Supreme Court to review legality of Trump's asylum policy

The President has said the policy has reduced the flow of migrants from Central America.

Trump and Biden try to woo early U.S. voters on Sunday

Biden on Sunday heads to North Carolina, where 1.2 million voters have cast their ballots.

Vietnam barracks hit by landslide, 22 personnel missing

The government later said the bodies of three have been recovered.

Macron calls Paris beheading 'Islamist terrorist attack'

"They won't win... We will act," the president said from the scene.

US sees record-breaking early voting numbers

Huge numbers of voters are voting ahead of election day on November 3.

EXPLAINER: What's behind Thailand's protests?

Government had said protests would be tolerated but that they must keep within the law.

Pentagon to welcome once-banned Indonesian minister

Of particular concern to Washington, Indonesia's military is also being courted by Russia and China.

Facebook shuts NZ party's page over Covid-19 misinformation

Advance NZ said Facebook's action was "election interference".

Boris Johnson resists national lockdown but rules nothing out

Devolved nations taking their own approach.

Supreme Court nominee says her religion would not guide decisions

Barrett was nominated to a lifetime post on the court on September 26 by Trump.

Defiant Trump returns to campaign trail in Florida

Trump returned to the campaign trail less than 2 weeks after testing positive for coronavirus.

Trump refuses to participate in virtual presidential debate

The debate was scheduled for  October 15 in Miami.

Louise Gluck wins Nobel literature prize

Literature is the fourth Nobel prize award this year.

Errant housefly on Pence's head photobombs VP debate

The insect sat there for several minutes during the matchup, distracting viewers.

Harris, Pence clash over Trump's virus response at VP debate

Both evaded certain questions but avoided the kind of gaffe that would generate headlines.

Trump fails to block tax return subpoena

Wednesday's decision heralds a renewed clash between Trump and Vance.

White House aide tests positive for Covid-19

White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller says he has tested positive.