Corridors of Power

Locked WhatsApp groups formed to buy nominated MCA slots

To elevate select persons has become big business with a big price tag.

Locked Nyanza official bypasses PLWD for robust in-law

Deleted deserving party man, replacing him with a relative who is an unknown.

Locked Outgoing governor splashes money on Senate drive

Incumbent senator wants IEBC to investigate source of all that money.

Locked Panic hits Form 2 dropout governor hopeful with master's degree

He is making frantic calls to his sleuth friends at Kiambu Road DCI headquarters.

Locked I'll be in Cabinet, boasts senator even as he campaigns

But his colleagues are left wondering why he has to fight tooth and nail for reelection.

Locked Politico changes team after traitor MP swindles crowd

Lawmaker had trouble trying to explain how he spent millions for mobilisation.

Locked Party leader wanted over missing millions

He was to match and top up money raised by women's groups to upgrade market.

Locked STI claim sparks ugly fight at MP's home

Lawmaker accuses wife of infecting him with a sexually transmitted infection.

Locked Senior state officer gifts girlfriend's mum with house

Fellow had sought to keep luxury home under wraps to no avail.

Locked Two Senators from Rift Valley in financial woos

Two duo spent millions to have a woman aspirant step down

Locked Chief hiding after married woman exposes his wayward ways

Randy administrator takes off after his philandering tricks exposed

Locked Broke politico unable to pay staff, faces wrath of bloggers

Many of his social media accounts managers are threatening to expose his worsening financial crisis.

Locked MPs face disciplinary action for defying party leader

Legislators have disobeyed leader’s orders to campaign for handpicked governor candidate

Locked Top ministry official hires 18 officers against rules

Signings outside civil service, son of big fish hired, some got high-level jobs.

Locked Dear NMS: Better check out inaccessible Dandora

Since they can't get to the dumpsite, garbage collectors unload filth everywhere.

Locked Rift elders threaten to curse young aspirant defying them

He refuses to step down for an old-timer and says he'll soon be regional kingpin,

Locked Governor bankrolls likely successor to protect relatives on payroll

County chief irregularly employed brothers and sisters-in-law in his administration.