Corridors of Power

Nyanza MP hires bloggers to tarnish BBI after Raila fallout

Theatrical ex-Raila ally planning to rock BBI boat with social media waves.

Ledama Olekina's Maasai regalia marred by 'wrong shoes'

Lawmaker made headlines after Senate speaker allowed his Maasai regalia.

Facemask critics scared by MP Murunga's death

Lot was driving a silent campaign to defy state directives on Covid19 containment

Powerful shadowy string-puller wants to be PM under BBI

Will help finance referendum as long as PM's post remains for his picking.

Political broker broke after Ruto barred Karen meetings

Those close to him say he could be facing eviction from his rented house over arrears.

T.J cracks up colleagues with banter on Trump call for oath

Ruaraka MP joked he wants to go Washington to help Donald Trump.

Wheeler-dealer Senator blocked from Uhuru-Raila meeting

After making several calls at the gate, he drove back to the city, a dejected man.

Youthful MP seen frolicking, kissing and smooching along Koinange Street

This prompted road users to hoot violently to jolt the MP back to his senses

Is somebody trying to quietly resuscitate Ruto's URP?

The new party is called The People's National Republican Party (TPNRP).

Nyanza hospital turns patients without cash away

Even critically ill patients despite displaying PayBill number.

Is yet another Kemsa scandal in the offing?

Manager bragged how he controls the procurement process by manipulating systems.

Sleep with me or no interview — lawmaker

Says she's the woman of his dreams - if she agrees, he'll talk. Or no dice.

Underperforming governor lures campus girls with Sh50,000

He then promises to double the amount if they keep their mouths shut.

Making hay while the sun shines

Who does what and where

Vocal MP in Ruto camp sparks suspicion after BBI invite

Lawmaker on watchlist amid speculation his loyalty rests with anti-Ruto forces

BBI delegates swindled out of their transport allowances

Party officials reportedly 'disappeared' with cash provided by the state.

Shock as accomplished lawyer jeers Ruto at Bomas

Unlike her political colleagues, hers was an anti-climax of sorts.