Fabulous family outings

A memory of a lifetime awaits you at the Nairobi National Park

In Summary

• How to prepare properly for a visit to the park

Serval in Sosian valley
Serval in Sosian valley

With the upcoming holidays approaching, if you are planning a family day in the park. I believe the following basic tips could make your day really fantastic.

1) Try to preplan your food and drinks in advance

2) Use a cooler box with ice packs to keep food and drinks fresh and cold

3) Its worth waking up very early for a game drive  

4) stop at a picnic site for a meal together

5) pack a good set of binoculars

6) A map and some basic ID books are useful when seeing various species

7) Having a decent camera helps to enhance the experience as you are able to capture some of your sightings in the form of photos

8) Don’t travel to much, take time to sit and relax at various dams and treed areas

9) Don’t worry about finding lions first, rather focus on enjoying every species and then if a lion sighting happens it will be a special bonus

10) If you have young children, take nature theme childrens books, colouring books and games, don’t take long drives 

11) Slow down to the pace of nature, and relax!

12) Bring your original ID to the main gate to avoid complications with fee rates

13) KWS does not accept any cash, most people pay using MPESA or credit cards.

14) Before going into the park we ask God for peace as we experience the wonders of creation. Being in a natural environment, even just for a few hours is definitely like a “soul tonic “ or a medicine “dawa” for our innermost being. A wonderful moment to escape from the crazy fast paced world around us.

I believe that God has created the natural wonders of nature to also give us pleasure and stress relief. I hope that those who venture out will have a wonderful fun-filled family experience that will be a memory of a lifetime.

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