Instances you don't need a mechanic

There is no need to make trips to the garage for every minor repair.

In Summary
  • You don't always need a mechanic to help you change the engine oil
  • The same applies to radiator fluid, wipers and the headlights 

In a country that was once described as a man-eat-man society, taking your car for a repair unsupervised is one of the riskiest things to do. 

The unscrupulous nature of the automobile industry has left many car owners in tears as their cars return from the repair shop with more mechanical problems than before. 

While mechanics are a necessity in your life as car owner, some have itchy fingers, always eager to nip out any spare part from your  vehicle to earn an extra buck. 

Still, you can't help but take your car to the garage whenever there is a mechanical issue. 

Apparently not...there are many situations in which you simply need to spend money purchasing a spare part and fix it without a trip to the garage. 

One of these instances is when replacing your engine oil. This is a seamless process, which simply involves opening oil sump to rid the engine of the used portion before pouring in the new one.

Many drivers opt to delegate this responsibility to mechanics because either they do not understand the required engine oil for their vehicles or simply do not have the time on their hands to do this. 

In most instances, you would also not need external assistance to replace your headlights — or other lights — if you are versed with the operator's manual. 

Being one of the most pivotal components for safe driving, headlights require regular replacement or repair to ensure they efficiently illuminate the car's path. 

Inability to replace them by yourself will probably mean more trips to the garage, which translates to more costs and the risk of some of your car parts being stolen by unscrupulous mechanics. 

Similarly, you can easily replace your car's wipers so long as you keenly follow the manufacturer's manual or instructions.

Wipers are an important accessory in wet or rainy weather and will need to be to be in tip-top condition for proper vision in such conditions. 

Therefore, just like headlights, they will also require regular replacement especially due to the wear and tear of the rubbers that wipe the windshield clean while driving in rainy conditions. 

Another car part that does not require the input of the mechanic on most occasions is the battery.  You can easily replace the battery water by opening it up, pouring out the used water before putting in the new one. 

After adding in the battery water, you simply need to run the car engine for a minute and it will be as brand new as before. 

The need to consistently replace your radiator fluid is a no-brainer. Without water in the engine, you are simply courting disaster and will soon have a shell for a car. 

This is something you can avoid by always checking the water levels in the radiator every morning before adding more as appropriate. 

As much as these mechanical tasks may seem child's play, it is important to call up your mechanic at the first instance when you are not seeing the results desired. 

Let the experts handle not persevere with repairing a mechanical issue when it's clear you have reached a dead end. It's for your safety and that of the car. 


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