Only talent can rescue Kenya's youths

According to the KNBS, the number of formal jobs decreased from 19% to 16.6%.

CBC is good, but should not be rushed

Teachers are not only ready to teach the new curriculum, but they are not able to do so.

We should rethink finances in varsities

We need to take lessons on fiscal prudence in managing financial resources.

The fallacy of housing scheme and Huduma Namba

The housing levy amounts to another tax burden on the already overburdened Kenyans.

Why Trump is still favourite in 2020 polls

Within two years in office he has rewritten the international relations protocol.

Why Ruto allies chickened out of plot to impeach Matiang’i

The leaked Wetang'ula audio was the major source of what was being aired by media.

Reciprocity: US should ease Visa application process

Diplomatic etiquette seems to be breaking down between Kenya and the US.

Proposals for teacher education in CBC

Magoha has invited Kenyans to give suggestions on the CBC implementation.

Ashes to ashes: Acceptance of cremation as burial costs rise

As society changes, tradition is losing its hold and burials are becoming less elaborate.

Where are wazees like Magoha to govern Kenya?

The Magohas can't play this game as they’re principled and find the game dirty.

How state officers sabotaged Galana Kulalu project

Senate session revealed how state officers orchestrated collapse of the model farm.

Somalia’s renaissance a welcome respite for the Horn

PM Kheire's far-reaching security sector reform is a legacy defining one.

Open memo to Justice committee on amending Article 90

In 2013, very few people understood the system that Article 90 sets up.

The odds of Jumwa winning a by-election

Malindi MP is fighting expulsion by ODM in court, ruling expected on May 21.

Why plan to scrap Education degrees is a bad idea

Contexts should package the content courses to suit the situations in their countries.

US - Kenya Relations: A friendship that yields results

It is important that we continue to hold a special place in the hearts of Americans too.

More Siasa

Challenges to SDP as a communist party

The CPOK now faces the challenge of changing Kenyan society in the interest of the masses.

The military is not some law-free zone

Constitution makes it clear that the time for the military to be insulated from the law ...

How Kenya can overcome entrenched negative ethnicity

In spite of where one comes from, whatever their last name is, we are all human, Kenyan ...

Where's double-digit growth UhuRuto promised?

The 58-year-old head of state is walking a tightrope on his development pledges.