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BWIRE: Busia deputy governor, you belong to the past

You reminded Kenyans publicly that the Samia people from Busia are the poorest in the county.

KITUM LINDA: Create awareness on urinary tract infections

Worldwide, UTI prevalence was estimated to be around 150 million persons per year

NYAMBURA JANE: Stop politicising holy places

Religious leaders should allow politics in church

ONJORO VERONICA: Early childhood education needs proper care

Government should look at the problems affecting Nursery schools and rectify them

KANYI GIOKO: Bringing real life in class is best approach for CBC

It is a noble idea that intends to develop a holistic citizen grounded on knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes

ALOYS MICHAEL: Tourism sector should focus on local markets

It is a key pillar of the vision 2030 agenda for sustainable development

Stories behind 10 of the biggest longshot win in sports betting history

Sports experts can't explain how Leicester won the 2015/2016 EPL title, having been in the top three in 1928 and 1929.

PL OPONDI: Student admission to private varsites must be reviewed

The largest beneficiary of this “fraud” is Mt Kenya University

APOLLO JOAB: Youths must know politics puts food on their table

However, young people must stop waiting for manna from heaven

WATIRI KING’ORI: Roadblocks should be minimised not removed

Sometimes, they are essential as they help in intercepting illegal activities

ODHIAMBO JAMWA: Toxic politics, disregarding Constitution hampering national unity

The BBI lies, trumped up charges, political witch-hunt became the order of business in government

OUNDO FRANKLIN: CBC could be disaster in waiting

It requires working from the core to the edges with the right mix of fidelity and adaptation

Ministry should provide comprehensive sex education

Adequate measures should be taken to realize good sexual and reproductive health outcomes for adolescents

KARURI DENNIS: Taxpayers should consider alternative dispute resolution frameworks

It is timely, cost-effective and preserves good future working relationships

NELLY KIANDO: Universities are failing to fully equip students

Government should ensure all institutions of higher learning are well equipped

MECTARIOUS KIKETER: Restore political sanity for development

The sacredness of party loyalty in Kenya is an extinct virtue

MOMANYI MAURICE: Dearth of responsible leaders a cause for concern

Good governance craved, recklessness should stop and leaders should lead by example