Corridors of Power

Locked Parastatal bosses in panic mode over looming changes

New structure at the corporation created more positions at the top.

Locked Sulking state officials give each other silent treatment

A senior Mt Kenya politician falls out with his colleagues over his recent utterance

Locked Goose cooked for randy county assembly leader

A petition seeking to oust the official is already with the assembly speaker

Locked New team demands Christmas package from state agencies

A top politico begs for a state job.

Locked Corridors: Cantankerous lawmaker picks small coins to fix political messes

Man could be losing favour with his party's bosses.

Locked Senior state officers get dressing-down for lateness

They had to endure humiliation of frantically trying to settle as eerie silence prevailed.

Locked Confusion as outgoing PSs take orders from nominee successors

Officers from some ministries overheard complaining services like procurement and payments have halted.

Locked MP ignores supporters after joining bigwigs league

They say he has become arrogant, does not pick up their calls and easily resorts to insults.

Locked Youthful MP in hot soup after wife hears of wealthy sponsor

Woman almost three times his age has sponsored politicians’ activities for some time.

Locked Politician's goose cooked after extortion plot  exposed

Top party honcho reads riots act to junior MP

Locked Top city lawyer attacks client online over legal fees

Rogue county executive official on the spot.

Locked Top politician who defrauded colleague goes underground

Governor shocked with supernatural powers threat.

Locked Senior House team member risks ouster over leadership style

Governor receives a tongue-lashing from top honcho.

Locked Ex-governor feels cheated after successor ignores CEC picks

MPs hoping to harvest from former colleague seeking EALA shocked

Locked MPs come to blows during lobbying for House leadership jobs

They hurl unprintable epithets at each other as their leaders and colleagues watch in disbelief.

Locked Vocal MP falls out with boss over juicy social media posts

So bad is the relationship that he was removed from a list of plum parliamentary jobs.

Locked MP gets last laugh after landing powerful post

He was mocked for supposedly being sidelined by party boss.