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Locked OMWENGA: Ruto’s populist campaign back to bite him

The danger in populism is that one can exploit the inequalities and suffering among the masses but only for a short ...

Locked OMWENGA: Is Ruto facing his first big scandal?

Did the Treasury CS really withdraw Sh17 billion for an unlicensed person to buy fuel?

Locked OMWENGA: Ruto right on environment, wrong on execution

Instead of sending CSs in choppers to lead tree planting, why didn’t the President pay youth to do it?

Locked OMWENGA: President Ruto’s opportunity to shine fading fast

Time to account for stolen money which we are all saddled with repayment when we got not a cent in benefit is now.

Locked OMWENGA: Irony of Ruto hosting a dynasty

The problem in Kenya or Africa is not dynastic rule per se but the character of those in power.

Locked OMWENGA: Does Ruto need Gachagua?

There are signs the President is already executing a political strategy to politically neuter his DP.

Locked OMWENGA: Is Ruto keeping his campaign promises?

If there is one thing that can bring down any President, it is over-promising and under-delivering.

Locked OMWENGA: Is a fallout between Ruto, Gachagua in the offing?

In creating the DP position, the constitution drafters created a monster who could eat the President alive.

Locked OMWENGA: The eulogy of Chapter Six

It's not enough to just keep talking tough about fighting graft, let the President do something about it.

Locked OMWENGA: What the Jalang’os of politics don’t understand

Unprincipled party switching renders a mockery of the electoral process

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