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Mombasa residents’ fear of theft during census is justified

Thieves may take advantage of the exercise and knock on doors knowing residents will open.

Census success is a two-way street, public has demands

Enumerators should knock and wait for a response before entering our houses.

‘Rape drug’ bugizi plays major role in rise of sexual crimes

It is colourless, tasteless and odourless, making it perfect to lace food and drinks.

Census must record accurate data for devolution success

This will be the first census since devolution which raised prominence of numbers.

Incorporate moral lessons in CBC to boost war on graft

Increase in graft is a pointer to the deterioration of ethics among Kenyans.

Suspected split in police service holds back war on drugs

In April, two police units clashed at a roadblock over suspected contraband ethanol.

State should discard mercury-laced sugar before another theft

It should not be stored an an exhibit, it could be stolen same way it was stolen before.

Cane growers in Bungoma daunted by delayed pay

Farmers have complained about lack of seeds despite land being ready.

Smoke-free snus will suppress efforts to end tobacco use

Introduction of such products to prevent effects on non-smokers exposes smokers to bigger risks.

Local music sector at risk after ‘peanut’ payment of artistes

Local music is played on many platforms for them to receive Sh2,500 as payment.

KDF attack on locals to avenge soldier taught wrong lesson

It was wrong of the soldiers to take action into their own hands, which residents are discouraged from.

Costly benchmarking trips by MCAs are of no benefit to Wanjiku

Elgeyo Marakwet MCAs' benchmarking trip to Congo should have been made to neighbouring Kakamega.

Great ideas rot on state shelves to favour the powerful

Other countries benchmark here and implement them successfully, why can't we?

CBC won’t shoot economy up while corruption thrives

Youths have skills to make a living but powerful cartels beat them to successful enterprises.

Cancer has dwarfed other diseases that should be addressed

People find it less shameful to say a relative died from cancer than HIV/Aids.

State should offer solutions as firms plan mass layoffs

15 companies listed in NSE have announced that they are not making enough money.

Caregivers have a task to teach pupils critical life values

Learning should not end on school closing day, holidays are a chance to learn life skills.