Bird lecture

A bit of birdwatching turns into entertainment

The rarest reedbuck

There are only about 25 Chanler's mountain reedbuck in the park

Lionese lessons

Lions spend up to 18 hours a day simply 'lying' around

Rabbits or hares

Hares have 48 chromosomes while rabbits have 44

Rarely seen bushpig

They are seldom seen because of their secretive nocturnal habits

Animals thrive as humans moan over rains

Many species of wildlife enjoy it when the park is wet

Skimming over the treetops on the Flying Fox

Just over an hour's drive from Nairobi, in the Aberdare ranges, is The Forest, an activity centre overlooking a ...

Sunbird therapy

Watching sunbirds come and go is like a wonderful soul tonic

The big mouth

It all started when Dutch settlers remarked on the 'wyd' mouths of the rhino

The changing kings?

Stronger younger mature lions are raring to take over the pride

Lions' 'honeymoon' disrupted by buffalos

A royal walk rapidly becomes a royal run

Rwanda, like the phoenix, rises from the ashes

Country is way better than decades ago. It is not by chance or by luck.

A tree treat

Seeing lions in virtual arboreal suspension is a real treat

Tips for holidaying at Nairobi National Park

There is much wildlife and scenery to enjoy and it helps to know how best to

The hidden treasures of Funzi Island

Serene and quite environment for relaxation during this holiday

At one with nature in Malu Lodge

The rustic but detached treehouse offers panoramic view, cool breeze

Rains forming 'Lake Nairobi' in national park

Extreme rains call for extreme caution