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Frank and Lyn

It is always good to imagine what sort of life some creatures live

Will Twenty Twenty-Two be 2020, too?

World is stuck in a Groundhog Day of corona waves and restrictions

The good Safaritans

These are those people who help others in need while in the bush

Holiday moments

You need to shift from 'city mode' to 'bush mode'

Alive at 75

Some battles have been won, others lost in keeping Nairobi Park viable

World Cheetah Day

Thrill of following five cheetahs for three days in the Maasai Mara

Pups are playful

They become increasingly quarrelsome as they age

The longest lizards

They  frequent aquatic areas with plenty of bush and reed cover

Our friends the bats

Bats do much good and make life better for many people in amazing ways

Biomass and balance

Biomass is the potential food energy available in kg per sq km

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