Jubilee voters justified to condemn rot in government

Kenyans who go against their ethnic, regional and sectarian voting blocks to condemn graft practises should be lauded

Raila-Ruto alliance: No permanent enemies in politics

But will the two manage to put aside their personal/political ambitions and egos?

We’ve no choice but to take loans

What we need is an honest conversation on whether we are spending our revenues.

Crises will stalk us beyond Covid-19

According the Global Trends report, the world will face more intense and cascading global challenges.

Reforms can stem crime upsurge

Victims of crime suffer immensely and are largely ignored by the current Constitution.

Strict curfew will stop Covid spread

No exception should be made for boda bodas over the curfew.

Why farmers should support Coffee Bill 2020

The small-scale coffee farmer depends almost entirely on the factory unit.

US must do something about guns

United in grief but separated at the point of what needs to be done to avert another shooting.

Culture’s role in substance abuse

In Africa alcohol is used mostly during rituals, clan or family festivities and marriage ceremonies.

Yuri Gagarin's 108 minutes in orbit opened the space era for humankind

Gagarin, a Soviet citizen born in Russia, was the first human to leave Planet Earth.

Set up more modern security centres in developing areas

They will be an added advantage for both citizens and the government.

JSC must pick new Chief Justice wisely

Political considerations and ethnic balance should not be major considerations.

Enthusiastic use of social media makes us fools sometimes

Other repugnant encounters include social media jerks who openly solicit for money.

Communication key in curbing murder and suicide cases

It is okay to accept that you are not fine and seek help from people you trust

Digital Act may silence legitimate comment

CyberCrimes Act 2018 erodes freedom of expression by allowing the police to arrest bloggers for any perceived 'false ...

Jane Marriott: Why UK put Kenya on Covid-19 red list

While the UK is emerging from our third, strict lockdown, we have suffered badly.

Open Letter to MPs from Fisher Peoples Counties

We feel abandoned as many of the policies being implemented are killing small scale fishing activities.