Brazil put down the biggest marker at Qatar tournament

  • If Richarlison's acrobatic bicycle kick against Serbia was magical, this may just have surpassed it - a ...

Kirstie Alley: Emmy-winning Cheers actress dies of cancer at 71

She appeared in 147 episodes after joining the show

Emergency power shutdowns in Ukraine after attacks

Four people were killed in Monday's attacks.

Swede convicted of plot to kill party leader

The court said those plans constituted "preparation of a terrorist act".

Ukraine slams India for buying Russian oil

Ukraine's foreign minister condemned India's ramping up of Russian oil

Roadside bomb kills seven in Afghanistan's Mazar-i-Sharif

Seven people were killed and six others wounded

Al Jazeera takes slain journalist's case to ICC

The Israeli army conceded on September 5 that one of its soldiers had likely shot Abu Akleh

Eighth wave of Russian missiles hits Ukraine

But the strikes, which came nearly two weeks after the last, may have done less damage than on previous occasions.

Police arrest 30 accused of disguising drugs as Ukraine aid

Police seized nearly €800,000, six guns and 2,500 cannabis plants.

Russia blames Ukraine for attacks on two airfields

Long-range strategic bombers are believed to be based at the airfields.

Explosions hit two military airfields in Russia

Ukraine has not officially commented.

Saudia Arabia's Al-Nassr makes huge offer to Ronaldo

A number of clubs have expressed interest in him

Oil prices rise as cap on Russian crude kicks in

But this is still well below the highs seen after Russia invaded Ukraine.

No threat of violence in Sterling break-in - Police

A spokesperson for Sterling said he was "shaken" by the news.

Explosions hit two military airfields in Russia

Long-range Russian strategic bombers are believed to be based at the Engels airbase in the Saratov region.

Chinese astronauts return to Earth after six-month mission

China's space agency declared the mission a "complete success".

US created distortions with climate Bill- EU chief

But European allies perceive it as anti-competitive and a threat to European jobs, especially in the energy and auto ...