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Woman held for boyfriend's death in Wote

Family members who saw the body found blood on the mouth, nose and ears.

How Covid-19 regulations have changed worship

The priest can no longer put sacrament in the mouth of believers

I am Wanjiku's project, not Ruto’s – Kibwana

Governor says the people have been pushing for him to run for president since Moi rule.

Makueni county to repossess disputed Mikululo ranch, says Kibwana

A dusk-to-dawn curfew was declared last Monday to stop bloodletting

Chiefs blamed over Makueni - Kajiado border conflict

The disputed land was sate aside by Kenya Wildlife Service as a dispersal area for grazing

Makueni bans truck drivers without Covid-19 certificates

Makueni, as of Tuesday, has recorded 11 cases.

Son kills father with arrow over Makueni land

Man had two wives who have been embroiled in a tussle over his land.

Man stoned to death for slashing wife with a panga

Kivuku Mutua attacked his wife Purity, after a misunderstanding.

Thwake dam works in progress despite Covid-19 threat

Safety manager says they have reduced workforce to ensure there is the required social distancing.

Funding hitches will hurt ECDE, says Kibwana

Provision of handwashing equipment, soap, hand sanitiser, disinfectants and face masks costly.

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