No major crime incident in Nairobi since curfew - Police

Those arrested while loitering released on cash bail.

How curfew has changed life in Eastlands

Vibrant night life has become thing of the past.

[PHOTOS] Covid-19: Fumigation team in Eastleigh

Efforts stepped up to contain Covid-19.

We are complying but business is dying - matatu owners

They say state has not listed them as an essential service hence they have to close early.


Majevdia has appealed to residents to allow the officers access to critical areas.

Nairobi's new boss meets County Assembly leadership

Elachi said that the meeting was an introductory one.

Public outcry over hiked fares

Some public transport operators have taken advantage of the Covid-19 crisis.

New revenue system Taifapay to be revealed in July

KRA appointed principal revenue collection agent in deal to transfer county functions to national government.

Corona top agenda as NMS boss Badi meets Nairobi MPs

Leaders agreed to work together with Badi to return Nairobi to its lost glory.

City traders ignore Covid-19 fears

With barely enough cash to meet their daily needs, most residents live hand-to-mouth.

Matatu owners urge state to reduce fuel tax

Operators' lobby boss says government failed to provide a remedy for businesses.

Badi told to clean up city to contain coronavirus

Environment officials urges NMS director general to swiftly clear garbage piles.

City Market to remain closed until Thursday for fumigation

Washing points have been stationed in city markets for traders to wash their hands


More than 12,500 screened for the coronavirus in the past few days.

KNH opens centre to aid in Covid-19 detection

The technology used was first developed in Wuhan, China.

NMS boss Badi to meet with County CECs at City Hall

Uhuru gave Badi and the NMS team 100 days to dismantle cartels at City Hall.

NGOs urge City Hall to provide free water in slums

Call to to waive charges to avoid risk of contracting the disease