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BWIRE: Open letter to Busia governor

Please look at the small matter of prioritising good public projects

CHEGE: Role of proper nutrition in managing AIDs and HIV

While antiretroviral therapy (ART) is the primary treatment, proper nutrition is crucial

TORORIE: School uniforms foster equality, affordability

Legislators should concentrate on resolving issues with uniform costs and make them more accessible.

JOY: Respect single mothers

Single motherhood is not a mark of failure and does not deserve the shame thrown at it.

WANJIRU: Violence against women and girls threat to SDGs

Violence against women and girls is associated with lower economic activity.

KARIUKI: Nicotine tax plans miss chance to save smokers'

Move will financially disincentivise smokers from moving to products that could save their lives

Ambitious adaptation is key to enhancing climate resilience

Our leaders need to interface inclusive climate adaptation solutions

OPONDI: Nairobi lost its shine, it’s now cesspit of chaos, lawlessness

OPONDI: Nairobi now cesspit of chaos, lawlessness

WATHAA: Water firm unfair to leave soil on pavements

Nairobi Water has disappeared leaving all the soil it scooped on the pavement and in trenches.

VICTOR BWIRE: African countries must unite, have one voice at COP28

Africa can drive its own green growth and support global renewable energy needs.

OCHIENG: Adequate wage key to boosting staff morale

Workers are left to struggle with the difficult task of stretching their limited earnings.

BWIRE: Right to access to information an enabler of good governance

Culture in most public institutions does not allow the country to fully realise benefits of access to information.

Ukraine marks 90th anniversary of Holodomor

The Holodomor was a deliberate and ruthlessly implemented genocide aimed at destroying people.

SILVANO: Church's statement glossed over tribalism, nepotism

Employment to civil service is flawed and partisan to the core, defying all aspects of fairness and professionalism.

OPONDO: Initiate counselling and mentorship for students

Parental guidance is essential in personal development but has proved to be ineffective in career development and other ...

BWIRE: Information is key to climate change interventions

Most of the aggressive proposals and policy options remain in capitals and boardrooms.

OWALO: Kenya's digitalisation agenda is aligned with SDG 8

Our mandate focuses on leveraging digital technology for inclusive growth