ODHIAMBO: AI-powered courts worth exploring

It is crucial for Kenya’s legal community to start discussing the integration of AI in non-complex litigation cases.

KENDO: Will forecast El Niño teach planner anything?

Government should address local priorities – more urgently now, in the age of climate emergencies.

Let IEBC continue to be independent

It is better if the IEBC remains completely independent but, as a compromise, political parties can approve the ...

SHIOSO: Mitigating against El Niño – Call to personal responsibility

This is one of those unanticipated contingency moments

MAKOKHA: Dark side of social media: spreading war, violence

Extremist groups have recognised the power of social media as a recruitment tool.

WANDERA: Customer experience agility an imperative

When customers feel that their needs and perspectives are valued and understood, they are more likely to trust an ...

WAINAINA: Response to Kuria's dilemma on reviving economy

The tools of yesterday cannot solve the problems and challenges of the 21st century.

WAIKENDA: Haiti mission a bold move despite the risks

With careful planning and execution, Kenya's mission to Haiti can be a success.

KEMBOI: Regulations can help address shipping challenges

Engaging in careful and industry-wide consultation is essential to achieve a balance.

High inflation is a global problem

Global inflation is everywhere and unavoidable so government urgently needs to curb waste and corruption.

RICHARD AYAH: Boil drinking water for 10 minutes

If you bring it to a rolling boil for only a minute or less, you kill a few things but not everything.

NYIKA: Why debt financing is key for African business market

Despite Africa’s booming startup ecosystem, SMEs still find it challenging to secure equity funding.

MUNENE: Belt and Road Initiative fosters strategic partnerships

It has redefined the concepts of development and modernization.

Leave no room for disaster during El Nino rains

County governments must stop the lackadaisical attitude of expecting all help from the national government.

MANDU: Africa needs to find solutions to its own problems

Developed economies that we envy today made economic strides on their own, with little or no outside help.

MULAMA: How to make education technology work for all

Perhaps a one-size-fits-all has been our undoing.

OMWA: How to implement ban on caning, ensure safer education

The heart of the problem lies in the reluctance of key stakeholders to commit to the ban on corporal punishment.