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JOYCE KABUI: Is green hydrogen Kenya's future power solution?

Green hydrogen is produced using clean energy sources such as solar and wind.

MALIK: Journalist Shireen's murder exposes Israel's crimes

The issue at hand is the long-running system of Israeli military occupation and apartheid.

ARUNGA: Empowering CHWs will help babies, mums in far-flung areas

Community health programmes, despite their high return on investment, remain seriously underfunded.

WATHAA: Government has failed Kenyan workers

Labour has been a thorny issue for as long as mankind has existed.

MAKODINGO: Kenyans have power to reject corrupt leaders

The promise of devolution is being choked by corruption.

MUTINDIRA: How to weather life transitions

Given that the world changes constantly, human nature likes to cling to the most comfortable for self-preservation.

JAMWA: '22 polls prove to be tougher than politicos anticipated

The election is promising to spell doom for many contenders, thus the wind of caution seen in the way alliances and ...

GATWIRI: Appreciate and love people with speech disorders

It is high time to end the stigmatisation of such people

NGARI AND MAINA: Move out of your parent's house when stable

In case you have grown up with financial difficulty, then it is okay to hold on a little before you move out.

OTISO: Let's raise awareness about Lupus disease

It's a call to the government and other stakeholders to prioritise eliminating this health problem

TINEGA: Teach young people about saving money for tough days

Maintaining a solid savings rate is one of the best cures for economic woes.

Yi Fan: China doing its part in Africa's peace, development

China and Africa are a community with a shared future.

VICTOR BWIRE: High-stake polls call for conflict-sensitive reporting

Kenya Kwanza and Azimio la Umoja Alliance are the dominant outfits at the August polls.

NGARI AND CHEGE: State should end violence against children

It has been identified as a critical inhibitor of growth, development and progress.

ONJORO: Authorities should ban graffiti on walls

Election officials should propose a law that expressly prohibits wall writing

BII: Bashing MP Sankok over son's death shameful

The kind of bashing we have subjected him to is totally unacceptable, it's uncalled for.

WENDO: Pregnancies, HIV infection cases among teens worrying

Perpetrators of teenage pregnancies and GBV should face the full force of the law.