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Power of revolt not fully adopted in Kenyan protests

If Kenyans collectively wanted justice for DJ Evolve, a protest would prompt the law to recall MP Babu.

Throwing money at kids promotes financial illiteracy

Children should work for rewards at early age by doing simple age-appropriate tasks.

Our woes won’t be solved by outsiders but Kenyans

It is time to prove to humanity that we as a people can stand together

Evidence-based plans will help curb teenage pregnancies

Teen parents more likely to be poor as adults

Why law takes long to catch up with the rich

Not very often do you hear of a Kenyan politician being sentenced to jail.

Elders role in fighting violent extremism during pandemic

They play a dual role of managing the health and security needs of their communities.

Duale's exit speech in the National Assembly

"Allow me to unconditionally ask for forgiveness to anyone I may have offended."

Security neglected as guards focus on screening visitors

Guards now tasked with taking temperature and offering sanitiser.

Children exposed to adult content while learning online

Parents may not always be available to supervise learning.

Only value for money budgeting, strict fiscal discipline will help revamp economy

It is estimated that almost a third of the budget is lost yearly to wastage and graft

Push for Mulembe unity to get to power trivial

Bringing the Mulembe house in order will reveal the interests of area leaders on their unity  push.

Africa’s silence greatest misdoing in fight against racism

We lack national consciousness to rally behind common problems.

Virus stigmatisation could reverse health-care gains

Health facilities are increasingly recording low attendance for checks and treatments.

Kenyans still lack discipline needed to live with Covid-19

We are obsessed with when freedom will come rather than accepting the situation.

Quarantine is the best time to teach children basic life skills

When children learn how to manage their time, money and friendships, they can become responsible adults.

We must accept all tribes before judging the US for George Floyd

Victims of racism could be perpetrators of tribalism, religious supremacy, classism and clanism.

Urgent economic responses needed to fight coronavirus

Consider providing relief to hospitals and healthcare providers.