Navalny's body returned to mother, spokeswoman says

Navalny died on February 16 in a Russian prison inside the Arctic Circle

Zelensky's message to mark anniversary of Russia's invasion

President says the word "independent" will always be linked with "Ukraine."

Fifteen dead and dozens more injured in China flat fire

Of the 44 injured people sent to hospital for treatment, one is in a critical condition.

Gaza desperately needs more aid but agencies can’t cope

Israel says it's doing what it can to limit the suffering of civilians.

Journalist's journey in two years of Russian-Ukraine war

“We’re in a war you know. We are going to get shot at.”

Eight in hospital after smell at Security Service HQ

Around 500 people were evacuated after workers reported an unusual smell.

Spanish police search gutted flats after nine killed

Officials have refused to answer questions on the cause of the fire.

Netanyahu lays out Gaza plan for after the war

He has previously ruled out a post-war role for the internationally backed body.

US jets intercept high-altitude balloon over Utah

The aircraft was spotted on Friday over Colorado and Utah, drifting east.

Jury finds NRA and ex-leader liable for corruption

Mr LaPierre stepped down from his job just before the trial began.

UK reaffirms Ukraine support on war anniversary

Saturday marks two years since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Trump calls on Alabama to protect IVF treatment

At least three clinics paused IVF treatment in the wake of the ruling.

Ukraine says it downs second A-50 Russian spy plane

Saturday marks two years since Russia launched a full-scale invasion.

Germany legalises cannabis, but makes it hard to buy

Smoking cannabis in many public spaces will become legal from 1 April.

Navalny's mother 'given hours to agree secret burial'

The Kremlin has denied the allegations, calling Western reaction to the death "hysterical"

US targets Russia with more than 500 new sanctions

The EU has also announced new sanctions on access to military technology.

Many missing as deadly fire devastates apartment block

Some 450 people are believed to live in the apartment blocks.