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Pups are playful

They become increasingly quarrelsome as they age

The longest lizards

They  frequent aquatic areas with plenty of bush and reed cover

Our friends the bats

Bats do much good and make life better for many people in amazing ways

Biomass and balance

Biomass is the potential food energy available in kg per sq km

Giraffes, strange and elegant

Their mannerisms and way of moving are unique

Starlings are darlings

Their magnificent shining feathers reflect in the sunlight at angles

Open bill thrills

They have never been common, so a mass sighting is exciting

The lungs of Nairobi

Trees are crucial in climate control

Go, rhino, go!

World Rhino Day offered chance to reflect on black and white species

The 'speckletacular' cats

They are difficult to see due to their markings

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