Hunting for treasure

A junior member outdid all the senior members

Leo Pardus: Secretive and elusive

It is fascinating to spot a leopard, let alone see it in action

Burnt out? Visit Nairobi National Park

Look for the really small things in a place of beauty. It's often rewarding

The lark kill

Praying mantis, efficient killers in their small insect world, are prey to a lark

The water beasts

• Hippo in the bush looks at me with an almost smiley bemused expression

A lion honeymoon

A lion couple can continue mating for five days with intervals of about 15min 

The big bill birds

Saddle-billed stork hunts for aquatic snacks in the reeds

Rekindling the love of Old Africa

You are immersed into the sights and sounds of the bush in this camp

The crossing

Rhinos thought to be thirsty simply walk into the dam and cross dam

Furry little fluffballs

There is something wonderfully special about watching birds with tiny chicks

The chick stick

A colourful flock of superb starlings makes for wonderful vieweing

The big babies

The calf may continue suckling for over 12 months

Rustic charm on the edge of Nairobi National Park

A change of scenery without breaking the bank

What lions think when they see humans

Life in the wild depends on the survival of the fittest

Biomass and balance

Herbivore's survival dependent on food energy available

Cows and cats

• Their battle for survival has been going on for thousands of years

Cute amphibians with killer claws

Terrapins are a kind of 'land turtle' found in fresh water