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Lower entry grade for ASAL tutor trainees

Article 55 (a) of the provides affirmative action as the best tool to shield those who are disadvantaged

BBI to transform police into public-spirited service

BBI goes beyond basic welfare like housing by also prioritizing mental health, wellness

Our leaders need a Kang’ata moment to speak truth

We have no excuse to continue praising kings, when we know well that they are wrong

FATF’s Problems in Pakistan where Terror is article of faith

To create this illusion it took legal action against its most valued terror protégés for terror financing.

Big-up Bobi, Africa needs the likes of you

Africa will not progress unless the youth dare to dream that they can do better than the older people calling the shots.

Developing our national identity

The heritage of a people is crucial to helping successive generations in shaping their identity

Covid-19 no excuse to back-pedal on reproductive care

Pandemic or not, maternal death remains a major concern in the country

Original succession plan floundering

Opposition chief and his party, ODM, are already feeling the betrayal

Our young people need a listening ear

Most parents stop being friends to their children once they become teenagers, leaving them confused

Recovering and rebuilding from 2020

Rebuilding begins with taking a step backwards to determine your financial woes' depth.

Negative reaction to Naomi Campbell's appointment misplaced

Let's reduce the bile and learn to appreciate others and embrace people of goodwill

Uhuru, Raila won the battle but losing the war

The two have squandered opportunity to demonstrate the unifying factor of BBI

Dynasties and tribes: Hypocrisy will be the ruin of Kenya

Citizens not only ready to campaign for politicians, but also to injure their ‘opponents’.

Democracies are experiments

America's democracy has stood the test of time.

What makes a good leader? Awareness needed about competence in politics

A leader can be perceived as a non-performer in one jurisdiction but be a hero in a different role.

Minimum tax will seal tax avoidance loopholes

To a large extent, this will promote equity and fairness in tax payment.

Poverty creates conditions for poor leadership

All over, there is always a lot of negativity about leaders