Voting Starts in:

Corridors of Power

Locked Ignorant MP: Kids home as Uhuru impoverishes families

She ought to read the papers, she'd know schools closed for election,

Locked Students pay Sh5,000 graduation fees, event goes virtual

Varsity refuses refunds, says Covid protocols require long-distance event.

Locked Frantic hopefuls hit the bottle, wipe egg off their face

With a week to D-Day, the only mantra should be: Don't mess up.

Locked Outgoing governor fleeing to foreign land, flies out family

He is said to have made substantial investments in foreign country.

Locked Governor pulls out of campaigns fearing penury

A parliamentary aspirant is in panic mode.

Locked Corridors: Fears as bigwig missing from campaign, moonlighting for rivals

County chief was close to the party's leadership

Locked Big names top Uhuru, Raila and Ruto MP nominees

Allies who dropped bids, party officials, and rights crusaders have been rewarded with the nominations

Locked Puffed-up politico said to be full of himself to take advice

The legal brass is said to be too full of himself to take anyone’s advice.

Locked Sacco panics as auditors called to trace 'lost' Sh50m

Managers reportedly created ghost accounts to lend themselves money.

Locked Lawmaker bankrolls governor candidate, hopes to reap big

Naysayers doubt if the man will keep his word.

Locked Traitorous MP backing independents loses nominated seat

Sitting legislator accused of secretly betraying her party is paying for treason.

Locked Governor hopeful can't speak vernacular

Relies on Google to get around the county, allegedly associates with dodgy figures.

Locked Politico slumming at night flees man with panga

As he campaigns door to door at night, he also falls into a ditch.

Locked Politico gives out flour, rivals call it tainted

Dirty tricks? Rivals claim it's expired, repackaging, some beneficiaries hospitalised.

Locked Lawmaker from Western on the spot over wild oats

The man is said to have littered many offsprings that nearly all schools in his village

Locked Senior official raving mad over endless criticism

He says he has been deliberately low key and ignoring the public attacks but will now act.

Locked Hired chopper abandons presidential campaign team

MPs forced to seek accommodation in far-flung county after pilot flies back to Nairobi without them.