Corridors of Power

MP stirs trouble at massage parlour

The tipsy MP threw Sh5,000 at the masseuse instead of Sh8,000.

Security officers fail to arrest partying Senators

Security officers who had been ready to pounce developed cold feet and withdrew.

Powerful hands pushing for removal of woman governor

Her stand on national politics seems to have rattled Tangatanga.

Were human rights watchdogs caught napping again?

Disquiet rocks City Hall as national government appoints fresh chief officers.

ODM legislator on charm offensive to outdo rival

ODM lawmaker rebuffed by Raila starts late-night meetings with supporters to checkmate rival.

MP petitions Raila to kick out ex-legislator

Political gossip.

Rift MP humbled by coronavirus reality after chiding Uhuru

Lawmaker who pooh-poohed the Presentiment's coronavirus 'scare' has had to do an about face.

Male politician disgusts colleague over relationship preferences

Political gossip.

Influential politician linked to city bus park cartel

Reports that politician has been protecting cartel soliciting money from matatus.

Ex-parastatal CEO eyes gubernatorial seat

There are indications he could be headed to a critical cosmopolitan county.

Corridors of Power: Braggart NYS irks colleagues

Official claims close ties to President Uhuru Kenyatta, hence untouchable

CS in trouble over parallel COVID-19 presser

Who is doing what and where in the world of politics

Corona, self-quarantine, clande and broken home

Ruto ally from Coast faces arrest over misuse of CDF cash

MP accused of clubbing instead of initiating development

The residents had complained that the MP had resorted to clubbing at the expense of serving residents.

Opposition MP threatens Uhuru-Raila handshake

• He threatened to hold presser, but was prevailed upon.

Cold war brewing in Cabinet over Uhuru's 'darling' CS

The days to come will only tell who will have the last laugh.

CS worried newcomer will replace him as Uhuru's darling

CS says he'll do everything to remain Uhuru's darling.