When will Kenyans stop being so lousy and gullible?

How did we end up with the likes of Mike Sonko and Ferdinard Waititu in the corner offices of our devolved units?

Government should take up Nairobi management

Government needs to accelerate its plan to take over Nairobi as a capital city now that Governor Sonko has been ...

Action plan needed for Kenya global warming

Next year the Met Office is predicting extended drought.

Was girl subjected to criminal kidnap?

A 12-year girl was kept in police custody for six days in West Kuria after she went to report that her father, who is a ...

Good step forward for counties to pay interest

Paying interest on unpaid debts of the counties would help suppliers to remain solvent

Mortgages can make more Kenyans homeowners

Mortgages need to be more easily available in Kenya if the housing industry is to properly take off

We demand justice for murdered Star journalist

Oloo's murder calls for independent probe.

Referendum is not necessary for BBI

A referendum would only be necessary if we were switching to a true parliamentary system.

Reduce allowances to increase state efficiency

Reducing 247 allowances for civil servants will reduce wage bill.

Politicians must practice the BBI unity they promise

BBI welcomed as new dawn but politicians must surrender ethnic alliances.

Banks must not profiteer despite rate cap lift

CBK governor says no to 'Wild West banditry" by banks.

Leader: Shame on state for failing W Pokot victims

Transport, personnel, relief should be able to reach anywhere at any time.

NHIF is sabotaging Uhuru's healthcare pillar

The actualisation of the UHC is a matter that should be taken seriously by players in the health sector.

KAA must explain the mystery of stowaway

KAA should explain how a stowaway came aboard a KQ flight in Nairobi.

Men should play shared role in contraception

More family planning education is needed because of the high number of abortions.

Nairobi needs professionals, not erratic micro-managers

Nairobi does not need kneejerk reactions, it needs proper systems.

Obsession with BBI derails focus on real issues

The report is not yet out, but tempers are flaring and battle lines are drawn.