Talks needed to end increasing violence

President Ruto should meet Raila Odinga on his return from Germany to discuss how to end the accelerating cycle of ...

GATHARA: Kenyans must endeavour to understand mental health

Mental health is a crucial determinant of the overall health

BWIRE: Busia town yawns for proper planning, redesign

Busia county, with its transit points, is a serious contributor to the national exchequer

WAIKENDA: Raila knows he can’t beat Ruto in 2027, hence, protests

Raila's maandamanos have nothing to do with the economy and the high cost of living.

MWANGI: Injecting drug use fuelling Aids in Kenya

Stigma and punitive laws are some of the factors that hinder injecting drug users from accessing quality healthcare.

Pension for MPs should be sensible, proportional

Even first-term MPs can receive a pension but it should be linked to what has been deducted from their pay package as ...

OSCAR: Embakasi Central MP Gathiru’s track record commendable

He is doing well in regards to healthcare by ensuring clinics are well stocked with drugs and staffed

ODWEYO: High cost of living a result of dependency mentality

If people can produce enough to feed themselves we will reduce dependency, especially on imports

DYER: UN climate report – clutching at straws

We have all the technology, wealth and knowledge we would need to cut emissions fast now and stay below 1.5°C

KIPTANUI: Dialogue better route than protests

The government should  be accommodative and look at the issues being raised

ZB OWINO: St Mary's Yala set to roar again

The principal intends to improve the mean grade this year from 7.6 to 8.5, a dream achievable for a start

ODEDE: Slum dwellers must be at the heart of financial inclusivity

Money is power and to have access to capital is also power.

CHEGE: Proper nutrition is important in fight against TB

The body can suffer from tuberculosis, particularly when it comes to the immune system.

Raila right to call off Star boycott

Raila was wrong to support the boycott of the Star (which has now been cancelled) but right to criticise the censure of ...

TEREITO: After Hustler Fund, focus on other enablers of SMEs

Alongside finance, we must provide a wide array of enabling support services.

Uganda anti-gay Bill goes too far

The extremist Ugandan anti-gay legislation is another version of the 'woke' culture wars, a deliberate distraction from ...

KIMANI: Demos: Ask the tough questions

We should be protesting against Uhuru and Raila. But Kenyans don't protest for a cause.