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OSCAR: Embakasi Central MP Gathiru’s track record commendable

He is doing well in regards to healthcare by ensuring clinics are well stocked with drugs and staffed

ODEDE: Slum dwellers must be at the heart of financial inclusivity

Money is power and to have access to capital is also power.

TEREITO: After Hustler Fund, focus on other enablers of SMEs

Alongside finance, we must provide a wide array of enabling support services.

CHEGE: Encourage pursuit of aviation journalism in Kenya

Why doesn’t Kenya have aviation journalism? What can be done to introduce that field?

ONKANGI: Former President Uhuru deserves our respect

He may have not fulfilled our hopes and aspirations as a nation but he deserves respect for the peace we endured during ...

OPONDI: Buckle up and shoulder the high wage bill

Political expediency outweighs any other form of reasoning.

JACOB: Raila must change tact to protect youths from violent protests

Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly.

NGUNJIRI: Adopt new strategy, demos are risking lives

If you have petitions, you can send representatives to government agencies.

NGAIRA: Proper planning key to mitigating climate change effects

To create sustainable environmental conservation, all hands must be on deck.

ELKANA JACOB: Architects of violence must be held to account

Those found guilty of using innocent youth to cause violence should be stopped immediately.

WATHAA: Water, sewage situation in Nairobi a murky mess

Does NCWSC have a system to track its water and check on the condition of its pipes? Don’t even get me started on burst ...

GIKUNDA: It's lack of jobs, food that's the problem, not Raila

If you have never been unemployed yet you are qualified, you may never understand the cruel pangs of joblessness.

CHITWA: North Rift counties should legitimise Noreb

The survival of the bloc is crucial to the residents of the region because of its ability to provide common investments ...

TELLAH: Let us fix future generations now

Banning corporal punishment in schools and discouraging it at home was the first mistake.

NYANGWESO: LGBTQ have right to make own choices

Despising, rejecting and humiliating the LGBTQ community is not the right way to handle them.

KARANI and DAUDI: Enhance mental health to promote productivity

• One of the essential steps to improving mental health in the workplace is promoting open communication. • Encourage ...

JAMWA: Why it's hard for Raila to force handshake this time round

The Azimio leader lacks formidable, battle-hardened foot soldiers