Inside sanctuary saving orphaned chimpanzees

Tacugama in Sierra Leone gives this species a second lease of life

Long-distance PSVs must change or perish

Fare to Kisumu was Sh300 cheaper via e-shuttle and pick-up at own location

The lungs of Nairobi

Trees are crucial in climate control

Go, rhino, go!

World Rhino Day offered chance to reflect on black and white species

Dubai or Seychelles? Tourism begins at home

Kenyans had been holidaying abroad yet wonders abound locally

The 'speckletacular' cats

They are difficult to see due to their markings

Hiking Ragia, the forest that made a nation

It was the home of the Mau Mau fighters who fought to liberate Kenya

The cub club

They are among attractions at the park

Feel at home away from home in Lamu

From seeing wildlife en route to find idyllic lifestyle, it is the place to be

Nairobi’s river horse

The ancient Greeks and Romans called the hippo the 'Beast of the Nile'

Chui Lodge offers serenity by the lake

It is the perfect place to destress and recharge your batteries

Fish eagle versus crocodile

To have eagles living so close to a major city is unique

The red buck

The name comes from their deep rusty red appearance

Nairobi lion days

It is a miracle lions have survived so long next to a mega city

The unsung heroes

World Rangers Day rekindled efforts of conservation heroes

The thrill of the ride at Rhino Charge

Grazed by thorns, stung by bees while labouring through wicked terrain

Cheetahs are rare

Kenya is critical to the survival of cheetahs in the wild