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Kabul mosque attack: 'Many casualties feared'

Intelligence teams were at the blast site and investigations are ongoing, they added.

China inducing rainfall to combat severe drought

At the same time, a surge in demand for air conditioning has put power companies under extreme pressure.

Sewage hits dozens of beaches in England, Wales after rains

Untreated sewage has been released just upstream.

How to make movies without a huge carbon footprint

In film and TV production, the main sources of carbon emissions are transport and energy.

Millions hit by power cuts amid heatwave

Hydropower reservoirs are currently down by as much as half, officials say.

Australia ex-PM resists pressure to step down

Mr Morrison is currently the member of parliament for Cook.

Passengers hurt escaping train engulfed by fire

The train driver asked passengers to stay on board, but some panicked.

The five-times loser and first-time winners in Kenya

He has run for the presidency five times and lost on each occasion.

Nasa readies giant Moon rocket for maiden flight

The near 100m-tall (328ft) SLS is riding an immense tractor to the pad.

Biden signs climate, tax and health bill into law

A flagship of Mr Biden's agenda, the bill could provide a boost ahead of the mid-term elections.

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