The lingering scourge of plastic bags

Apart for looking ugly as litter, plastic also kills animals and children, too

Mwanzo Lodge: Roses, scenery and good food

The lodge is in a quiet residential area located on a hill overlooking Lake Naivasha

Anal sniffing and other ways cats communicate

Humans still trying to understand the dynamics of their social nature

The chick that was fed a stick

Be careful what you put in your mouth, was the lesson

Guests your garden would welcome

The tiny creatures full of quills prey on insects, earthworms and snails

Cuisines, dances, dressing mark Asean festival

Festival promotes relations and tourism through cultural diplomacy

Safari ants

Famous for their painful biting, they are completely blind and rely on pheromones to communicate

Five of most photographed places in the world

Viewing aesthetically pleasing photos can alleviate stress and anxiety.

Panthera Leo

Africa’s lion population has crashed dramatically in the last century

Run, baby, run!

The little baby almost comically copied his mother by rolling in the mud with all legs in the air.

Are wildebeests related to buffalos?

Wildebeests are known to travel great distance in search of fresh shoots for grazing, unlike the buffalos

India tiger census points to success story

India is now estimated to be home to around 70% of the world's tigers.

A crane conference

It is rare to see so many cranes gathered together at the same place.

Soul tonic

Our challenge is to quickly snap out of “city mode” into “bush mode”

Why dust bathing?

• Possible reasons include a protective dust layer to minimise parasites and thermo-cooling their coats

Kenya: A hiker’s paradise you need to start exploring

The scenery and sounds you will get while on your hike are worth the mental challenge.

Eggs and chicks

All babies have a high “cuteness factor”, and chicks are especially unique little fluffballs.