NSSF beats inflation in member interest offer

Social security is not only a basic human right but it is a fundamental means to reduce poverty.

Politicians need to listen to technocrats

Politicians can make good CSs so long as they listen to the civil servants and technocrats beneath them.

ANITA ONUKO: We need laws to protect whistleblowers in Kenya

Whistleblower recognition and protection are so critical for protecting the public interest.

Peer counsellors' roles go beyond guidance

They should ascend to their royal roles with a great deal of zeal.

It's out of sync to designate specific roles to DP

However, it  can be understood that the president wants a clearer scope of work for his deputy.

VICTOR BWIRE: Information flow is central to good governance

Citizens and media should not demand for information held on behalf of the public.

ALEX MATERE: Why national unity should top Ruto's agenda

Mockery of losers will only serve to further divide the country and breed bitterness.

EDITORIAL: Public keen on plan to cut cost of living

At the heart of the cost of living nightmare is the cost of foodstuff and fuel

KITEMA: Adopt tech, innovations to spur growth

The speedy spread of technology has led to positive cultural changes in most countries.

OYUGA: Invention of independent woman

A few years ago, women were not independent. In some communities, cows were even more valuable

Educate teenagers on importance of contraceptives

The UNFPA estimates that 12 million women have lost access to contraceptives

MUGA: Why governors regain their seats

What made the voters change their minds about “mheshimiwa”?

Climate change top worry for Generation Z, Millennials

It is one of the most pressing issues that has traumatised them.

FRANCES CAIRNCROSS: Changing tides in the media

Many newspapers are now free online – even if they still charge for their paper version.

MONCK: Disinformation is a scourge on public discourse

A resurgence of fact-based journalism can help stem disinformation.

KATHY ENGLISH: Journalists must explain their work to readers

Journalists believe wholeheartedly that journalism matters.

WALMSLEY: Impact of journalism in ever-changing society

Explaining methodology and how facts are uncovered has become as important as the facts themselves.