Editorial Cartoon March 22, 2019

Time for social justice in Lamu is now

Never before has the DPP gone to the ground to talk, chat and mingle

No Kenyan should starve when state can buy maize

If a person dies because of hunger, people question government

Release delayed school funds to avoid chaos

More than 200 secondary schools are yet to receive government funding

Constitution requires us to be more proactive

People should not elect monarchs or authoritarians to lord over them

Kenya should purchase, operate eCitizen to avoid conflict

It is a common practice for governments to contract third parties to provide various collection services.

Jumping back into the dating game

Thou shall not be desperate no matter how old you get or how many babies you birth

Political culture just as important as the law

Nordic political culture irrevocably opposed to elected leaders living like royalty when on official duty

Editorial Cartoon March 21, 2019

Secondary schools hold key to unlocking sports potential

Kuppet is partnering with the secondary sports associations to improve the quality of the game

Higher milk price won’t increase farmer earnings

More impactful intervention lies with addressing the critical issue of cost of production.

Regulate citizen journalism to protect audiences

Citizen journalists are spamming the web, social media with false information

New plastic bag ban should be gazetted

Nema failed to gazette minimum weight for non-woven polypropolene bags

Jail big fish as fast as chicken thieves

This plunder continues to widen the gap between the rich and the poor.

Oral health: Focus on prevention not treatment

A public health problem affecting more than a third of Kenya’s adult population

State should do more to tame rogue matatu crews

When the driver stopped to eject the ‘errant’ passenger, everyone alighted

Purge targets state thieves, not communities

We know how to abuse him. We stung the President