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Public not involved in inclusion of CBC to reforms in 2012

Magoha says CBC is unstoppable 'a lot of taxpayers' money sunk in the project'.

Efforts to follow up on handshake will prevent another rift

Sparked political interest in leaders but has created positivity among Kenyans.

Mandela Global Day reminder for African leaders to be selfless

African leaders consumed by the obsession for power, don't want to leave big offices.

Prof Mbithi’s exit from Uon should be treated with dignity

We should not make final decisions based on allegations made against him.

Ban all betting firms to encourage youths to work for money

Gambling is addictive and can have disastrous effects, people will end up poor.

Taxman’s plan to tax water shows a nation headed South

KRA's missed targets puts them in a desperate situation if they are taxing drinking.

Pictures should be taken for more accuracy this census

KNBS should also compare figures from the census to those from Huduma Namba.

GMOs are the key to government’s food security agenda

Country has a deficit of maize and always has every year, hence need for import.

Talking about mental health can curb rising teen pregnancies

Schoolgirls are targeted because they are vulnerable and cheap to maintain.

Frequent radio and TV adverts annoy more than entertain

An advert can take up to 15-20 minutes of a programme.

Police should stop harassing women found out at night

There is no declared curfew in the town and women too can walk the streets at night.

Referendum or not, the electoral body needs restructuring

One-term president is good, electoral system should be reformed to make it better.

Joho’s road projects ease traffic, make Mombasa serene

Millions would be lost because of slowed transportation of trade products.

Uhuru order to stop secret Mt Kenya meetings good call

It's MPs who should be having these discussions then taking them to executive for implementation.

Sonko needs to contain the noise, madness in his city

Citizens are robbed without anyone hearing their calls for help over the city madness.

Tighten laws on bushmeat trade to save wildlife species

An estimated 300,000 tonnes of bushmeat is consumed in Kenya every year.

Digital health to ease service delivery in remote rural areas

Telemedicine allows people living in remote locations to obtain health services using digital tools.