Fill vacancies, Sonko told

Governor urged to ensure county has fully functioning Cabinet.

Mombasa Road Nairobi's deadliest — Kenha

Being an extremely high-traffic road, drivers are supposed to drive at 50km/h

man pushed to death off moving bus

The conductor pushed him, making him fall head first on the tarmac

Police recover high-end cars using motorbike plates

Range Rover and Mercedes Benz found at county official's home.

MCAs reject Sonko's D+ nominee Sonia Birdi

Report states the nominee is hostile and arrogant thus not fit to hold office.

Kenya Power to demolish 2,000 illegal city structures

The multi-agency operation involves more than 20 government parastatals.

State biggest land rates defaulter, says City Hall

The arrears have accumulated to Sh120 billion

Garbage collector charged with raping mad woman

Paul Mutuigi denies charges, says he had an agreement for sex with the woman.

Umbrella kids' in school in tatters

We pay Sh25,000 for rent here and an additional Sh36,000 to cater for lunch

100 matatus impounded over illegal parking

This is a capital city and order must prevail

Six national police service commissioners likely to take oath this week

If approved, Mutyambai will be sworn-in to join the commission

City retirees yet to be paid Sh7.9 million

Someone somewhere spent the money meant for the retirees

City Hall owed Sh224m rent

The county has collected Sh390 million against a target of Sh615 million

Mum denies burning son with hot knife

She committed the offence at her house on Tuesday as punishment.

Water boss fails to honour court summons

Nawaso failed to repair broken sewer line as directed

Why JamboPay won't collect city revenue

Certain political figures wanted to meddle in company's operations

Matatus cartels blamed for congesting CBD

City Hall impounds some 100 mataus found parking illegally in the CBD.