SGR vs buses: Which way for Coast holiday?

Fare, speed and comfort among the factors to consider

A ‘thrill bill’ kill

Fish and other aquatic creatures get impaled on their lethal bill

Coast tourism rebrands to rise above Covid-19

Sector is promoting domestic tourism as corona keeps foreigners away

The sandgrouse safari

Adults can carry water to chicks miles away from watering holes

The majestic fish eagle

Bird had a near-death experience but lived to see another day

Nairobi's climbing lions

It is very unusual to see lions climbing trees anywhere.

Interesting natural relationships

The determining factor of mutualism is consent

Lake Turkana: The best sunset you will ever see

The lake shimmers with brilliant colours from the sun rays

Chick stick lesson 101

I always find it a joy to see birds when driving in the park

Discovering the Garden of Eden in Kenya

Northern Kenya is among best places to see the stars, Milky Way

Fast and flightless

Ostriches are the largest birds in the world. Their size keeps them grounded

Mahali Mzuri, a really good place

There has never been a better time for Kenyan residents to stay here

Just pelicans

Two of eight species seasonally visit the Nairobi National Park

Servals at dawn

We watched a kitten receive a delicious 'rat breakfast'

Inside new hidden gem at Mida Creek

It aims to enable women to benefit from conservation work

Nightjar… The night star

They have large eyes for increased night vision and a large, wide mouth

Hunting for treasure

A junior member outdid all the senior members