OKIYA OMTATAH: Let political parties appoint IEBC officials

Both of these strategies are used to achieve a neutral bureaucracy

GISEMBA: Need for equity among schools for fair competition

There shouldn’t be such an embarrassingly immense disproportion between schools funded by the same government.

MWENDA: Varsities should introduce independent entry exams

There’s no need to train people who are unwilling to be trained or are not qualified to do a course.

SIMATWA: Immunise education against cartels

Perhaps the government should radically consider outlawing private schools and hospitals.

MUROKI: To test or not to test for DNA?

Child maintenance is a thorny issue that touches every level of the social ladder.

MAKOKHA: Be intentional about your career growth in 2023

Set clear goals, develop a plan to achieve them, take consistent action to make progress, be open to learning and ...

HOYLE & JABBAR: Death penalty doesn’t deter crime

To be deterred, people must know it is the punishment for their offence and that it is likely that they will be ...

KIPCHUMBA: Regulation of the National Police Reserve overdue

Empowering and taking care of reservists' welfare will be a sure way of motivating them to work.

Debt, politics and oficial corruption

The average Kenyan voter demands to be bribed and does not care where the money for this bribe comes from.

Death penalty should be abolished in Kenya

It is time to abolish the death penalty for convicted criminals in Kenya.

ODWEYO: Poverty the source of the privileges of the rich

Poverty is the greatest injustice in the world, and the only source of insecurity.

OKECH: Rise of 'A', fall of 'C' suspicious

Some parents have reason to worry: some of the scores are above the ability of their children.

Kenya needs enquiry to reduce confusion

A commission of enquiry is the only way to stop the confusion caused by Raila's repeated allegations of rigging in the ...

OMAR: Make climate change resilience key focus in primary healthcare

Climate change has significant impacts on health directly and indirectly

ONYANGO: Graft is an assault on human rights, threatens democracy

However, graft war can still be managed through committed patriotic citizen

AMENYA: Kisiis are hardworking intellectuals

Gusiiland has always produced many top learners. In fact, some of the national records they set may never be broken.

WAIKENDA: Opposition should quit sideshows

The opposition side could do Kenyans a great service if it sat down and offered objective criticism of the government’s ...