Corridors of Power

Locked Top state official dishes out job letters to his family

He allegedly brags to whoever cares to listen about how he’s swimming in cash.

Locked Big man in government fails to help family in distress

He allegedly said the state had no money and that there was nothing he could do.

Locked Parliament official dazzles with fuel guzzler

His salary, which is public knowledge, cannot sustain such a lifestyle.

Locked Head of ‘poor’ state agency buys wheels rivalling Ruto’s

Boss is a senior politico and institution is suffering a cash crunch and can’t give travel advances or buy some basics.

Locked State official with big cash buying everyone in sight

It now emerges that the staffing in his office is geared towards tooting his horn.

Locked That wasn't about drinking tea at Upper Hill restaurant

Big shots with fuel guzzlers streamed in one by one, parked their cars and pretended to be taking refreshments.

Locked Big man goes on media frenzy after fallout with boss

The man is reported to have heavily sponsored positive coverage.

Locked Panic hits over Ruto's threat on fake academic papers

Who does what and where

Locked Governor mad after scribes reject his bribes

He called them with promises of a small token to kill stories on irregular expenditure.

Locked Road hazard? Cops jalopy that often needs pushing

Users worry the vehicle is a hazard to other motorists as it has no functioning lights.

Locked Broke MPs accost big man to beg for handouts

He later asked them to move to a lounge and wait for lunch facilitation.

Locked Friends alarmed by big man drowning in bottle

He is unable to beat the urge to gulp something before embarking on any activities.

Locked State utility firm boss wants fun lean budget can't buy

He hired a pool of staff deemed as solely meant to satisfy his appetites.

Locked Mistress steals attention of second-term governor

The man has allegedly been missing out on crucial security meetings so to attend to his girlfriend.

ODM bigwigs moves to revamp party ahead of polls

Joho led ODM rejuvenation in Homa Bay.

Locked Cunning hooker of big politicos spills bedroom secrets

Says her moments between the sheets with popular politician are far from pleasure but agony.

Locked County boss in shock after mistress takes off with cash

The two have purportedly been in a relationship for three years.