OMAR: Regulate and integrate alternative medicine in PHC

Many rural folks in the country rely on products of herbal origin to offset their healthcare needs.

TEMBA: Let's not neglect boys as we empower girls

Nowadays any small achievement of the girl child is celebrated while the boy child’s big achievements are considered an ...

KAMWARO: Signing off books of accounts is serious business

Besides promoting transparency and accountability, it illustrates an organisation's commitment to uphold high ethical ...

MBURU: Deploy robust systems to boost academics in ASAL areas

The implementation of robust monitoring and evaluation systems emerges as a pivotal strategy to achieve this goal.

MUGA: Kenyan deputy presidency always a crown of thorns

Anyone who ascends to that office should accept this as just part of the way we do things here in Kenya.

Haiti deployment is right for Kenya

Sending Kenyan police to Haiti may be unpopular but it is right thing to do.

ONDARI: Why Kenya's political goodwill is key to boosting press freedom

Latest rankings positioned Kenya at 102 out of 180 countries ranked.

KENDO: ‘Sharing losses’ subverts adaptation to climate change

The appropriate response, that requires planning, and heavy and quality infrastructural investment, is conveniently ...

KIMTAI: How lenders can spur responsible borrowing

Preventing irresponsible borrowing is a shared responsibility between credit providers and borrowers.

ADHERE: Regional synergy key to extension of SGR

A comprehensive railway transport system would anchor economic regeneration of the EAC.

ICC right to pursue both Israel, Hamas

The ICC is right to charge both Israeli and Hamas leaders since both have committed war crimes

ODHIAMBO: Plant more fruit trees for food security

We must intentionally plant fruit trees that protect the environment and provide food during difficult seasons.

JAMWA: Flooding a fruit of impunity

The recent deluge could have been an eye-opener but it won't, going by the past.

OKUMU: Are surgeons open to coaching?

Coaching can lead to significant improvements in performance, confidence and well-being.

BARAYAN: Get the youth fully involved in politics

They more than any age group need to influence election outcomes since 80% of the unemployed are youth.

WAIKENDA: Why counties must prioritise school feeding

For millions of children, especially those in marginalised communities, a daily school meal is not a luxury – it's a ...

Good idea to extend SGR, KPC to Kampala

Extending the SGR and fuel pipeline to Kampala will be mutually profitable as well as enhancing regional cooperation.