Locked MWAMISI: Recent Yatta meeting shows Kalonzo stuck in past

The Wiper leader revived ownership debate over the controversial 200-acre farm.

Locked OMWENGA: Housing levy a noble idea but timing is wrong

The President must go back to the drawing board and re-examine his economic strategy.

OCHIENG: Why we must get it right in IEBC appointments

A thorough background check should be made to ascertain that individuals selected fit the bill.

KEMBO: Navigating challenges of communicating state policies

The potential for misinterpretation arises when recipients bring their own biases.

Locked AJUOK: Is Kericho, Bomet tea invasion another Zimbabwe story?

In 2000, Zanu-PF encouraged the appropriation of white farms leading to mass exodus of investors.

KIBII: Why China should help complete stalled Jubilee stadiums

Many facilities remain in bad shape, some reduced to gracing fields.

NATALI: Italy and Kenya: Celebrating strong ties for over 60 years

Both countries are committed to democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

MUGWANG'A: Housing levy is like forcing the married to pay wedding fund

Forcing individuals in rural areas to contribute to a housing scheme that does not address their needs is unfair.

MWAURA: Kenya at 60: A letter to our motherland

You have gone through famine and drought, yet you remain unbowed, unbroken.

Locked MWAMISI: Kenyans growing more weary of political chaos

Azimio should show clearly why they believe ideas proposed by the government won’t work.

Locked MWAURA: My trials and tribulations in Jubilee

Today, the once powerful ruling party has two competing factions seeking to control it.

ABDI: The corrupt are psychopaths who deserve no mercy

The vice can only be eradicated through timely investigations, prosecution and recovery of ill-gotten wealth.

BWIRE: Investment in youth key to peace and development

The government should include young people in decision making processes to create a better nation.

KIBII: How Kenya could maximise on trade benefits in Southeast Asia

If the markets are well exploited, mining and textile industries will create jobs and other opportunities.

Locked GHAI: What is at stake in the debate over devolved functions

Functions still being carried out at the national level include roads and agriculture.

KATHURE: Protect multiparty democracy to ensure open society

This means civil society and the media should remain vigilant in holding those in power accountable.

Locked MUGWANG'A: Ruto should nurture, not kill political parties

A strong opposition is good for checks and balances for the government.