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Locked AJUOK: Why it's so easy to pick Raila as best presidential candidate

Elections are not just about winning by the number of votes, but also what values winners bring into office

Locked High turnout in Azimio strongholds key in deciding winner

Supporters must be acutely aware every ballot not cast is a vote for the opposition.

OMWENGA: We must have peaceful elections

This is our election and no foreign government should even think twice about interfering.

Locked Uhuru factor in final push against Ruto

President Kenyatta has pulled out out all the stop to crush DP Ruto.

Locked Mbarire, Kivuti in close battle for Embu governor

The gubernatorial position has interested a total of four aspirants

Locked KABILA: A Raila presidency will spur hope for Africa

Getting Odinga to the presidency will be a breather to the quest for democracy and its proponents in Africa

Locked KABUGI: Why Ruto will emerge winner in Tuesday's polls

Uhuru’s conspicuous involvement in the Raila  campaign is eroding Odinga’s credibility

ABDIWAHID MIRE: Robow’s appointment to Somalia Cabinet boost to counterterrorism

Countering extremism is among key crucial issues tasked with him as minister for Endowment and Religious Affairs.

OYUGA: Sending fare culture gone bad

Men thinking they own you because of fare is ludicrous

Locked SISULE: Universal health coverage a pipe dream under Jubilee regime

World Bank data shows out-of-pocket health expenditure remained high under Jubilee.

GITU: Universal access to pay bill a welcome relief

From July 2022 the pay bill platform is available to all mobile money customers.

Locked WARIO: Is a degree necessary for effective political leadership?

Leadership at the highest level encapsulates the ideas of country first, peace, service, honour, honesty, duty, ...

NYAKUNDI: Grant peace a victory this August

If they divide us, they don’t deserve us, we don’t deserve them, and they don’t deserve our votes.

Locked OMWENGA: Why Raila, Martha are destined to win presidency

If one appreciates freedom—and we all should and must—then it can only be fair and wise to reward Raila

Locked AJUOK: Mirage of debate victories and how to win in absentia

Jury is still out on whether Raila “won” the debate in absentia or if he should just have come, given the underwhelming ...

Locked GHAI: Reflections on Ruto’s promise to remove presidential immunity

Time to commit a crime but not to face its consequences?

MUTUNGA: Elections have given us neither democracy nor freedom

What they give us is a golden political opportunity to continue our struggle for a just, free, independent country.