An ostrich story

Mighty birds can turn sharply at full speed if threatened

Trotting on the lilies

Jacana are called 'Jesus bird'  because they look like they are walking on water

Dunga Hill Camp: Cool stop for breeze and tasty tilapia

The view of the Lake from where we were seated was breathtaking.

The skilled hunter

Secretary bird caught two lizards in quick succession

Chanler’s mountain reedbuck

Males tend to be larger than females

The biggest flying bird

We had never seen them drinking before

The future of sustainable safaris is here

It lives up to the need to be sensitive to the environment

City mode to bush mode

You need to snap out of 'city mode' when going to the park

Studying and hustling in the US

Cleaning toilets sucks but the bucks make it worth it

A trek back in time at Table Mountain

It is a flat rock formation that looks like an office desk

Creation is incredible

It is one of the theories of how nature's wonders came to be

Winged wonders

Moths and butterflies go through an amazing transformation

A giraffe laugh

They are incredible and funny

Clicks and pics

Tips for getting the best from your park visit

The Nairobi elephants

With poaching on the rise again, the battle to save jumbos continues

The Nairobi waterbuck

One wonders how much they wander in the park

Biomass is important

Predators and herbivores cannot survive without each other