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The big babies

The calf may continue suckling for over 12 months

What lions think when they see humans

Life in the wild depends on the survival of the fittest

Biomass and balance

Herbivore's survival dependent on food energy available

Cows and cats

• Their battle for survival has been going on for thousands of years

Cute amphibians with killer claws

Terrapins are a kind of 'land turtle' found in fresh water

Creature whose kick can kill a lion

They are gentle most of the time

Purely purple moments

Spotting a purple gallinule provides a pure pleasure

Killer speed deed

KWS now need to take more drastic action to control speeding in the park

Nairobi’s green lungs

Our lives are like flowers in a forest. We bud, we blossom and we fade

Guardians of nature?

It is upon us to save 'green island' in an ocean of concrete from being decimated

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