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Locked OMWENGA: Uhuru hasn't given Raila a dud cheque in the guise of support

It is not true Raila’s campaign is “stymied in energy”, neither is it stymied in “energy, focus and platform.”

OMWENGA: Azimio la Umoja manifesto answer to Kenya’s woes

The manifesto represents changes people have demanded must happen in the next government

Locked OMWENGA: Karua will end Railaphobia in Mt Kenya

The level of excitement Karua has elicited and continues to across the country is precisely what the Azimio campaign ...

Locked OMWENGA: Excitement about Karua's pick shows it's the winning team

The die has been cast, let’s seat back and watch the conclusion of this most unusual election circle.

Locked OMWENGA: Ruto’s swagger should worry everyone

Is it true that Ruto’s wealth is ill-gotten or corruptly from the coffers?

OMWENGA: Raila’s US visit was a smashing success

Raila’s trip though shorted accomplished its purpose and affirms why the man stands alone in terms of his connections

OMWENGA: Comparing and contrasting Raila, Ruto’s US visits

During the visit, Raila is expected to meet and greet Kenyans living in the US

OMWENGA: Kalonzo is in no dilemma over Azimio

The narrative is pejorative of Kalonzo in that it suggests he cannot be trusted

OMWENGA: Why this is Raila’s moment

The ODM leader has been shortchanged several times and now deserves to be Kenya's president

OMWENGA: Time for Azimio to engage cruise control

We have a powerful, indomitable coalition that will easily cruise to victory.

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