‘Pekejeng’ makes pastor want to kill himself

Man Kush says young generation artistes are being taught bad manners.

The extremely different driving styles of Nairobi and Cape Town

I have always been proud of being a fairly good driver.

Are family members hurdles to organ donation?

Family members play a crucial role in the success of organ donation.

Find the funny anywhere you can

It’s healthy to find the funny in everything and from anywhere.

Why it's still hard to achieve exclusive breastfeeding

No commercial-made baby formula, or any other food or drink can match breast milk.

Contraceptive failure linked to abnormal pregnancies

P2 pills should be taken separately and sparingly, but overdosing is rife.

Ethics of organ donation by living donors

The most common organ received from living donors is the kidney.

When it was my turn to eat on our national carrier

Meals served on KQ were the worst food I've ever eaten.

'Ndukulu' and other Sheng words for drugs parents should know

Kids could talk about drugs and even order them next to you, and you don't understand what they are saying

Kenyan acts weren't ready for 'Lion King' project

It was a project that would see Beyoncé work with nine African acts, excluding Kenyan artistes.

Euthanasia: Why some people would consider it

Most terminally sick patients and especially those who have cancer live a low-quality life during their last days

Comfortable with donating organs after death?

In Kenya, kidney transplants have only risen from 20-100 transplants annually in the last decade

Euthanasia: We should live and die on our own terms

I must not be left to keep breathing, while having zero quality of life and as good as no chance of recovery

The world can be a cold place

Current seasons brings back memories of freezing in school

‘Wamlambez’ and other Sheng words trending

Sheng language is nowadays becoming a source of livelihood.

Artistes don’t believe in making good music anymore

Artistes need to realise their work is what earns them staying power

I will always be late

People who really care about you, love and accept you exactly as you are.