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Address patriarchal roots to stop rape culture

Many men see women as objects for sexual gratification, cooks and cleaners who are there to tend to their needs.

Exams not life and death affairs

Kenya does not need national exams but an education system premised on talent, skills and passion.

More debts likely to slow economic recovery

Any loan that is geared towards indirectly increasing the burden on the middle and low classed should be avoided.

Graft now a potent tool for managing succession politics

“High profile cases” have  gone cold as the state go easy on the alleged culprits.

World needs people with a clear conscience

Although we can collectively sense what is right or wrong, conscience is purely singular and personal.

Technology data critical in improving food security

It’s important to create a digital ecosystem for extension.

Supporting victims fundamental in defeating terrorism

Mainstreaming the needs of victims of terrorism has been a slow and arduous affair.

10 leadership lessons learned in transition amidst crisis

The customer is king and is even more important in these uncertain times we live in.

Other governors should follow Mutua's example on Covid reliefs

The true test of people comes during adversity

Gender-based violence must not be justified, excused or rationalised

It undermines the health, dignity, security and autonomy of its victims, yet it remains shrouded in a culture of silence

EACC is enjoying the most success in its history

We should all strive to look forward in identifying what needs to be done to intensify the war against graft

UDA is the only national party in Kenya for now

Ruto wants to be Kenya's President not a tribal or regional leader

One Kenya Alliance meant to hit back at an old friend turned foe

The alliance is important for those who want the succession to go a certain

MPs pay should be capped at Sh400,000 per month

With the increase on the parliamentarians, the ever rising wage bill was not addressed in BBI

Five updated features of Telegram messaging app

It is free to use and has updated features that can help you when using this messaging app.

Colombian migration plan to largest displaced people

The well-being of human beings is priceless and calls for total solidarity.

We need to use Kiswahili more as an official language

Parliament and Judiciary need to make Swahili their modus operandi