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Potential for self-funded development tremendous

Remarkable performance paint a picture of a very resilient and promising economy.

Lack of social values a serious indictment

We seem to be obsessed with politics instead of more important matters.

Healthy employees equal healthy firm

A single infected employee can cripple an organisation for months.

BBI and strengthening the war on graft

The public recognised corruption as the principal threat to the well being of Kenya.

Improving access to affordable and quality diabetic services

Improve access to affordable and quality diabetic services.

Sexual offences and need for sex education

Rape, defilement and other sexual offences widespread despite harsh laws.

Why invoke the Public Order Act?

First enacted by British colonialists and came into force on June 13, 1950.

Explainer: How to get into the matatu business

It is capital intensive. You will need at least Sh3 million.

EU should withdraw trade privilege to Pakistan for terror

There are in fact four areas of deficiencies in Pakistan reported efforts to contain terrorist financing.

Strengthen laws to sanitise boda boda industry in Kenya

Government must address concerns about crimes sub-sector is associated with.

Lessons from US presidential election

Don't underestimate your opponent.

Covid gave kids chance to explore talents

Parents need to let children exercise their freedom of choice, explore their creativity.

Is it BBI consensus or unnecessary discord going forward?

For the good of Kenya, this process should be powerfully conceived by all.

Covid-19 exposes leaders who preach water but drink wine

Politicians are ignorant of Covid-19 and are running around campaigning for or against the BBI

Mohamed Badi, dismantle cartel causing water shortage in Lang'ata

Chances of a looming health crisis cannot be overruled.

Put youth at centre of post-Covid economic recovery plan

Many youths desire to use what they learnt in school in employment.

Popularity contests not the best when measuring development

Many counties with popular leaders are doing so badly such that media endorsing them is very dangerous.