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National fetes meant for patriotism, not another day off work

To most Kenyans, national holidays are just a day when they don't report to work.

Mental health not given the budgetary priority it deserves

For a person to function effectively, they should be in good mental health.

More backing for sports will psych up players for success

Safaricom has suspended M-Pesa logo to endorse Eliud Kipchoge for the October 12 marathon.

Joint efforts will give World Girl Child Day more success

Global society will mark today under the theme 'Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow'.

Respect police for putting their lives on the line for ours

Cases of missing cops arise from a well-done job that compromised some people.

Normal family feuds can get ugly, shield children from them

Children are likely to turn out like their parents if they always fight in front of them.

Changing world has no room for rampant university strikes

Existence of more universities makes one expendable, students should focus on improving their individual lives.

Kenyans should be educated on rising mental health issues

Most 'madmen' are just depressed people whose illness has not been addressed.

State should act on schools stuffing pupils in their buses

Moral values at risk of decay when girls are made to sit on boys.

Don’t politicise noble call to give cashless donations in church

People have misunderstood move to target some politicians.

Clear rules on mining needed to curb quarry fatalities

Open quarries should be fenced and signs put up to keep public away.

Drought effects can be reduced if all Kenyans save water

Water used to wash utensils or clothes can be recycled to wash the car.

Clerics’ call record gifts a step closer to winning war on graft

People donating more than Sh50,000 would be required to write a letter their details.

Faster justice for defilement victims will reduce damage

The longer they wait while perpetrator is out, the more fear they live in.

Where are the one million jobs Jubilee promised youths?

Youths most affected by unemployment because graduates don't have requisite expertise.

Government should assure safety of undervalued miners

Prone to loss of hearing due to noise, decrease in life expectancy and death.

Ferries should have emergency teams aboard or close by

Response is often slow, turning into a salvage rather than rescue mission.