Voting Closed:


DYER: Tunisia: Last Arab democracy goes under

Majorities in favour of strong-man rule exist in almost all Arab countries.

Kudos to Kenyans, IEBC take us home

It is important that IEBC counts the votes quickly and announces the winners to avoid unnecessary tension.

OTISO, KAMAU: Politicians should commit to accepting results

In the past elections, we have seen some candidates not accepting the results and especially for the presidency seat.

OTISO: Let's vote based on track record and ideologies

Voters must be aware of the dangers of choosing the wrong person for a public office.

KARIUKI: Anti-tobacco harm reduction opponents threaten lives

They mounting a campaign that resembles a witch-hunt in the hostile manner it seeks to suppress evidence they dislike.

Vote your conscience, peacefully

The decision we make today will reverberate for years to come; the destiny of our nation is now in your hands.

ACHIENG: We vote to reshape our destiny as citizens

Failing to participate in electoral processes deprives you of the right to vote for good leaders.

IEBC must keep information flowing

When information does not flow, rumour mills get into overdrive.

KINJA: Address gender bias in Africa’s ICT space

While progress has been made at the top level of firms, women are less well represented in middle management.

Rotary Club of Karen to conduct quarterly cleanups

Rotary members believe they have a shared responsibility to take action on the protection of environment

EXPLAINER: What to expect before new president is sworn in

The four scenarios depend wholly on if the presidential election is challenged, and if the winner attains 50%+1 ...

ONYANGO: Bottom-up agenda is curiously anti-Kenya

It disturbs this solitary mind that a team looking to govern this country should seek to employ today failed strategies ...

QIAN: Why China reacts strongly to Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan

Her visit is a violation of Chinese sovereignty and territorial integrity.

GIKUNDA: Celebrate your win or loss with dignity

Democratic winners celebrate with decorum. Democratic losers concede defeat.

YOUSIF: Citizenship issues left out in debates

More than one in 10 Kenyans lack legal identification demonstrating that they are citizens.

OKUTOYI: Why you should vote on Tuesday

Leaders enact laws that will determine how well the quality of your life will be.

IEBC has chance to regain Kenyans trust

It is now time to live up to its promise of a fair, free, credible and verifiable election.