Essential aspects to consider while trading Bitcoin

The trader must make sure the "fund security” element in chosen platform.

Does Binance accept MPesa payments?

Recent public notices issued by governments have led to the shutdown of nearly every crypto exchange in Africa.

An overview of cryptocurrency growth in Africa

With use of mobile payments like M-Pesa, Africans had already been subjected to digital money and how it works.

5 Cryptocurrency exchanges in Kenya

Trading has risen in importance in Kenya, and Kenyans now have a wide range of exchange option.

CMA probes former Imperial Bank board in Sh2bn bond issue

This is after a nod from the Supreme Court in its ruling on December 11, 2020.

What drives bitcoin's price?

During dip periods, many people start questioning whether this cryptocurrency will last.

IMF repeats overvalue claims as shilling hit a 10-month high

The current strength is a win for domestic consumers but a loss for exporters.

Skills and equipment required to mine bitcoins

Those who are already in this business, always looking forward to such processing chipsets.

Why is Bitcoin still the talk of the town?

A barrage of criticism has followed Bitcoin's price decline this year.

5 important tips for bitcoin traders and investors

The harsh reality for Bitcoin investors and traders is that they can not make any money if you never start.

Risks of investing in Bitcoin

The majority of people who own or use Bitcoin did not have to mine the cryptocurrency.

Forex reserves up Sh90bn as IMF loan hits treasury accounts

Receipts from agricultural exports and diaspora remittances might have also pushed up the reserve.

Has the pandemic had any effect on Bitcoin?

Tesla's foray into bitcoin follows a slew of retail capital flowing into the leading digital currency in recent months

Forex or commodity trading, which one is more profitable?

There are exchange limits in the commodity market that secures the investment from complete loss.

4 ways to prevent losses in Bitcoin trading

The main thing on which each individual needs to focus is starting from a miniature magnitude.

Helpful tips for Bitcoin traders

A lot of people enter the world of trading without a strategy, looking to make quick money

Major sell off touched off dip in Bitcoin price

Binance and Bybit exchanges saw the largest withdrawals