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MAKODINGO: Kenyans have power to reject corrupt leaders

The promise of devolution is being choked by corruption.

Makodingo: Pausing prosecution of graft a mistake

For most of them, their cases are pending in court as the wheels of justice continue to turn slowly.

MAKODINGO: Debunking myth of Ruto capturing the church

Ruto is more like the Sons of Sceva than Apostle Paul - Makodingo

Ruto biggest beneficiary of Mudavadi's earthquake

Ruto has in a single swoop eliminated a formidable chess piece off the board.

MAKODINGO: New strategic focus bears fruits in graft war

Voters should elect leaders who live up to the values in Chapter 6 of the Constitution.

MAKODINGO: Stop corrupt county leaders for devolution to work

All patriotic Kenyans must act decisively to protect county funds from loss and theft.

MAKODINGO: Why Ruto is opposed to Political Parties Bill

William Ruto is obsessed with the idea of a “National Party”.

Kenya’s impressive journey towards vaccine sufficiency

We have now had CoViD-19 under control for some time.

Major political parties need to do more to fight corruption

Our political parties are mostly regional, even the most popular ones.

Kenyans should elect leaders with integrity

Our hotly contested elections are often marred by incidents of violence, voter intimidation.

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