To control spread of coronavirus, use wisdom of the crowd

Ask people in slums what works—not running water for 20 seconds to handwash.

Lockdown will only hurt Kenyans' pockets more

Kenyans have defied government orders, because most live from hand to mouth.

Ruto turf governors split on governance system

11 Rift governors separately presented their proposals to the BBI taskforce.

Lockdown would be tough, maybe impossible

Experts fear Kenya's bleeding economy may not withstand total lockdown.

Why non-executive President would be better

BBI is advocating re-organisation of the national government.

Coronavirus: Why price control is bad for economy

Is price gouging always an immoral act? No, and this is why ...

Covid-19 is real, we must all work together to conquer it

The national government should immediately announce minimum standards to be met by all ...

Fury as feaces found at court parking lot

Security guard says court dealing with extreme garbage.

Coronavirus: How Kenya can turn around its ailing economy

Lockdown? Most Kenyans cannot afford to stay home, otherwise, they would starve

Uganda Doom’s Day massacre: No justice, lessons 20 years ...

The Kalungu Massacre was the biggest act of mass cult murder in modern history.

Upscale testing and medical oxygen supply to fight ...

It is time we find a sustainable strategy to ensure a constant supply of oxygen in all ...

Why Kenya, Uganda's quest for oil production a dream

The ongoing problem posed by the Covid-19 means Project Oil Kenya is simply unattainable ...

Uhuru directives on Covid-19 laudable but some fall short

We need the President to inform us about the curriculum yet to be completed.

Kikuyu, Luo, Kamba numbers down while Somalis, Kalenjin up

Communities' numbers will help determine their share of resources.

Worsening insecurity portends violent, divisive polls

Dialogue urgently needed to devise ways of dealing with insecurity.

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Nairobi takeover good motive laden with legal problems

Nairobi’s governance problems revolve around Sonko's incompetence.

Handshake can make deputy president opposition leader

There's nothing like government without political divide within a democratic context.

Forces behind PM assassination attempt enemies of Sudan

Usurpers of power aren’t ready to let Sudan heal.

Is Ruto unpalatable bellwether?

Wanjiku: When you choose hustlers and dynasties over decent candidates, never complain.