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ONYANGO: DP's reaction to Uhuru's successor choice worrying

Ruto has in the past declared he doesn't need anyone’s endorsement to be president.

FAUSTIN MWINZI: Stability in tax policy key to investor confidence

The fact that the incentives can be introduced and withdrawn at will doesn’t go down well. B

Public servants should be considerate of our economic hardships

The government still held on to its employees without any layoffs or pay cuts.

PHILIP KISIA: How encounter with Kirubi empowered me

These values enabled my team to develop the Nairobi Master Plan.

Raila, Kalonzo war of words dosen’t augur well

If they don't unite, they are likely to lose to DP Ruto, as Ngilu warned

ODM and Jubilee resorting to politics of survival

Jubilee and ODM are ravaged, so bruised that it would be hard to imagine they can form a formidable vehicle on their ...

MWANGI: Indian cases causing constitutional crisis in Kenya

One after the other, courts struck down every law and invalidated every policy that sought to effect land reform.

MICHAEL: Is education degree enough to qualify someone for leadership?

Ethical considerations are key metrics in assessing good leaders.

Good governance in Saccos key for economic growth

The subsector faces challenges of fraud, non-remittances and external competition.

DENNIS WENDO: National unity not a class dictate or preserve

Kenya is 80% religious and role of religious groups shouldn't be undermined

SAMSON NYASIMI: Ruto can win, only if he quits now

Quitting now will make him a frontrunner as well as the alternative government

DOLLARMAN FATINATO: Strengthen public participation in budget process

Members of the public can participate at the national and county level and at different levels of the process

ONYANGO: Dealing with the Indian variant

Kenya must expand genetic sequencing throughout the country.

STANLEY OWADE: Disregard of the law a governance problem

• Any prosperous country upholds and adheres to the rule of law. • However, the emerging total disregard for the rule ...

DISEMBE: Wanjiku overrated on constitutional politics

Let Wanjiku decide on this initiative, even if it wasn’t her initiative. Give Wanjiku her voice in the referendum.

Why impeaching Uhuru is a pipe dream

His support base is intact and bolstered by the opposition joining ranks with him, at least for favours.

Picking course to please parents, village very unwise

Parents should try not to live their unfulfilled dreams through their children.