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Zelensky aide reveals up to 13,000 war dead

In June he said between 100 and 200 Ukrainian soldiers were dying daily.

Review of Mar-a-Lago papers halted in blow to Trump

The ruling is a win for US Department of Justice, which is probing if Trump took classified documents when he left ...

Harry, Meghan Netflix series 'behind closed doors' out

The black and white trailer has been released ahead of the airing

Auction house cancels sale of African skulls

Such a sale could have taken place because there is no law in the country against it.

Spanish PM targeted amid spate of explosive packages

It is thought the bombs could be linked to Spain's support for Ukraine.

Deadly landslide engulfs motorway in Brazil

Firefighters are using a thermal camera to locate possible survivors. Up to 30 people are thought to still be missing.

Palace race incident was abuse, says charity boss

Ms Fulani likened the conversation with Lady Hussey, 83, to "an interrogation".

US lawmakers get access to Trump's tax returns

It is not clear if the returns will be made public, or what they will reveal.

DR Congo leader using crisis to delay polls - Kagame

He also denied claims that Rwanda was stealing minerals from DR Congo.

China signals ease in Covid policy after mass protests

It comes as China is seeing mass protests against its zero-Covid policy.

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