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We must not always be critical of choices made for state

Leaders know the magnitude of coronavirus and are only shielding us.

MP's claim Kenya has more Covid-19 cases raises panic

State's measures laudable, has vowed to take more drastic ones if necessitated.

Leaders' call to take pay cuts in Covid-19 response laudable

Money raised supposed to go towards providing essential items for vulnerable families.

Looming hunger should be state's biggest worry post-virus

Propensity to save money is stronger among the rich than the poor.

Collective effort will boost fight against Covid-19

Citizens advised to practise self-hygiene, social distance.

Lucky-go spirit of Kenyans dimmed by fears of coronavirus

Citizens can no longer shake hands, attend parties or events to show brotherhood.

Uhuru directives not for bigger portion of citizenry

Majority of Kenyans in inform,al sector, tax waiver not helping them.

Sharing info will help deal with coronavirus stress

People feel connected and abler to handle the situation.

Don't let toilet paper be the only thing you've stocked up

Citizens should be careful not to fill their houses with tissue, nothing else essential.

Virus has brought out alternative ways of service delivery

Directive to close businesses, stay home has prompted alternative ways to make money.

Complete lockdown necessary to tame coronavirus spread

Citizens are still operating business as usual.

Our ignorance of precautions bigger threat than Covid-19

State official did not self-isolate after jetting in from Germany.

Social distancing to flatten the curve unknown to Kenyans

Kenyans still flooding nightclubs despite directive to avoid public gatherings.

Government should help the poor affected by virus

The economy is set to dwindle no matter how hard we try to salvage it

What you do will determine whether lockdown is needed

The exponential spread in weeks after the initial report speaks volumes to very heady days

Ensure Nairobi is clean to prevent disease outbreaks

It is cheaper now to wade off disease by investing in the necessary infrastructure

Upside: Covid-19 has opened up business opportunities

Manufacturers of hand sanitisers and soap should increase production.