Corridors of Power

Locked Honcho chides KK regime and hears his mega deal is off

Served in last regime in a key agency, now his machinations are all for nought

Locked County chief defends predecessor despite Auditor's report

Auditor General reported billions of shillings mismanaged by previous administration.

Locked Same old: palm-greasing, catfights, impeachment plots

Ex-officials of a key institution worried anti-graft sleuths are after them

Locked South Rift governor faces wrath of supporters over jobs

They are disgruntled with way he has sidelined them despite sacrificing for him to be elected last August

Locked Top State official adopts 'messenger boy' as latest liaison

And the handsome young man gets paid generously and doubtless gets some perks.

Locked PWD event removes ramps, wheelchair access and Braille

This was a state agency and group organisation against the disabled.

Locked Governor hires too many outsiders, angering locals

Top positions have been taken by people who don't know the issues.

Locked State official dashing fashion, changing attire thrice daily

Top state official official changes clothes three times in a day, angers handlers

Locked Rift lady boss ensnares official in romance and furious wife finds out

She's governor's aide causing mayhem, forcing some officials to resign.

Locked He was all fire and brimstone, then ran into cartels

Now Rift governor is taking it slow, and it's said he's formed an unholy alliance.

Locked Amorous MCA with closet of salacious secrets found out

He's on the run over alleged defilement cases and other misdeeds. Accusers want payback.

Locked Big health facility suspends M-Pesa, makes patients use cash

Who does what and where

Locked Broken record: Use them, dump them and disappear

Is it really a new dawn in Kenyan politics? Seems like same old cruel tricks, old wine new bottles.

Locked Central MP exposed for abetting illicit brews of Power

Neighbour dies after allegedly consuming substandard drink, turning legislator into laughing stock.

Locked 'Unwanted' MP wanders in the night looking for lodging

Legislator declared persona non grata forced to seek hotel room in neighbouring county

Locked Corridors of Power

He's cold, colourless and turns heads — the other way,

Locked Broker MP awes friends with new fleet of luxury cars

Lawmaker says it his time to eat with a big spoon