Diana, Bahati turned away while house hunting

The couple said some landlords were afraid that being a young couple they would come with baggage such as noise ...

Ben Cyco thanks Joyriders for podcast success

Weekend's event marked the end of season two of their podcast 'Joyride'

Invest in music, Christina Shusho advises gospel singers

The gospel singer said she started investing heavily in music production in 2014

You know it is Christmas when...

It would be nice to take a trip down memory lane once again

Trains, planes and time zones

Passengers stared at me for having a rowdy child but I did not care

Betting during World Cup in Jiji Ndogo

All bets are off on who is going to win some alone time with Sophia

One of the greatest years for music ever?

1982 was breakthrough year for MJ, Prince, Madonna and Lionel Richie

Babu Owino- I receive naughty photos in my DM daily

Babu Owino says he responds to his DM's but not all.

Foods that may help your wounds heal faster

Eating eggs while nursing injuries may help you heal faster and more effectively.

Abel Mutua and team dominate Kalasha awards

Mutua and his PhilIt Production team won six out of the 12 awards

Wema Sepetu lost a pregnancy

Wema had hinted everything was not okay when she shared a video of her shedding tears on her Instagram page

Nikita Kering' hopes to work with her crush Rema

Nikitas was featured on Spotify as their East African ambassador.

How to make tasty vegetable omelette

Incorporating vegetables into your eggs will make it tastier.

Three benefits of paprika spice

It has antioxidants, which may help prevent chronic illnesses.

YouTube releases list of most watched videos

Thee Pluto Show by content creator Robert Ndegwa led in the Top Creators’ category

Getting back your mojo

Losing inner drive usually occurs as a result of the stresses of living

What is Charlene Ruto’s role exactly?

President's daughter met governors and even had state visit to Morocco