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Dried-up Italian river reveals unexploded WWII bomb

The 450kg (1,000lb) bomb was found by fishermen on the banks of the depleted River Po.

Fist pumps as US climate bill clears Senate hurdle

Its authors say it will reduce US carbon emissions by 40percent by 2030.

Colombia: New left-wing leader wants global drugs rethink

The 62-year-old former Bogota mayor and ex-rebel fighter was elected in June .

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu great shot in head at Club

Lo was rushed to hospital, where he was declared brain dead, according to his family lawyer.

Hopes as Gaza ceasefire comes into effect

The ceasefire was mediated by Egypt over the course of the day.

Ukraine war: Four more grain ships set sail from Ukraine

The first ship left Ukraine ports last week since Russia's invasion in February.

Talks underway to broker ceasefire in Gaza

Islamic Jihad militants and Israel are reported to have agreed a truce brokered by Egypt.

Afghanistan a year after the Taliban occupation

August 15 marks one year since the Taliban takeover and occupation of Afghanistan.

US fireman finds 10 dead in house blaze are his family

Among the dead are his children, ages five, six and seven.

Gaza: Death toll rises as Israel targets militants

A five-year-old child, two women and several PIJ fighters are among the dead.

Croatia bus crash: 12 Polish pilgrims killed, 32 injured

All 32 surviving passengers are said to be injured, 19 of them seriously.

Monkeypox: Can we still stop the outbreak?

The virus is not a classed as a sexually transmitted infection.

Palestinian civilians and militants killed amid flare-up

A five-year-old girl in Gaza also died, local health officials said, and dozens more were injured.

Thailand nightclub fire kills at least 14 and injures dozens

The cause of the fire is not clear, with rescuers saying flammable material on the walls may have exacerbated it.

Taiwan Foreign Minister defends US Speaker's visit

Mr Wu also warned that China's territorial aims go far beyond Taiwan.

Thailand nightclub fire kills at least 13 and injures dozens

Footage circulating online shows people fleeing the club screaming, some with their clothes alight.

Russia undermining safety of UkraineĀ  nuclear plant

The UN nuclear watchdog has warned the plant isĀ "completely out of control".