Uhuru's polygamy might bring down the country

Only the President knows the plans he has for Raila and Ruto, who are operating in the dark.

Matiang’i task is to help finish Ruto

Those who know him know fully well this is a task he’s most unsuited for.

Celebrating black colonial civil servants, aka home guards

With our cleansing of home guards, what is the difference between them and ourselves?

A nation of telephone people

We've delegated almost all tasks to this ubiquitous, magical little gadget.

Transition is tricky, risky so handle it deftly

Whenever there is a key leadership change there are usually stoking of fears of what it ...

Read Constitution to grasp responsibilities of MPs, SRC

Kenya yet to develop clear conception of the role of state officers, and how they should ...

It’s 50m of us against a formidable wall

If we watch quietly on the sidelines, nothing will ever change.

The new strategic battle for Ukambani

In May Mutua, Kibwana and Ngilu entered the Southern Kenya Economic Bloc trade agreement ...

Rift Valley shifts could spell doom for Tangatanga squad

There are more politicians waiting for the opportune time to jump ship.

90 years of grace: A missionary remembers

White patronage at every level of success was both a blessing and a curse.

United Coast will get slice of the cake

Individual efforts must be discouraged at all costs.

Gestapo-like laws will impede graft, terror wars

It looks like the authorities are getting desperate.

Let Safaricom build a Bob Collymore School of Oncology

We mustn't pay lip service to the cancer battle and all other diseases ravaging Kenyans.

Uhuru pursues holy cause of preserving peace and unity

Uhuru saw an opportunity for peace where many saw disaster.

Uhuru, Raila must counter Ruto before it's too late

Ruto must believe he has made sufficient inroads into Uhuru’s backyard.

Bob's legacy: Leadership more about software than hardware

The 'soft' side or software side of Bob brought enormous positive change to Safaricom.

More Siasa

Kenyans arise, future too important to be left to tiny elite

Democracy freezes when citizens stop engaging and this one has frozen.

Isiolo-Mandera Road will transform Northern Kenya

748-kilometre road will be the biggest game-changer for the Northeastern counties.

What is Interior CS Matiang'i up to?

CS appears to be curving own path amid rumours he could plunge into 2022 politics.

Senate must halt state's foul games using Parliament

County governments have been starved of financial resources deliberately