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Herd mentality to blame for bad leadership

How can we revolutionise our politics to issue-based politics?

Badi, sidewalks are disappearing under garbage

Who cares about the walking nation, anyway?

State can curb GBV by checking harmful cultural practices

Covid-19 pandemic restrictions have confined women and girls at home with their abusers.

Election tension stems from changes in political alliances

We must see ourselves as one, not different tribes that only work together for each own's benefit.

Covid made heroes out of some politicians

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Rooting for topical questions study model

Students use learning techniques that are time consuming, give illusion of mastery.

Creative industry best shot at reviving economy

Livelihoods can be earned by exploiting a combination of our talents and modern technologies.

Political wars result from defying the laid-down policies

Only constitutionalism will bring the much-needed sanity.

Kenyans need to reflect on their choice of leaders

It is time for serious reflections and critical questions on the management of the country.

Remove weapons from the hands of youth

ack of employment opportunities induce the youth to retreat to abusing alcohol and other vices.

Don’t let cartels frustrate warehouse receipt system

State should also address risks likely to hamper successful implementation of WRS.

Mutua's pledge to create jobs might land him top seat

Governor vowed to reboot the country's leadership, setting a high bar for competitors.

Schools should resume amid virus to avert damage to learners

WHO says delay in reopening may impact negatively on the learners, like drugs and other vices.

Treating opposition and rulers as one is open pretence

ODM cut its teeth as a party that spoke the language of the oppressed.

Safe abortion should be among essential health services

Limited access to contraceptives and movement restrictions have made it hard to procure it safely.

Learners should not be subjected to any test in January

First exam given with assumption that learners were fully studying syllabus-based contents at home during school ...

Online learning an invalid idea for a third-world country

Education should be the equaliser in society, rich and poor learners should share syllabus.