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KENNEDY LEGEND: Small worries keeping me awake at night

I worry a lot about many small things that people do.

GVRC: Ruto, ensure UHC implements GBV prevention, response

Government developed guidelines for the minimum package in UHC for GBV.

Unlearning of retrogressive values, practices in promotion of gender equality

Evidence has shown that gender equality is at the heart of human development

WILLY MUTUNGA: Our youths are crying for humanity

The youth in Kenya face total violation of their material interests.

FLORENCE KEYA: Mr President, SGBV needs your attention

Over the years, we have rescued over 500 girls who have called our shelter home.

DJ Moz: It's time for men to take part in family planning

We need to destigmatize and burst the myths around vasectomy. For many men, it’s not easy.

MUTERE: Reparation for sexual violence survivors

There have not been interventions to mitigate the harm suffered

Help disabled to access equal treatment

The rights of persons with disability have been safeguarded in Article

WAFULA: Sakaja, act now to save Gikomba market from infernos

Gikomba market fires just like Nairobi garbage menace, should be top among his priorities.

WAMBIYA: Budget cuts bad for long term economic growth

It makes sense for a developing country like Kenya to ‘borrow from future generations’ by running deficits in order to ...

MUTISO: PR storytelling humanises a brand

Public relations is a useful component of marketing.

MATIKU: NLC subverts the interest of local people in Yala

For 66 years, communities in Yala will be as poor as those in Mumias.

WATHAA: Society seems doomed to remain in state of depravity

We seem to have reached a point of no return. No one wants to give up their selfish ways.

Why effective communication is key for HR professionals

Skills and competency in HR  is a sure way of becoming an effective leader

WAHOME: Debunking myth that science exams must be failed

Aligning syllabi closely with students’ most basic needs, abilities and aspirations should be the way to go.

KHALIFA: Urgently address land injustices in Lamu

Like most ancestral lands that were owned by the white settlers, Lamu county and its natives face a danger of ...

SAROTA: Why ending rape is society’s collective responsibility

Rape culture is where rape and other sexual violations against women are normalized, glamorized