Investors back from diaspora

Kenyans from Italy, US have resettled in Malindi, ventured into tourism

Guineafowl are ‘bluetiful’

Kenya has three of the six known species of Guineafowl in Africa

Pests and peckers

Their ties are somewhere between mutualism and parasitism

Warty goes wallowing

Lions prey on them when migrating herds are absent

The speedy gazelles

They can often survive in areas where there appears to be no water

A rare visitor

African skimmers fly in lines over calm waters

Checklist for a long road trip

You need to prepare well to avoid mid-journey nightmares

Mt Satima, the mountain with Dragon’s teeth

It can easily pass as a kingdom in the series Game of Thrones

A sandgrouse safari

The “dad” travels far to bring life-giving moisture to their chicks

A creature's voice

Are we really the Guardians of Nature we are meant to be?

Why Nairobians love Karura forest

It has truly become a part of the story of life as a Nairobian

White rhino in Nairobi

White rhino are grass grazers while black rhino eat off scrubs and plants

Animal abnormalities

Lump on impala sparks concern

Private cars new nightmare for PSVs

They are competing for passengers without paying fees ever since Covid hit

Much more than just lions

Impatience with seeing the big cat gets in the way of other sights

Discovering white water rafting

White water rafting is the hidden gem of tourism in Kenya

Some more monkey business

It's not uncommon to see Sykes' monkeys swing from tree to tree