Kenya police need to hit Haiti gangs

The Kenya government is right to send 1,000 police to Haiti but should remember that it is a very dangerous island.

Ruto should reject seven-year terms

President Ruto should repudiate proposals to extend presidential periods in office to two seven-year terms.

Kuria's role in Cabinet untenable

His unreserved contempt for the very public he pretends to represent, or even work for, as Trade CS, has hit a ...

Crack down on vehicles with excessive exhaust

Excessive exhaust fumes from matatus and lorries are dangerous and the Nairobi Governor is right to crack down on them.

Fuel price must rise but please say sorry

Kuria, Chirchir and Ndii cannot stop fuel prices going up but they could at least say Sorry.

Economic crisis: Where are civil society leaders?

Many Kenyan families struggling to make ends meet. But the civil society leaders are deathly quiet.

Salaried Kenyans now an endangered species

We are slowly killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Time to abolish the death penalty

It is time to completely get rid of the death penalty from the Penal Code in Kenya

Shilling depreciation will boost exporters

Depreciation of the shilling will hurt the urban consumer because of rising prices but it will help exporters who get ...

Clear all outstanding police compensation

Government should organise the outstanding Sh2 billion in workmens compensation owed to police officers injured in the ...

PINGJIAN: China has proved to be Africa's true friend

Over the past 10 years, China has stayed committed to this principle.

Don’t increase counties to 58

It's not a good idea to increase the number of counties to 58 because it will be too expensive and the demands will ...

Expelled MPs should face swift by-election

Expelled MPs should stand in quick by-elections if they do not follow the whip of political parties that electors voted ...

Cryptocurrencies are risky but not illegal

It would be a backward step to ban cryptocurrencies now but government should continue warning Kenyans that they are a ...

Focus on the possible in climate change war

Climate activists can still think big but should concentrate on what is achievable and realistic in battling global ...

It's time to finish Leakey's museum

Government should realise Leakey's proposal for a new museum of humanity near the Ngong Hills because it can be a huge ...

Make Nairobi’s climate summit a catalyst for real change

To ensure its success, the Nairobi summit must rise above rhetoric and deliver concrete results.