Corridors of Power

Locked State official humbled by junior donating Sh1m at fundraiser

Guest of honour planned to give Sh100K and frantically called friends to raise Sh1.5m

Locked Reshuffle to 'less lucrative' post leaves officer in tears

Former Governor assaults bodyguard for opening gate to partying daughter

Locked First-term senator on spot for launching 'chief's office'

The man has been severely criticised online with some users asking why he opted to demean the chief.

Locked Opposition MP refuses to kiss boss’s feet to stay in party

He faces expulsion but says other politicos taking care of his interests

Locked State official crudely arm-twists widow to sell her land

She refuses, she’s keeping it for her children and begs for help to keep what’s hers

Locked Powerful CS's visit to county leaves politicians in panic

confusion has rocked a crucial government agency following the absence of the President and his deputy

Locked Youthful politico's rising star scares regional party chiefs

Going by the politician's political schemes, it would be almost impossible to beat him for the party ticket for the ...

Locked Legislator wants to be governor, Mt Kenya politicos say no

The men have already picked out their man, say greenhorn money and experience

Locked Feuding governor, MP kiss and make up in 2027 poll plot

The two have recently held a number of joint meetings both in the county and in Nairobi.

Locked CS meddling in county affairs clashes with prominent MP

The two are said to have exchanged blows over disagreement regarding recent visit by senior political leader.

Locked Drunk deputy governor wrestled to ground in city pub

He pounced on man who immediately overpowered him giving him beating as other revelers cheered.

Locked Sex scandal rocks Coastal high school

Principal calls for meeting as teachers said to be dating students

Locked Financial institution boss on radar for breaking the rules

Executive summoned by regulator and asked to deliver institution's response in writing

Locked Politico blocked from big office for extorting foreigners

He has been conning foreigners pretending he could help them get work permits and permanent residence.

Locked Governor's dalliance with Ruto regime threatens re-election

Cracks have rocked leadership of an arm of government

Locked Jitters over plot to hire state honcho with tainted record

Reports suggest favourite for job is former official who was ejected from previous seat over corruption.

Locked MPs in near fight after insulting remark

Lawmaker said to have tendency of undermining other members yet he rarely makes meaningful contributions.