Reopening schools in NEP daunting task

No teachers and institutions stretched beyond capacity.

National rebirth required to protect Constitution

In 10 short years, there is an ever-widening chasm between promise and reality.

Ideal time to boost cultural tourism

It's important to preserve the practices of our communities for future generations.

‘Big river’ takes unusual course

For the first time, Mt Kenya has no presidential aspirant who can rally national support.

Has State been attracting good people in the first Place?

A basic analysis of the health ministry for instance would reveal the scale of corruption.

Why Magoha isn’t the right man to manage education sector

As one columnist noted last year, Magoha isn’t an educationalist. He’s too mechanical.

Activist CJ blinded by his legacy

A nation cannot be run by shock and awe tactics.

Sick students ignored in schools reopening tumult

Classrooms congested, there's barely walking room in dorms, sanitation facilities over-stretched.

Let's build a stronger, more effective UN

Our shared humanity is often stretched and strained but it is not broken, at least not yet.

Marketing Kenya depends on respect for right to information

Kenyans are still struggling to access information held by public bodies.

The scramble for Africa's seaports

The gap created by African governments has guaranteed massive investment opportunities to foreigners

Maraga not to blame for political and legal crisis, but framing of the Constitution

CJ had no option in view of the provision of the Constitution under Article 261(7)

Psychological preparation of learners before schools reopening key

Getting learners to realign their minds to a possibility of resuming learning before January 2021 will be a tough call.

Parties must not be sausage machines

'A party is like a sausage machine, it grinds up all sorts of heads together into the same baloney'

Address Huduma Namba queries ahead of Phase II

Some politicians claim the data collection is part of a scheme to rig the 2022 elections,

South-South cooperation in food security

Taking into account the Covid-19 pandemic, these collaborations are now more meaningful than ever.

How Maraga got sweet revenge against Executive

CJ got to show who's boss.