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Supply chain delays and strong demand are causing the longest wait

How to successfully engage with new generation customers

When it comes to engaging this group, a company has to prepare for a mobile-led shift

How to purchase cryptocurrency in Kenya

Recent stat research has shown that almost 2.3 per cent of Kenya’s GDP is controlled through Bitcoin.

Zepz, formerly WorldRemit Group raises Sh32bn in financing deal

This values the cross-border payments company at Sh548.3 billion.

Online ratings to design better products, study shows

As the number of star ratings and reviews rose,the more products were increasingly scrutinized online

Local insurance broker, Dovenest, goes big on diaspora market

It has tapped the US, Canada, UK, Sweden and South Africa markets.

Kenya to pick lessons from peers as it establishes financial hub status

The country is set to engage in technical exchanges concerning financial regulation with Mauritius

Prices of staple food increase in May

Domestic supply of maize high in maize growing areas, says PS

Bitcoin shrugs off UK crackdown on major crypto exchange Binance

Bitcoin fell 1.8% to $34,085.

How to become a successful bitcoin trader?

Once you trade with this mindset then you have achieved 50 per cent of your training.

Can you recover lost crypto coins?

Try to make sure that you keep your wallet safe and remember all your critical information like passkeys.

How much tax do you have to pay on cryptocurrency in Kenya?

Any activity that involves use of cryptocurrency makes you subject to paying a 15% tax value.

Cryptocurrencies that hold profitability potential in 2021

Two decades back, no one would have imagined the dominance of virtual currency.

Does Binance accept MPesa payments?

Recent public notices issued by governments have led to the shutdown of nearly every crypto exchange in Africa.

Essential aspects to consider while trading Bitcoin

The trader must make sure the "fund security” element in chosen platform.

An overview of cryptocurrency growth in Africa

With use of mobile payments like M-Pesa, Africans had already been subjected to digital money and how it works.

5 Cryptocurrency exchanges in Kenya

Trading has risen in importance in Kenya, and Kenyans now have a wide range of exchange option.