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KIRUI SIMON: Youths should plan their lives or perish

They comprise about 70 per cent of Kenya's population

MWANGI ALVIN: End teen pregnancies to stop new HIV infections

Adolescent pregnancy puts girls and women at heightened risk of contracting HIV, STIs and Cervical cancer

DOLLARMAN FITIANTO: Address gender norms through boys’ circumcision

This can support a healthy transition to adulthood

NJERU KENNETH: NSE trading key in cementing Kenya’s financial situation

There are limited opportunities for traders

Time to provide Gikomba traders with legal protection

The time is now for this government to deliver on its promises.

KARUA: Uhuru address failed to capture suffering of majority

Only a handful of counties can boast of improved health services and infrastructure during covid.

HAYO SOPHY: Revive our traditions to end gender-based violence

Youths should be taught moral values before they get into the institution of marriage

CHEBOI STEPHEN: End Kerio Valley killings for peace to prevail

State and neighbouring counties should address cattle rustling to end the long time menace

OBUNGA YVETTE: Graduates should elect leaders wisely to end unemployment

During the last campaigns, youths were promised almost five million jobs but that has not been fulfilled

MWANGI ALVIN: Stop GBV in society, focus on Covid-19

5,009 cases were reported through the national toll free helpline

APOLLO JOAB: Ngilu proves devolution is our safest bet

On the development front, she is a shining example

ONJORO VERONICA: Let cartoons pass appropriate messages in newspapers

They create some kind of unexplainable close connection

MWANGI ALVIN: Stop silencing LGBTQ persons because of 'family values'

They do not want special rights because special rights are not basic human rights

MUGIIRA JOB: Let's kill corruption mindset in Kenya

Most people think they can only become rich fast by looting and not working hard

ABDALLAH SHUAIB: Focus on reproductive health and women's rights

They continue to be affected disproportionately by HIV

OBUNGA YVETTE: Promote peace and unity for political stability

The greatest among key development strategies should be embracing unity

BWIRE: Environmental Protection a thorn in Kenya’s SDG progress

Several years later, the salt companies are still doing their work in the same way.