Things fall apart Part 1: House of cards

They fell hopelessly in love. Not necessarily with each other.

Rent hell of Kenyans amid pandemic

Some landlords are understanding while others are quick to evict

Step into the future of younger generation

Some can download, instal and play games even before they can write

Dear Felly: How do I tell my friend her hubby is cheating?

As I said, she probably knows. Let her come to terms with it.

Open letter to employees

Dear employees, your job is expendable but you are not

Scrap for UN seat shows Kenya not so special

Kenya has inflated view of itself that was shown up in Djibouti tussle

Hypocrisy of weed legalisation advocates

Most only want to do legally what they’ve been doing illegally

Are Kenyans fatigued with Covid-19?

Discomfort, monotony and business interests hurting compliance

Why Father’s Day is an alien concept in Africa

The day is an American concept that is barely 100 years old

How to build your dream home without disaster

The key lies in planning, supervision and adequate financial commitment

Love is blind part III: Wanted

That Jim had a situation, a woman and child in Nairobi, made it all the more destined.

Dear Felly: 'Man up' conversation is very one-sided

Sadly men have taken on roles of abusers, slackers etc but still expect respect.

How to prep your child for the real world

A child needs to be taught at home through experiences and training

Suicide of Bollywood actor a wake-up call

Depression affects even those with dream jobs and homes

Love is blind part II: Till death do us part

She was his woman. Nikki could not help but smile. His woman, she kept saying to herself.

New mothers risk depression in solitude

Struggles of a new mother echo those of many others delivering now

Pregnant women turn to midwives as they keep off hospitals

The fear of Covid-19 has seen them visit 'wakunga' for prenatal care