KHALID: Protection of human rights needs a sane police service

Security stakeholders must support the police to address mental health issues of the officers

The danger of allowing soldiers in civilian spaces

Giving the military a taste for running the country would jumping from the frying pan into the fire

Kanini Kega: Rooting for Raila in Mt Kenya

Says Raila deserves to be rewarded because the country is experiencing peace, following his handshake with Uhuru.

Alice Wahome’s Dunning-Kruger effect on bottom-up economics

Attempting to explain that which you don't understand is as useless as having windscreen wipers on a submarine.

Why Musalia Mudavadi could go all the way to the ballot

I'll be in the field in 2022 and there are no two ways about it, declares ANC chief

Covid-19 and elections: How relevant is African Court case for Kenya?

Our Constitution leaves no space for any postponement of an election that is not specifically provided for in it.

JEBET: Raila is getting isolated

All Nasa principals have left for OKA and ODM cannot be the only party in the alliance.

KANYADUDI: Kenya faces 1st test of presidential runoff in 2022

Raila, Ruto will likely emerge top of the pack, but without the threshold of 50% + 1

ISAAC MWAURA: Bottom-up economic model explained

The bottom-up approach is a democratic, egalitarian and sustainable way of baking the cake for all to share

OMWENGA: Time Raila gets the presidency he has been denied before

The doyen of the opposition has the goodwill and support to easily put him over 50%+1.

GATHARA: Political class not interested in fair polls

What they want are elections they can manipulate.

How Kenya can convert waste into wealth

There is unproductive solid waste management in most developing countries

AJUOK: Security and stability key ingredients in 2022

The problem with small security challenges is that they may be a microcosm of bigger issues within the establishment.

OMWENGA: Shelve BBI or risk losing to Ruto

If BBI were to be revived, one can take it to the bank that Ruto has what it takes to have it defeated at a referendum

YUSSUF: By-elections loss product of Jubilee's self-destruction

Jubilee went for the jugular of some of its leaders in Parliament, those associated with DP Ruto

TOM KAGWE: End of the road for Jubilee

Now that the Jubilee Party is literally dead awaiting burial, what is the fate of the BBI?

KABATESI: Save IEBC from recycled appointment hunters

The commission needs extremely fresh, untainted and independent minds

Jubilee to have four deputy party leaders

Move meant to dilute the DP's influence and box him out of the party succession matrix.

10 reasons why DP Ruto will be next president

Ruto could benefit from the Kikuyu hoi polloi who reject being branded as betrayers one ...