerns raised by teachers

Overworked and ill-equipped teachers will not impart knowledge properly.

Reckless statements recipe for poll violence

Gullible public takes in what politicians say hook, line and sinker, and turn against each other.

Kenya must scale up war on climate change

The rain season is no longer predictable and when the rains come they are either early, late, too little or too much.

Public universities must cut waste for affordable education

Kenyans have a right to affordable education, right from primary to university level

Dangerous precedent to delay 2022 election

Postponing the 2022 elections would set a dangerous precedent where future governments could tinker with the ...

Raila right to support vocational institutes

Raila Odinga is right to propose that vocational training should be enhanced in Kenya to boost local manufacturing and ...

Parliament and Judiciary must dialogue

The two institutions must find a workable solution to the issues instead of trading accusations

Police must disarm Laikipia invaders

The security services should disarm the heavily armed pastoralists who have invaded Laikipia so that a peaceful ...

IEBC should print its voting papers abroad

It is safer for the IEBC to source voting materials from international security printers because they have more ...

Kenya courts should emulate South Africa

The Kenyan judiciary should demonstrate the same independence and impartiality as the South African courts should such ...

Kenyan deaths in Saudi Arabia worrying

A 2021 Human Rights Watch report cites the kafala system (visa sponsorship) as the root to the abuse of migrant workers.

Taxing cooking gas an unwise move

Beyond the reach of many homes that were slowly abandoning the use of charcoal for cleaner energy.

Candidates should appeal to ideology

Both Raila Odinga and William Ruto are setting out economic platforms based on ideology rather than ethnic arithmetic, ...

Scrap death penalty in the Penal Code

If the death penalty is not mandatory for murder, it should be removed from the Penal Code altogether.

Let Lessit conclude Willie Kimani case

The Willie Kimani case should be allowed to conclude under Justice Lessit because it started in 2016 and 'justice ...

Psychometric tests help free elections

Psychometric profiling can help recruit IEBC commissioners who are brave and independent as well as technically ...