O’OKWEMBA: In search of the Kenyan connection in Morocco

The visit to Tangier was the Kenyan connection I was looking for.

BWIRE: Nairobi could be the ultimate gourmet experience

A gourmet experience in Nairobi is definitely one way of using soft power with flavour.

OMULLO: Invest in Kisumu potential to stop violence

Whereas Ruto has mademoves that indicate intention of dealing with the political class, more needs to be done

KATHURE: State must not stigmatise protest, protestors

In the recent past, Kenya has seen daily peaceful protests

MUGWANG’A: Multi-agency approach key in terrorism fight

Terrorism requires joint actions from state, non-state actors, citizens and other stakeholders

MWAURA: Raila’s handshakes script for 26 years; the goal is obvious

It is not by coincidence that on the 5th anniversary of his handshake with Uhuru, Raila declared protests predictably ...

DEEQ: Why Somalia should reconsider bid to join EAC

Somalia should instead seek increased integration with the Horn of Africa and bilateral deals with EAC member states

OMWENGA: Mass action not ripe, Ruto needs time

The President has barely had time to assemble his government to increase the pace to deliver his vision

Why CS Kuria’s sensational remarks portend geopolitical consequences

Rattling a single foreign business is worth far-reaching geopolitical consequences.

Locked MWAMISI: Time Raila considers political succession

The political landscape has morphed, and nobody, not even Raila, can hold back the clock

AJUOK: Demos portends new chapter in liberation struggle

Results of the disputed 2022 elections have Raila and Ruto dividing the country almost in half

KERKERING: LGBTQI judgment and judges' difficult decisions

The judges were vilified or lauded based on what the public assumed their individual beliefs were.

SDGs not working for Africans, global north to blame, says report

Fewer children in sub-Saharan Africa are going to school and income inequalities are worsening.

MUGWANG'A: Civilian attacks on police officers unacceptable

The maiming and killing of the people supposed to protect us is a slippery slope to a situation we might not be able to ...

Locked Matiang'i case: Lessons from past transitions for Ruto

It’s time to shut out the hawks and really get down to work

Locked NYONG'O: Kenya Kwanza illiberalism threat to Constitution

Illiberalism becomes even worse when those who exercise political power

Locked Will the new IEBC buck historic curses?

There are candidates who lose fair and squarely but forever complain of having been rigged when that was not the case