Increased UK investment means more jobs

Strong, diverse private sector is key to unlocking Kenya’s economic potential

Ethiopia has steered Igad well, more needs to be done

Reflecting on Ethiopia’s achievements and challenges can help shape Igad's future.

Reshuffle: Why Ruto must be worried sick

If the system says you won't be President, believe it you are not going to.

Kiunjuri’s sacking from Cabinet was long overdue

Kiunjuri was doing nothing or very little to address raised issues.

Pike's memoir on Uganda bush war cautionary tale

Combatants: A Memoir of the Bush and the Press in Uganda is an important historical ...

Beginning of the end for Uhuru-Ruto

Since last year, the relationship between has been anything but cordial.

How Ruto's journey of 'betrayal' mirrors Raila

Ruto and his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta, have been squabbling quietly.

Tangatanga and Kieleweke: Useful idiots or allies?

Factions likely waging war whose end game they're not privy to.

It will be dangerous to have a PM with no real power

Power is not so much how it’s defined but how it’s exercised.

Ensuring poll sexual violence never happens

Everyone has a role to play. We owe it to our country. We owe it to the survivors.

Is Kivutha Kibwana the new watermelon in BBI?

Kibwana has not been vocal in supporting the initiative from the start.

State must respect court orders

To defy court orders is to institutionalize anarchy. It’s to usher lawlessness

Kenya should create research institute for global warming

We have innovative people, giving Kenya a huge opportunity as it moves from the “third ...

The likes of Wahome must stop disrespecting Uhuru

The President can and should be criticised but it must be constructive and respectful.

How geopolitics back Uhuru, Raila's post-2022 era

Fate has brought together Uhuru and Raila in a union that will offer a rare opportunity ...

Proposal to hold referendum alongside polls 'wrong'

The referendum question will be in included as the seventh ballot.

More Siasa

Many women outshine men, don't let gender bill flop

Bill to ensure gender parity was dismissed by Senate’s Justice and Committee.

Prosecutor trolls colleague over her cheap hair extension

Prosecutor had to leave after his comments had made the woman almost cry.

US-Iran: Fresh war in this decade not good

Some war hawks are justifying clash.

Is Sonko a genius or simply providential?

Sonko's actions aren't random but conscientiously computed to arrive at a preconceived favourable.