Soul tonic

Our challenge is to quickly snap out of “city mode” into “bush mode”

Why dust bathing?

• Possible reasons include a protective dust layer to minimise parasites and thermo-cooling their coats

Kenya: A hiker’s paradise you need to start exploring

The scenery and sounds you will get while on your hike are worth the mental challenge.

Eggs and chicks

All babies have a high “cuteness factor”, and chicks are especially unique little fluffballs.

Experience the tented stay at Mara Kempinski

Guests plant a tree at an identified location as a remembrance of their visit,

Octopizzo ‘judged’ over church attire

From January, Octopizzo says he made it his journey to talk and deal with mental health.

The Athi cubs

Encounter with six cubs in the thick bushes between the Hippo pools and the acacia bridge.

Olare Motorogi a safe haven for big cats

It is situated next to Masai Mara and is home to numerous wildlife species.

A Suni sighting

Suni are often mistaken for dik-dik.

Eating ivory

Surprisingly, it aids life for the lesser-striped swallows.

Rarely seen mountain reedbuck

It is one of three recognised species of reedbuck in Africa.

Shelly Beach rises from ashes of Kaya Bombo clashes

It is set to open its doors in June after 1997 shutdown due to inter-communal clashes.

Lion sign cubs

Sometimes they play almost in a sort of 'I’m the king of the castle' game.

Research and relaxation at Mpala Ranch

On any given day, there are several research projects going on.

The laughing hyenas

The hysterical sound is actually not because they are having fun. Rather, it signifies a demand.

Why Thim Lich Oinga hosted the World Heritage Sites celebration

It was inaugurated as a World Heritage Site after a painstaking process that started in the 1980s

A giraffe laugh

The long-necked and long-tongued creatures are strange-looking and funny