Corridors of Power

Could city politician have ordered Atwoli sign burnt?

DCI said to have narrowed down search to politician with a grudge against the unionist.

Hired Nyanza bloggers circulate video of drunken rival

MP celebrates dirty work video to torpedo his rival's election chances.

Politician attacks woman for refusing to have sex

The politician had hoped to get intimate with the woman without protection.

Drunken ex-lawmaker tries to hug Uhuru, protocol alarmed

Another security scare: senior leader from region pleaded with him to drink some milk.

Tangatanga stalwart drifts away from DP, now praises BBI

Once a hardline opponent of constitutional change, he maybe leaving DP's camp.

Weather vane politico booed, now rents cheering crowds

Western voters fed up with indecision, photo ops with leaders of rival parties.

Did Raila give Nyanza governor public tongue-lashing?

After open rebuke, county boss said sorry for comments about President and his tour.

MP uses Sh3 million to impress Uhuru during Nyanza tour

She met groups, urging them to turn out in large numbers to cheer her and jeer competitors.

Is fed-up Wiper MP decamping to Chap Chap?

MP says powers that be don't appreciate him, plot to remove him.

Are some NMS staff and cartel extorting traders?

Unholy alliance between some NMS staff and a cartel rattles traders.

Petty MP scraps power project in boundary row

MP stopped electricity supply project when he realised it was in another MP's constituency.

Parastatal chief puts wife, two-year-old daughter on payroll

The two-year-old is listed as a secretary to one of the senior managers.

CS and pro-Uhuru MP have been cutting deals

The legislator has suddenly turned his artillery against the CS.

Jubilee MP pockets Lamu mileage to nearby home

He returned illegal mileage allowance as DCI detectives moved in.

Western governor under siege for grabbing brother's wife

Elders fail to calm angry brother after wife admits to the affair.

No pay for MPs' staffers after cash used for bailouts

The affected lot says it is suffering with no clear signs of when situation will improve

Is Uhuru planning bombshell shake-up after poll losses?

Can he salvage what's left of his final term after stunning setbacks at the polls and his BBI baby in trouble?