Diamond and Zari in a love triangle

You cannot hate a woman who has given birth to your kids, Diamond says

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•Ex-couple have love interests in reality show  while still seeing other people

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan are in the now-trending Netflix reality show, 'Young, Rich and Famous'.

Late last year, Diamond flew to South Africa to shoot the reality show. The singer admitted that he will never stop loving Zari.

"I love her (Zari). How can you hate a woman who has given birth to your kids?" he responded when asked if he is still in love with her.

Zari confirmed that she is dating and has moved on. She went on to explain that Diamond might have not completely moved on.

The 'Mtasubiri' hitmaker is hitting on Zimbabwean rapper Nadia Nakai, who also has a boyfriend based in the US.

Zari and Andile Cube, a South African TV presenter, seem to slowly fall in love as they have shown interest in each other.

Diamond took to Instagram to share his frustrations with his pal, who broke the bro code.

Diamond said, "You snitched on me, Andile. Out of all my friends."

Andile responded, "Yo! Easy, we spoke about this. I love you like a brother. Your family is my family."

It is not clear if Diamond Platnumz wants Zari Hassan back.

Back in Tanzania, he is rumoured to be dating his signee, Zuchu, and the two have been seen cosying around.

When asked why he cheated on Zari with Hamisa, Diamond explained that a long-distance relationship was difficult for him as Zari was living in South Africa.

Diamond has recently admitted that he is dating. Zari is also dating Ugandan businessman GK Choppa.

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