Trump dismisses report that Covid-19 cases in children soared

Most of the new infections in this group occurred in states in the US South and West.

Facebook removes 7 million posts for sharing false information on coronavirus

Facebook said it relied more heavily on automation technology.

Western scientists cast doubt on Russia's Covid-19 vaccine

Problems could set back vaccines' acceptance - expert.

Russia becomes first country to approve a Covid-19 vaccine

Putin says own daughter was vaccinated.

Lebanon President accepts government resignation

President asked it to stay on in a caretaker capacity.

Lebanon's government resigns as public anger mounts

Protesters have taken to the streets for two straight days over the blast.

Blast destroys Baltimore homes, at least 1 dead

Three patients, all in critical condition, were rescued by firefighters.

China supports Hong Kong's arrest of media tycoon Jimmy Lai

'He arrogantly called on people to fight for the United States' - spokesman.

Russian Emergencies ministry sends another plane to Beirut

Over 100 Russian rescue workers and doctors arrived in Lebanon, according to the latest reports.

Ohio governor cancels plan to greet trump after positive test

White House Chief of Staff said alternate arrangements were being made.

Biden won't accept nomination in Milwaukee - DNC

Details of Biden's acceptance speech will be announced later.

Beirut blast: Initial investigations point to negligence

Tuesday's explosion was the most powerful ever suffered by Beirut.

At least 10 killed, hundreds injured in Beirut blast

The blast rippled through several areas of the capital.

Trump demands US cut of Microsoft TikTok deal

Trump has given Microsoft 45 days to reach a deal or he will ban the app in the US.

Trump says he does not mind if Microsoft buys TikTok

Says any purchase by US company would have to be done by September 15.

Data leak reveals Iran cover-up of virus deaths

The number of deaths from Covid-19 in Iran is nearly triple what its government claims.

US House Speaker criticises White House coronavirus task force co-ordinator

She links White House task force co-ordinator to 'disinformation' spread by Trump.