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MAKODINGO: Elect leaders who live up to Chapter Six

Today, there are some people who have no problem with those who steal public resources.

MAKODINGO: Kenyans have power to reject corrupt leaders

The promise of devolution is being choked by corruption.

Makodingo: Pausing prosecution of graft a mistake

For most of them, their cases are pending in court as the wheels of justice continue to turn slowly.

MAKODINGO: Debunking myth of Ruto capturing the church

Ruto is more like the Sons of Sceva than Apostle Paul - Makodingo

Ruto biggest beneficiary of Mudavadi's earthquake

Ruto has in a single swoop eliminated a formidable chess piece off the board.

MAKODINGO: New strategic focus bears fruits in graft war

Voters should elect leaders who live up to the values in Chapter 6 of the Constitution.

MAKODINGO: Stop corrupt county leaders for devolution to work

All patriotic Kenyans must act decisively to protect county funds from loss and theft.

MAKODINGO: Why Ruto is opposed to Political Parties Bill

William Ruto is obsessed with the idea of a “National Party”.

Kenya’s impressive journey towards vaccine sufficiency

We have now had CoViD-19 under control for some time.

Major political parties need to do more to fight corruption

Our political parties are mostly regional, even the most popular ones.

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