Retiring syndicated loans good overdue move

Good idea especially because economic growths slowing and public debt remains high.

PoPolice graduate from taking bribes to outright robbery.ery

Police officers rob two traders in Eastleigh of Sh6.2 million in cash.

Kenya must create climate favourable to do business

Over 2,000 people in formal employment have lost jobs in four months.

KFS bosses and CS Macharia should take responsibility

President Kenyatta should step in and ensure those responsible are held to account.

Reject SRC nominees pandering to MPs' money demands

• MPs have been the biggest threat to SRC New  SRC hopefuls have exhibited elements of opportunism 

Ex-MPs do not deserve more public money

The huge public wage bill is already a national concern.

Revamp community policing to enhance security

CS Matinag'i was in Kiambu because the dreaded Mungiki seems to be on a revival.

The buck stops with Sonko

The governor reacts when there is a tragedy by suspending his officers and never takes the blame.

Free market way to go for maize farming

The year in, year out farmers' demand the state buys maize at their set price is not tenable.

Too many hate speech acquittals, better probes needed

NCIC has been blaming the law but its own investigation have been faulted.

Kenya can finance health without US aid

• Though the US is cutting funds to Kenya's health sector and people are losing NGO jobs, we should have seen it coming ...

Don't condemn Consolata boy, offer support

Parents demand suspension of the boy who made threats.

Magoha is right: Appoint school finance managers

Any initiative to curb corruption in schools should be supported by all.

Big ARV containers are sensible cost saving

Pepfar provides free ARVs and we should accept what is cost-effective for the USA.

New Auditor General must ensure reports are timely, not ancient history

Ouko brought audit reports up-to-date. Challenge for the next Auditor-General.

Counties must justify more funding, show development

MPs revised allocation upward from Sh310b, Senate and CoG demanded Sh335b.

Mugabe betrayed his own vision and legacy

President Robert Mugabe started well but his increasing autocracy led to economic disaster