Decision by South Sudan leaders to hold hands was long ...

The latest rapprochement between these two leaders should be strengthened by all means

Igad tells parties in South Sudan to end internal divisions

Internal frictions and divisions in some of the parties in the peace process have caused ...

Individuals threatened by BBI working hard to kill it

Some argue BBI is an elitist plot to keep the same people in power.

Is Echesa's arrest way to finish Ruto?

Ruto needn't be charged and tried: DPP probe against him will be his end.

BBI a backdoor ploy for politicians to share positions

BBI is an attempt by Uhuru to perpetuate his grip on power.

Economy in shambles because we're living way beyond our ...

We are mortgaged as any increase in revenue goes directly to service debt.

Torture camps are real and still operate in Kenya

We must demand answers from the state, particularly CS Fred Matiang’i.

Woman's see-through dress causes excitement in court

The woman had a rough time as some male officers tried to ask for her phone number.

Are those international courts in Arusha relevant to you?

The EAC Treaty and the Court could be relevant to the protection of our Constitution

How to manipulate an election: Cambridge Analytica story

One learns using data for election purposes is as old as the 2008 US campaign.

Why 'Washington Trip Theory' of Ouko murder is rubbish

Strong claims made about a serious dispute between Ouko and Biwott.

Pay Sh2 billion compensation to Moi's torture victims, says ...

Koigi Wamwere has consistently in his articles called for the settlement of the awards.

Japan's projects in line with Kenya's priorities

Japan is willing to expand and strengthen its cooperation with Kenya for its development

Azuri Technologies brightens women's lives through solar ...

The company will deliver a training curriculum across its regional training centres

Removing term limits erodes principles of constitutionalism

Term limits increase the likelihood of more citizens getting to political leadership.

Court clerk translates wrong charges, man pleads guilty

In other stories, a man used his hands to remove his mucus in the dock

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How Ruto's attempt to play Raila's card in BBI failed

Raila emerged as a master strategist.

How Jomo's funeral was planned from scratch

Moi gave Kenyatta befitting State Funeral; Uhuru accords Moi regal send-off.

What Moi's exit means for Raila, Gideon and Matiang'i

There's a possible deal incorporating Raila, Gideon and Matiang'i.

Moi’s death offers opportunity to revamp Kanu

Gideon stands a good chance to have a seat at the ruling table through BBI