Kenya’s missed opportunities for nationhood and prosperity

It seems highly unlikely the dream will be realised in the near future.

Opposing BBI won't take Ruto to State House

The system, with Uhuru a major part , has long decided Ruto won't be President..

How Jerry Rawlings captured Africa’s imagination

No other African leader radically transformed the economy, political freedoms as Rawlings..

Lessons from US election and how BBI can effect them

Our Constitution borrowed heavily from the US political system, governance structure.

Yatani, the truth shall let you free

Treasury CS has been caught lying to Kenyans on the state the economy.

Uganda's 2021 General Election all set to be flawed

A UPDF commander swore in a video they will not hand over power to 'ideologically drunkard people'

Why my 'US failed state' Twitter thread went viral

It was viewed nearly 4 million times, with over 50,000 likes, half as many retweets.

'Inclusion' in BBI and latest bizarre proposals on elections

Some recommendations diminish inclusion. Political ethnicity can easily be exclusionary.

Honouring and recognising human rights defenders

Rights defenders have advocated rights to health services and accountability for Covid spending.

What was 'BBI can't be amended' hullaballoo all about?

We we told the BBI report couldn’t be amended but a lot has actually been altered.

Why Uhuru, Raila-backed referendum Bill will sail through county assemblies

The two handshake partners enjoy massive support in most assemblies.

How Biden and Kerry could rebuild America’s global climate leadership

Once Biden takes office, Kerry will be joining high-level discussions on the energy transition at the UN

Safe and inclusive sanitation key to climate-resilience cities

With increased rural-urban migration, things are getting more challenging for Kenya’s cities

BBI blurs, undermines separation of powers, checks and balances

In practice, separation of powers is just a concept whose practicality should be interrogated.

Why BBI changes would be impossible even with Uhuru, Raila support

It is in the interest of the country for this process to move to the next stage.

Joe Biden’s World Order

The Biden administration will be consumed by healing the domestic wounds that Trump has inflicted

Voting should be about the people, not politicians’ greed for power

BBI conversation must be seized to put the citizen at the centre of all decisions.

Jubilee to have four deputy party leaders

Move meant to dilute the DP's influence and box him out of the party succession matrix.

10 reasons why DP Ruto will be next president

Ruto could benefit from the Kikuyu hoi polloi who reject being branded as betrayers one ...