Waiguru’s impeachment acquittal: Innocent or Teflon Effect?

Teflon has become a moniker synonymous with the concept of accusations not sticking to a person.

Making, ratifying and implementing treaties is important

We need more active involvement of the people in previewing, pushing for useful treaties.

Presidential bid: Kenyans, scrutinise Kibwana's history

Ignoring warning signals from the past can have terrible consequences.

Revenue sharing formula: Give money to people, not land

We need to be careful not to create new forms of marginalisation.

Ruto army crumbles with only few remnants fighting on

Ruto left with an army of less than 15 stalwart MPs.

Move Jomo Kenyatta’s statue from KICC to a museum

Jomo played no role in achieving independence.

Nepotism, tribal hiring in government should be a crime

Uhuru is not tribal, at least going by how he treats friends in his circle

High-end fuel guzzlers presented for adversary's homecoming

Man had rejected links to player inked to care hire company, then he got cars.

Why Uhuru's coalition is good for multiparty democracy

Those complaining after they miss the train should initiate their alternative alliances.

MUGWUKU: Uhuru doesn't have to accept JSC list

The President is not a rubber stamp to just approve recommended judges

Insecurity in Marsabit county: The unspoken truth

If voters don't reject politicians who don't value human life, they deserve their fate.

Kenya-UK partnership in security and stability

While we are uniting against the virus, we can't forget tackling insecurity and extremism.

Ruto-backed Raila presidency solution to our woes

In this arrangement, Raila will serve one term after which Ruto can succeed him.

Government must account for Covid-19 donations

We must demand for regular financial expenditure reports from the ministry.

MPs to Kimunya: Leave office with honour when time comes

Kimunya's words returned to haunt him during Duale handover.

Magistrate forces cop to buy face mask for suspect

Magistrate wondered how the cops were handling suspects without masks.

More Siasa

You don’t have as much freedom of expression as you think

“See what the people want to say, tell them they must ask for our permission first”.

Now reform racist international order at UNSC

It will be interesting to see whether Uhuru will not put his money where his mouth is.

Strengthen county oversight to avoid impeachments

Devolution is the revolution, and corruption is not a devolved function.

Empower EACC to ensure suspects don't benefit from loot

Much like a bank robber, one should not have access to the money they have stolen.