Corridors of Power

Locked Politico's tantrums linked to loss of lucrative state tender

He went ballistics against a certain top official accusing him of poor delivery in his docket.

Locked Desperate lawmaker fails to extort money from governor

The man has now resorted to uncouth tactics to intimidate the county boss.

Locked Eastern governor in hot soup for sidelining deputy

Leaders demand that county boss comes clean on why he is frustrating him.

Locked Is Kenya preparing to recognise separatist state?

Country is not yet recognised by the United Nations despite years of claiming independence.

Locked New governor shocks MCAs with sudden wealth

He is always out in the field inspecting his private projects.

Locked Ghost from past: Social media posts haunt contestants

A former lawmaker who missed out on a state job he was eyeing is furious

Locked Nyanza politico blocked by state official over bad manners

He would use official's aides to get his schedule and gatecrash official's events.

Locked Days numbered for politician's son turned con artist

Word has it he collects cash, goes missing and even refuses to pick up calls

Locked Are tender awards behind MP's sudden change of tune?

The MP has shocked his followers with his sudden change of heart towards his governor

Locked State CEOs protest against honcho collecting campaign cash

Man is accused of collecting the money under the guise of promoting a government programme

Locked Ageing officer faces probe for doctoring birth details

He is past retirement age by three years.

Locked Cabinet Secretaries go for each other's throat over power

Duo is said to be marshalling troops to sing their praises while smearing Cabinet colleagues.

Locked Senior official walking around with PA to the toilets

The man is said to have staffed his office with hangers-on.

Locked Governor's image branding project angers residents

The county chief is facing serious rebellion for using public money to do politics.

Locked Secretary entangled with boss assumes role of office prefect

Everyone must pass through her office for clearance whenever they want to see the big man.

Locked Backbiting, divisions rock top state office

The genesis of the war is said to be the recent appointment of an ‘outsider’

Locked County boss under siege over pending bills linked to MP

He was infuriated after a firm allegedly owned by the legislator was approved for payment.