Corridors of Power

Ministry official refuses transfer from Kilimo House

There are claims that the officer was part of a cartel involved in a maize scandal.

Online porn group of lawyers lures learned friends

In the group, they gleefully share dirty stories and porn clips are freely circulated.

State agency staff left in 'panic' over missing MD

Employees at a state agency have not seen their boss for the longest time.

Governor left frustrated after rival's growing popularity

Rival supported by President Kenyatta and his handshake partner, ODM boss Odinga.

Funeral protocol 'oversight' angers powerful family

Prominent family with ties to the deceased not recognised at his high-profile send-off.

VIPs hoard oxygen cylinders needed by Covid patients

An MP showed colleagues at least four cylinders at his home, said they should stock up too.

Cops hated bright blue uniforms, now whine they're faded

Cops got the blues: 'People-friendly' vivid uniforms now look washed-out.

Two Kieleweke-leaning MPs visit Ruto at Karen residence

Say they had been swayed out of Tangatanga in exchange for 'state goodies'

Expect fireworks over new Nyanza constituency borders

Nyanza governor, MP fighting over inclusion/exclusion of ward; supremo urged to intervene.

Mr President: Visit potholes, sewage in Maringo

Residents hop, skip and jump over fragrant potholes. Where's the slum upgrade?

Governor takes roadside short call, jeered by youths

They wanted handouts, when they didn't get anything, they chanted, "Jenga choo za uma!"

MP shamed for claiming he's boss while Raila rests

Rare witness before House committee refuses to be extorted by MP for favourable report.

Windfall as political transfer season opens

Senior procurement officer in one of the ministries leaves the tongues of his colleagues wagging

Dead battery: Cheap MP demands daily car pushes

Too cheap to buy a battery, never pays fellows who push-start his car.

Tangatanga lawmaker kneels, says sorry for opposing BBI

Central lawmaker had opposed BBI, but he saw on which side his bread was buttered.

Does CS want to break rules to 'recruit' kinsman?

It's said he's keen on nullifying recruitment, rejecting shortlist but how he'll justify it a mystery.

Raila's Bonchari plan muddled by likely UDA entrant

Resignation of agency director triggers jitters in ODM, might settle to run on UDA ticket.