Louis Vuitton brings Florida marching band to Louvre for Paris fashion week

It was held in honor of the label's popular, late designer Virgil Abloh.

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Real leather is animal skin and so it needs to be maintained and moisturised.

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There was no specific theme or dress code.

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Rihanna’s Fenty beauty to open first shop in Kenya

She is set to officially open the first shop on May 27, 2022.

Gucci stores to accept cryptocurrencies in US

Gucci is the latest big name to announce that it will take cryptocurrency as payment.

Lizzo teases plans for swimwear line

The Truth Hurts artist unveiled a plus size-inclusive shapewear collection called Yitty.

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Mind the colours and know when to inscribe your name

Kim Kardashian willing to wear adult diapers for the sake of fashion

She said she will always compromise comfort for couture.

LVMH eying metaverse, but focus on "real products", says CEO

He said his business empire was eying expanding into the digital "metaverse"

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Luxury brand Hermes considers metaverse as means to communicate

"We are curious and interested" about the metaverse, he said, adding it could be a good communications tool.

Pregnant Rihanna has no desire to shop in the 'maternity aisle'

Rihanna insisted that she has never once worn maternity clothing throughout her pregnancy.

Fashion and glam at Kisumu Plus-size Affair

The event attracted fashion lovers, plus size ladies and various personalities in the fashion industry.

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Young men in their 20s like hairy styles, while those above 30 keep it short