How animation can make millennials learn Kenya's history

Creatives can retell Kenya's stories in a manner that will celebrate our national heroes.

Okoa Mombasa! Okoa Kiambu! Do the counties need saving?

It has been hard for elements of the national government to accept logic of devolution.

Governor Awiti blames 'migrating fish' for reduced revenue

Says tough economic times occasioned by migration of fish from Kenyan waters to Uganda.

Peaceful parliamentary elections marks national unity

Today, especially after the handshake, things are different.

Debunking political rhetoric on census results

After the release of these results, politicians were among the first to complain.

Kenyans paying price of opaque tax treaty with Mauritius

Kenya lost $1.78 billion and $1.35 billion in tax revenues to Mauritius in the last two ...

Make public all agreements with China

The cost of transportation needs to go below that of the road to make sense

What Kibra by-election taught us

The question is whether Uhuru has sold his deputy “downriver” and if so, why?

Why Ruto can't be underestimated

He can overcome setbacks that would have destroyed lesser men.

Politicians on hate speech overdrive as NCIC talks tough

The main protagonists have been MPs from Jubilee and ODM Party.

Uhuru, kwa ground vitu ni different

Many people use statistics the same way a drunk man uses a lamp post.

Elections easier won out of fear than love, hatred

There exist various instances in Kenya when fear has been deployed with achievements.

Court Drama: Magistrate forced to intervene after child ...

Woman told the magistrate that she had come to wait for her relative who was in the dock.

Bunge drama: MP disowns NCIC nominee, as ex-legislator did ...

Ex- lawmaker without telling committee his actual age denied having been born in 1941.

We must change how we relate with census

No community is self-supporting enough to thrive by tribal successes.

Politicians’ affinity to witchcraft makes them alter data

Some countries conduct censuses using data from population registers.

More Siasa

Kedong families evicted for geothermal project

Resettlement disputes rock parts of Naivasha, stalling projects, displacing many families.

Census results disputed but tyranny of numbers uncontested

Urban areas grow phenomenally, Nairobi records 4.391 million people.

Status quo between Uhuru and Ruto cannot continue

Ruto may be preparing to borrow a page from Raila’s playbook of 2005 referendum.

Revisiting the Judiciary will backfire, return us to the 'dark days' and hurt the economy

President fails to grasp separation of powers; CJ is fully his equal.