Church leaders should renew their calling

Individuals who claim to be raising funds for churches, turn out to be impostors.

Benefits of CCTV cameras outweigh disadvantages

Kenya CCTV policy does not propose tracking people through facial recognition software

Every adult should prepare their will

A will will save your loved ones from complications after your death

Time to compromise on disputed maritime area

Compromise needed before war of words escalates over maritime border.

It's premature to say you back referendum

It's too early to discuss the referendum when we do not even know what the question will be

Counties must develop alternative revenue sources

County operations are grinding to a halt, many health workers have long been unpaid.

It is time to close Portland Cement

The state should only go into business where there is a strategic necessity.

Allow breastfeeding at work, but not in Bunge

Babies should not be allowed onto the floor of Parliament.

Bamburi attack shows stresses at the Coast

Government needs to deal with economic stresses at the Coast.

Monopoly will not solve SGR problem

Monopoly will not make SGR profitable on Nairobi route alone.

Listen to experts on lifestyles for disease prevention

The number of cancer cases reported in Kenya annually is in excess of 40,000.

Health ministry should do medical marijuana trials

Trials should be conducted for treatment with medical marijuana in Kenya

Kakamega MCAs must stop drive for house perks

MCAs know the people they represent are poor peasant farmers hardly able to enjoy three square meals a day.

Charged governors must stay out of their offices

Mumbi's ruling that charged governors should stay out of office must be supported.

Tanzania can market its maize flour in our shops

Kenya needs to buy maize grains not maize flour.

Perennial maize shortage must be cured

The price of maize flour has risen by Sh5 in two weeks and retails at Sh130.

Hit them where it hurts, recover stolen assets

Asset recovery returns stolen property to the rightful owner, who happens to be the public.