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Niger lawmakers want gay relationships criminalised

The MPs say same-sex relationships are against the religious and cultural beliefs of the people.

Ghana finance minister survives no confidence vote

The West African country is battling its worst cost of living crisis that has seen inflation rise to 40%.

France ramps up Channel migrant patrolling

Two additional vessels are being deployed at the French Coastguard described as an "unprecedented" move.

EU sanctions eight people over DR Congo violence

They include a spokesman for the M23 rebel movement, Willy Ngoma.

Ghana blocks 8m mobile lines for failure to register

The authorities say more than 20 million lines have been fully registered so far.

Fired Twitter cleaning staff 'treated like garbage'

The cleaners were working at Twitter last week until they were told their jobs were under threat.

Why Modi continues to be India’s biggest vote-getter

"Two out of three governments get thrown out in India. In America, the number is just the opposite."

UK, Italy and Japan team up for mind-reading jet

It is hoped the new Tempest jet that will carry the latest weapons.

Portugal expected to approve assisted suicide bill

The measure has parallels in only a handful of countries worldwide.

Ireland to return mummified remains and sarcophagus to Egypt

UCC said it plans to return the items in 2023.

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