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The day Ruto lost to Raila

They faced off in ODM soon after oranges felled bananas in referendum

Young and Unsettled: No churching

I bet my parents stay up at night, wondering where they went wrong

Your man's bestie? How to deal with her

Try having a male bestie to make him see the issue from your perspective

Kenyans react after Winnie Odinga gushes over Omanyala

Omanyala is married to Laventa Amutavi and are blessed with one son.

The rising curiosity behind open relationships

Taking on additional sexual partners while in a committed relationship has long been a taboo.

Six benefits of Chia seeds you probably didn’t know

Chia seeds can be added in many recipes including water, salads, pudding or smoothies.

In case you didn’t know: Exercise boosts your sex drive

As it turns out, both can work and will get your blood pumping.

Locked Eight months of drought ravage iconic elephants

Scientist says there in no cause for alarm as nature is taking its course

Why 'rage quitting' is all the rage

The Covid-19 pandemic has only intensified the stressors that can lead employees to quit on the spot.

People with poor mental health likely to form bad habits

Surveys from around the world show that men everywhere find it more difficult to talk about mental health.

The Covid couples struggling with post-lockdown life

Socialising went from zero to 100 very rapidly, and both of us were exhausted by it all.

Young and Unsettled: Adult friendships

‘Sex and the City’ was a lie. Real life is full of hustling

Study establishes plant-based diet's are more sustainable

Plant-based means that you only focus on eating plant produce.

When should you take your baby to the hospital?

Learning to treat known illnesses for babies at home saves you headache

Is Kenya more democratic than the UK?

The people and not MPs always get to choose their leaders

Takeaways from KU land saga

Most employees obey 'orders from above' to save their jobs

Don’t judge a Muslim by her dressing

Equating it to al Shabaab is maddening and unbefitting of an Education CS