Couple to paint bedroom, stole sheets, curtains, cash

Salomes aid they entered the house to clean paint that had spilled.

Shortage of funds delay BRT roll out

The piloting was supposed to be rolled out between last month and December.

Family accuses private hospital of murdering mum, newborn

Postmortem reveals mum died from excessive bleeding, baby pulled out forcefully.

Security firm staff charged with assault on former colleague

Ex-staffer went to collect salary, director allegedly ordered men to attack him.

Elachi adjourns plenary sittings to allow for mediation

Elachi suspended next week’s sessions after the chaos that marked her return.

Sentenced for saving outcast baby

She was charged with denying child the right to live with her parents

Speaker Elachi makes City Hall comeback

ODM MCAs have closed all the gates barring access in and out of the assembly.

'Mafirifiri' among MCAs thrown out of assembly

They left the chambers following instructions by acting County Assembly Speaker.

Uproar as gangs take control of sections of city

Uproar as criminal gangs surge in the city

Nairobi county assembly rejects Punguza Mizigo

More than 80 MCAs voted against the bill.

Sonko tells off Majority Leader over frequent suspensions

Sonko accuses Majority Leader of interfering with his work.

Intrigues in City Hall's jinxed finance department

Latest changes saw appointment of seventh CEC in less than two years

Househelp stole cash to buy TV for Kawangware lover

Allegedly bought TV, sent Sh35,000 to mother, Sh115,00 to dad,Sh10,000 to boyfriend

Police caned me as plaintiffs filmed it, man tells court

He tells court a witness played a key role as a video recorder.

Sonko, MCAs clash over erratic staff suspensions

MCAs accuse Sonko of causing paralysis at City Hall through vacancies.

Two City Hall officers face four-year jail life

They will serve four years and six months in jail should they fail to part with the cash to secure their freedom

City Hall yields to public outcry over charges

A slaughter charge for animals reduced from Sh500 to Sh200 for cattle, Sh200 to Sh100 for goats and Sh50 to Sh20 for ...