Somali government slaps Jubaland State with more sanctions

This is in a bid to crippling it into submission and to tow the government line, local media reports

How procurement officers swindle billions through tenders

Tender prices are varied and excess costs passed to officers in kickbacks.

Raila-Uhuru merger would be second rebirth

Is history repeating itself? Are we likely to see a merger between Jubilee and ODM?

Mugabe was Africa's superhero but White man’s super-villain

We need maturity to acknowledge that despite his weaknesses, Mugabe was a great hero.

Kibra is intertwined with Raila’s past and future

Any serious contender for the seat must contend with Raila’s legacy.

Nyoro's arrest was political intolerance, abuse of police

This is clearly a political contest of the Jubilee factions -Tangatanga and Kieleweke.

How succession vacuum has created rifts in Mt Kenya

Mt Kenya leaders have aligned themselves with Ruto, Raila and Mudavadi.

Ruto's handouts culture bad for country

We should solve our problems from the root cause, not by giving out handouts.

Is constitutional change really what we need?

Constitution often does say something about the behaviour that the public tend to deplore.

I am no Raila's sycophant, we share same ideology - Nyong'o

We should focus on making proposals for improving our Constitution.

What churches should learn from shopping malls

Like the malls, the church is not immune to the creative disruption.

Lazy judges delaying court cases should be punished

Backlog of cases is a reflection on the lack of efficiency in the country’s justice ...

Ruto DP dilemma as allies push for pact with Mudavadi

Ruto invited Mudavadi to cross over to his camp and forge a pre-2022 election deal.

How ODM ensured  peaceful nomination in Kibra

All materials had police escort and officers remained on guard.

Xenophobia: South Africa has a duty to make peace with ...

Global scale of human hatred calls for countervailing narrative and policies to establish ...

Forget about Wanjiku, let’s focus on Moraa

Moraa will mean all Kenyans who care about our country and interested in their welfare ...

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Leaders hold dearly to their convictions for a better life for humanity

Why Raila should not fall for sycophants' tricks

Nothing wrong with title 'Baba' but people shouldn't turn into imbeciles.

If elephants count, people living with disability must count

This data needs to be further disaggregated and analysed to examine the true status of PWD’s in Kenya

Public access to law is important

Many countries are now trying to help individuals who cannot afford a lawyer.