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ISAAC MWAURA: Why Ruto is best placed to lead Kenya

In 2007, who would have thought that William Ruto would be Raila Odinga’s arch-rival 15 years later?

MUREITHI: Fake news, a threat to democracy as Kenyans vote

The digital space, and more so social media, is a perfect platform for spreading this disinformation.

VICTOR BWIRE: Media influences voting, election processes

Candidates depend on the much-needed clout to bolster their chances of winning.

Locked NAITULI: Karua outshined Gachagua in deputy debate

One would be forgiven to think that Rigathi Gachagua was debating President Uhuru.

GIOKO: Cry my beloved Kenya, break all the shackles

There is a common misconception that it is the politicians who are holding us back. Truth is, we all play a part in ...

OYUDO: Jaindi Kisero's take on KU land saga lacks basic facts

It is not about rewarding WHO but ensuring basic Kenyan laws are respected.

ORWA: Take action against officials behind Omanyala debacle

It should also be the case for the so-called “The 32 joy riders” to Oregon

ILLAH: With Kisumu new face, Nyong'o has earned re-election

One notable transformation is the removal of the second biggest garbage dump in Kenya, Kachok dumpsite

WILLY MUTUNGA: The first 100 days of the new government

It is a political metaphor comprising lies and blatant falsehoods.

CHOTO: Ocean can propel economy if sustainably exploited

UNEP says very little is known about resources present in oceans and their true value.

Facilitate, protect journalists during elections coverage

While on the ground, journalists will need adequate security for themselves and their equipment

SHIKO KIHIKA: Family planning for all is better for Kenya

US Supreme Court's decision to reverse women's right to abortion has been felt in Kenya.

ONYANGO: Azimio leaders should stop intimidating IEBC

Most of the conditions set by Azimio have financial, social and political implications on the IEBC

JAMWA: Why August 9 presidential election is too close to call

This year's electoral map will radically change due to the handshake politics

GATHUITU: Insurance firms are ‘fraudsters’

Insurers are top abusers of buyer power in Kenya. They'll look for a loophole to weasel out of paying what is ...

MWANGI, TWALA: Overdose of prescription drugs could lead to addiction

Overdosing is not allowed and it can lead to death.

MURUMBA: Digital registries will enhance sanctity of land titles

The digital land system will help tame land fraudsters working in cahoots with rogue land officials.