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Purely purple moments

Spotting a purple gallinule provides a pure pleasure

Killer speed deed

KWS now need to take more drastic action to control speeding in the park

Nairobi’s green lungs

Our lives are like flowers in a forest. We bud, we blossom and we fade

Guardians of nature?

It is upon us to save 'green island' in an ocean of concrete from being decimated

Why you shouldn't hate bats

Many people dislike bats, believing they are dirty, ugly and disease carrying

Cheating the cheetah

It would be very sad if cheetah are no longer resident in the park

Zebra ‘on the roll’

No two zebras are the same, they have a unique marking pattern

The rarest reedbuck

There are only about 25 Chanler's mountain reedbuck in the park

Lionese lessons

Lions spend up to 18 hours a day simply 'lying' around

Rabbits or hares

Hares have 48 chromosomes while rabbits have 44

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