Locked Regions that could decide Raila, Ruto duel

Central, Western and Ukambani are the regions to watc.h

Mohamud's election rejuvenates war on al Shabaab in Somalia

President Joe Biden signs an order authorising hundreds of US special forces to be sent back to Somalia

SHEIKH: Mohamud election opportunity to rekindle Somalia-Kenya ties

Sheikh Mohamud insists Kenya and Somalia are joined at the hip and thus are inseparable.

Kibaki: Friend of those in need, to many Ugandans a friend indeed

After scoring his First Class Honours in Economics, and teaching at Makerere, Kibaki returned to Kenya to join politics

KABATESI: Why Western's stake is in Kenya Kwanza not Azimio

A rigmarole dream for the Mulembe nation during sabbatical

GHAI: Why parties should prioritise two-thirds gender rule

Will the courts finally say “Enough is enough” and uphold Justice Mwita’s ruling?

WARIO: Politics and diplomacy of international scholarships

Among the beneficiaries are future leaders, influencers, decision and opinion makers and policy formulators

D-Day as Somalia set to elect president in crowded field

The election coincides with the anniversary of the Somali Youth League, the first Somali political party

AJUOK: Running mate circus exposes presidential candidates’ soft underbelly

After UhuRuto, candidates have to be alive to the dangers of strong personalities outshining them in office

Hide and seek: The Raila, Ruto running mate game

Camps use decoys, disinformation to confuse opponents, hide real choices.

Locked OMWENGA: Ruto’s swagger should worry everyone

Is it true that Ruto’s wealth is ill-gotten or corruptly from the coffers?

Kenya Kwanza is simply UDA

In Nairobi, the three top positions — governor, senator and woman representative — were all reserved for UDA

GITU: Alternative vote formula to identify ideal running mate

The way the presidential aspirants navigate this issue will determine their success or loss in August polls

KNEEDLER: US doesn't have preferred candidates in August polls

But has an abiding interest in supporting the election and the constitutional right of all eligible Kenyans to vote.

AWINO: Crackdown on corrupt, money launderers to protect economy

Individuals who avoid legitimate financial systems and overlook best financial practices are criminals

AJUOK: Could independent wave bury political parties

The number of independents speaks more to the level of disillusionment with the conduct of party primaries

Party leader promises to primaries losers a red herring

The executive positions in government being promised post-election are non-existent.