OKECH KENDO: Decoding the presidential duo

The DP is yet to accept the Jubilee succession plot. Angry response to Uhuru's hint he would support a Nasa principal, ...

JULIUS MBATIA: Move climate conversation to the people

Climate change is no longer a far-off problem but an enemy within

No need for Nairobi to buy speaker house

Nairobi should continue renting a house for its Speaker rather than wasting Sh35 million in an over-optimistic search ...

EVANS OKINYI: Technology now driving local giving

A reflection on digital platforms in the wake of Covid even paints a brighter picture.

ONYANGO: DP's reaction to Uhuru's successor choice worrying

Ruto has in the past declared he doesn't need anyone’s endorsement to be president.

Let voters decide if MCAs need degrees

Voters can decide whether a candidate is sufficiently well-educated to represent them in political office.

ALEX AWITI: Global challenges call for cooperation, not competition

The Geneva summit with Russia President Vladimir Putin was a momentous encounter.

FAUSTIN MWINZI: Stability in tax policy key to investor confidence

The fact that the incentives can be introduced and withdrawn at will doesn’t go down well. B

ZHOU PINGJIAN: Communist Party of China turns 100 and still going strong

China has changed in ways without precedent under the leadership of the CPC

MACHEL WAIKENDA: Elections must be held next year, period

Kenya is not in a State of Emergency and BBI process is not an emergency that would warrant an extension

Public servants should be considerate of our economic hardships

The government still held on to its employees without any layoffs or pay cuts.

PHILIP KISIA: How encounter with Kirubi empowered me

These values enabled my team to develop the Nairobi Master Plan.

RYOICHI HORIE: Japan’s Harambee spirit in Covid war

This is a time for countries to come together to help ease the health challenges and distribution of vaccines

Raila, Kalonzo war of words dosen’t augur well

If they don't unite, they are likely to lose to DP Ruto, as Ngilu warned

ODM and Jubilee resorting to politics of survival

Jubilee and ODM are ravaged, so bruised that it would be hard to imagine they can form a formidable vehicle on their ...

Public to blame for jamming rallies

The buck stops with Kenyans. It is time they put their well being first and say no to super-spreader events

DENNIS WENDO: Social media and parenting approach

Our youths are least utilising social media platforms objectively but largely for leisure.