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Status quo between Uhuru and Ruto cannot continue

Ruto may be preparing to borrow a page from Raila’s playbook of 2005 referendum.

Consider nuclear option to defeat BBI opponents

BBI implementation is a good deed the government must take every possible measure to make sure it succeeds.

Myth and truth about Uhuru, Raila, Ruto

The case being made is that Uhuru is toothless in Central and will thus be of no consequence in 2022.

Uhuru's post-2022 politics declaration benefits Raila, not Ruto

Ruto is still openly playing with fire and somehow is of the belief he is fireproof.

Enemies within Uhuru, Raila must watch closely

Some of those who have made Raila not be President are his "close friends".

Ruto allies in government are Kenya's own Deep State

It is within Uhuru's powers to fire Ruto loyalists in the deep state.

Uhuru can atone for sins of his father

Why would Uhuru not want his deputy, William Ruto, to succeed him?

Raila-Uhuru merger would be second rebirth

Is history repeating itself? Are we likely to see a merger between Jubilee and ODM?

Forget about Wanjiku, let’s focus on Moraa

Moraa will mean all Kenyans who care about our country and interested in their welfare and that of their fellow Kenyans

Jubilee, ANC candidates have no chance in Kibra

Just as Washington DC is dominated by Blacks, Kibra is dominated by Luos and Luhyas.

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