OWALO: Kenya's digital economy is in the horizon

The endgame envisages a paperless government that supports gig and 24-hour economy.

MWAMISI: Executive’s focus on fighting graft a healthy sign

Individuals involved in corruption are powerful, crafty and utilise information to the disadvantage of government.

Locked MUGWANG'A: Elected leaders switching sides erodes democracy

The trend essentially weakens opposition's role to check the government.

Locked ODENY: To understand Bible, Mambo ni Mawili; text, context

When we ignore the context we miss the original meaning of what God intended.

State must make varsity education affordable for the poor

A good university education model should help families escape the cycle of poverty.

GHAI: County boundaries (for new counties): another crisis?

There is a tendency to change constitution to solve problems that it could solve.

Locked OMWENGA: Mr President, time to change Kenya is now

He can achieve all this by reshuffling the Cabinet and waging a genuine war on corruption.

Locked AJUOK: It's hypocritical of ODM rebels to defy expulsion

The legislators argue they go to State House to seek development for their people.

MUGWE: To pay taxes or starve the beast?

Taxes essentially shift resources from private individuals and businesses to the government

MWAURA: Kenya has clawed back from economic precipice

Critics point out problems demanding five years' results in one year.

OMWENGA: Let’s have truce on stolen elections

This starts with reconstitution of  IEBC and having an agency that can deliver credible polls.

Locked MUGWANG'A: What Ruto must do to save the sugar industry

The President should begin by including sugarcane farmers, factory workers and industry experts in decision-making ...

Locked Promises of Africa Climate Summit must be delivered in Dubai

Too many broken promises and pledges, countries must keep their word on finance.

Empowering future generation to combat climate change

Through grassroots initiatives, young people should strive to drive change in their local communities.

Locked Dilemma of Kenyan youth: To survive or fight climate change

Unlike their peers in more privileged parts of the world, these young people endure economic hardships.

Locked Code of conduct: Will this mark the end of rogue pastors?

The document is applicable to churches and church institutions, church leaders and para-church organisations.

Locked AJUOK: Of coups, fraudulent polls and democracy on trial

Putschs are essentially a fight between the uniformed forces and the civilian rulers on looting of national resources.