What’s your buzz?

Nairobi National Park is a great place to escape to to experience nature

In Summary

• We are often too busy to enjoy life in Nairobi

Zebra laugh
Zebra laugh

In the modern madness of the Nairobi megacity, it is so easy to become over-burdened with the burdens of the multiple issues and events that happen constantly, to the point where overload happens and people behave in ways that are definitely not normal, I call this “busy buzz” syndrome and it is especially concerning if extended stress results in “burnout”.

We all get infected with “Busy Buzz” syndrome at times, the cure remedy I often take is not ingested through the mouth, but rather through the eyes, nose, ears and touch as our natural senses are influenced by experiencing the God created wonders of nature. I then choose to let go and experience the flora and fauna around me, so that my innermost being is touched supernaturally, especially when I pray and ask God.

I call the cure remedy my “ Bush Buzz” or “Soul tonic”. There are many places to escape to experience nature. The Nairobi National Park is situated next to Nairobi, allowing people to “escape” quite easily to this living green cathedral . Slow down and look for the really small things, or just sit quietly in a place of beauty, to often rewarded with unusual and special sightings.

Remember this “when we look for the smallest we can also see the largest”, from bees to rhino’s..etc, take time out and come to explore the wonders of the Nairobi National Park. So what is your current buzz?  It is so special when you can “escape” to the park with a serious case of stressed out “ Busy Buzz”, and then unwind to eventually leave, returning home with the warm healing feeling of the “Bush Buzz” that I also call “Soul Tonic”. I honestly believe that God created the wonders of nature for mankind to also enjoy and appreciate. The choice is yours, “Busy buzz” or “bush buzz”?

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