HAYO SOPHY: Stop associating HIV with certain people

Anyone can get the virus because it does not discriminate

GACHARA GIDEON: People living with disability have right to employment

They are a critical and minority population and should not be ignored in nation-building

KOBIA, OLAJIDE: Kenya commited to build inclusive society for PWDs

A disability is only disabling when it prevents someone from doing what they wish to do.

Wycliffe Muga's Podcast: Parade of political losers

No matter how hard any elected leader tries, they will barely scratch the surface.

MWANGI ALVIN: End teen pregnancies to stop new HIV infections

Adolescent pregnancy puts girls and women at heightened risk of contracting HIV, STIs and Cervical cancer

WYCLIFFE MUGA: Parade of political losers

Between 65% and 70% of all those seeking reelection will end up losing.

Time for FKF caretaker committee to walk the talk

No two ways about it: The committee must get it right to win over the naysayers.

GWYNNE DYER: Digital peasants and the ignorant rich

Omicron looks like it may be a big problem, and there could be even bigger ones behind it.

FELGONAH OYUGA: Living in Nairobi an extreme sport

If you can survive this city, you can survive anything I swear.

DOLLARMAN FITIANTO: Address gender norms through boys’ circumcision

This can support a healthy transition to adulthood

NJERU KENNETH: NSE trading key in cementing Kenya’s financial situation

There are limited opportunities for traders

Time to provide Gikomba traders with legal protection

The time is now for this government to deliver on its promises.

KARUA: Uhuru address failed to capture suffering of majority

Only a handful of counties can boast of improved health services and infrastructure during covid.

OBUNGA YVETTE: Graduates should elect leaders wisely to end unemployment

During the last campaigns, youths were promised almost five million jobs but that has not been fulfilled

CHEBOI STEPHEN: End Kerio Valley killings for peace to prevail

State and neighbouring counties should address cattle rustling to end the long time menace

ASH KAUR: Wanjiku is dead but women politicians silent

Years ago, Wanjiku was not well off, but she had a spring in her step. And hope, the food we live on.

OKECH KENDO: Pokot won't hawk vote for a lie

Kenyans, for a long time, have sold their birthright for a song. Every voter should demand the ballot.