Corridors of Power

Raila doesn't love me anymore, MP cries

Politico accuses a party leader of driving wedge between him and ODM boss.

Muluka meets Ruto man over 'work for DP'

Church leaders tussle over DP Ruto's donation, want a personal share of development funds for themselves.

ODM governors fear Obado's fate could befall them

They are unhappy with the party's handling of Obado.

Governor, senator nearly exchange blows in front of staff

Cops rescue senator from the governor who literally went for his throat in Rift Valley.

'Busted': Governor leaves audio on after Senate grilling

Governor who isn't tech-savvy, boasted of giving senators a dose of their own medicine.

Committee chair parties with suspect of probe

The suspect owns a popular watering hole visited by the chairman, who ensured he sailed through 'grilling' .

Governor's men consider torching EACC regional office

County boss unable to scuttle his graft case, he and his pals stunned, desperate and furious at watchdog.

Kilifi politicos' absence from Raila meetings draws ire

ODM leadership takes Kilifi leaders' absence very seriously.

Mukhisa will only consider presidency race after UN term

Kenya's top UN diplomat confirms he will run for president in 2022.

Why was Presidential Escort at Sudi's home?

There are concerns about who is actually guarding the President, security reshuffle said to be in the offing.

Deputy tries to sabotage governor keen to drop him

Deputy said to have no political clout.

MPs in panic mode after Jonah, Jumwa arrest

Detectives said to be already knocking doorsteps of some NG-CDF patrons demanding accountability

Is Sudi building or breaking Ruto?

DP allies want him to decongest space around him and send packing the likes of Sudi.

Ex-MP's plum job on the line after 'damaging' video emerges

The man is seen castigating his party leader months after landing top state job.

Ruto on the spot over remarks on Tuju, Murathe

“If it becomes difficult, we shall pray to God to get them out. God will just get them out of the party.”

Governor paid to market Rift Valley politician

Aspiring politician lacks charisma, candour and poise to succeed Uhuru.

Presenters minting money from unsuspecting listeners

Presenters running a betting campaign unlawfully and under the nose of the BCLB.