Obesity, unclean eating may lower your sperm count

Some form of physical activity is a good recommendation for essentially all men trying to conceive.

Inner drive necessary for success in business

A heightened sense of motivation keeps you going in tough times

Stroll outside even in this cold weather, researchers advice

Exposure to sunshine has a positive impact on mental health and mood.

Have people forgotten how to behave in the office?

Have workers spent so much time at home they’ve forgotten the rules of the workplace?

Flavoured vapes could be banned in Europe u

If it is passed, it will be put into action come 2023.

Airbnb permanently bans parties and events around the world

It previously imposed a 16 person limit to occupants because of concerns over the spread of Covid-19.

Humans subconsciously form friendships based on body odour - Study

Studies have also found emotional states in humans can be communicated through body odours.

Study links Covid to increased risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's and stroke

The Study was presented at the 8th European Academy of Neurology (EAN) Congress in Vienna, Austria.

Can online dating burnout be stopped?

Some just got “bored” or “tired” of using the app; others found it “pointless” – all signs of dating app burnout.

Why your pillowcase has more bacteria than your toilet seat

Pillowcases that were left unwashed for four weeks had 39 times the bacteria of a pet's bowl.

Why negative comments cut so deep

The human brain has three warning systems to deal with new dangers.

Successful Kenyans without a degree

Tom Mboya never had a degree but would have made great President

Why Father’s Day is the least appreciated holiday

While mothers toil every day, fathers often find home sorted

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The government shuts down telcom services to stifle political dissent

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The mystery around Sakaja's degree belies social aspect of getting one

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In this cold season colds, coughs, and sore throats are becoming quite common.

The young Singaporeans striking out on their own

In Singapore, living at home until marriage is common practice.