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Actor Roger E. Mosley dies aged 83 after car crash

The Magnum P.I. star died from injuries sustained in a car accident in Los Angeles last week.

Healthy snack you can carry on polling day

Water is a vital requirement as hydration is key for optimum body function.

Burna Boy can't sire children

Girlfriend left him for being impotent and he said he has money so 'to hell with it'

Bahati will spend Sh10m on Tuesday

It will go to paying agents among other things

Why are Kenyans so negative on social media?

They hounded Uhuru out of Twitter, tore into constant lending by IMF

Locked Diamond Platnumz made over Sh10m in Kasarani

Diamond was also given travel allowance despite using his private jet

Size 8 did not want marriage when she met DJ Mo

She said women should consider character over wealth

The rising curiosity behind open relationships

Open relationships fall under the non-monogamy umbrella.

When is enough, enough?

It takes some second-guessing as to when breastfeeding journey ends

Jiji Ndogo is bracing for change on Aug 9

Youth assures his mum weed will be cash crop 'jamaa wetu akiingia'

The day Ruto lost to Raila

They faced off in ODM soon after oranges felled bananas in referendum

Young and Unsettled: No churching

I bet my parents stay up at night, wondering where they went wrong

Kenya Film Commission supports MyMovies.Africa for Monthly Parties at iHub

•My.Movies Africa aims to make Kenya a global hub for Film production.  • The premiere edition of the MyMovies.Africa ...

Diamond brings Raila rally to stand still with electric show

The singer said Kenyan youths believe in Raila and he will be the 5th president of Kenya.

Diamond to perform at Raila’s final rally in Kasarani

He is among high profile artistes lined up to perform at the Azimio rally.

The role of teachers in student mental health

It is not addressed during childhood or adolescence

Females' elegant but classy ways to dress for an interview

Find out how the employees dress, not just the salary range