[PHOTOS] Food-filled carts: Eastleigh stocks up for lockdown

During the period, restaurants, eateries and malls are to remain closed.

[PHOTOS] Kenyans stranded in India arrive at JKIA

The repatriation comes after the state organised chartered flights.

[PHOTOS] Lockdown turns Eastleigh into ghost town

Few people were seen on the streets on Thursday and there are roadblocks.

[PHOTOS] Mercedes abruptly catches fire on superhighway

The vehicle kept acting up before eventually catching fire.

[PHOTOS] Mathare youths raise awareness on virus through art

Through their work, the youths have also informed the locals that the virus is a real disease.

[PHOTOS] Indisciplined Nairobians? Business as usual in CBD

Street vendors are going on with their business as normal.

Mathare residents protest man's death during curfew beating

Residents chanted, "This is not corona".

Kariobangi residents left homeless as houses demolished

Residents woke up to demolitions.

[PHOTOS] Health officials fumigate Kawangware

Officials also conducted voluntary mass testing.

[Photos] Mombasa artists salute medics using street art

The displays had the words "We salute you".

[PHOTOS] Restaurants stay shut as strict reopening rules set

Strict rules set for reopening of restaurants.

[PHOTOS] Ghost town: Uhuru Park empty during Easter

A man could be seen seated on a pavement, staring into the distance.

Matatu driver crashes into tree on Waiyaki Way

• The accident happened near UNHCR offices on Waiyaki Way.

[PHOTOS] Mombasa mayhem as curfew takes effect

Chaos marked the first day of nationwide curfew.

[PHOTOS] Churches practice social distancing during services

President Uhuru had directed Kenyans to avoid crowding.

Stopping the establishment’s pervasive intrusion necessary

DP revealed grand scheme perpetrated by a shadowy system to degrade his credibility.

COVID-19: [PHOTOS] Churches enforce strict guidelines

In some of the churches greeting by hand, hugging has been suspended.