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Ruto is trying to have it both ways

By constantly trashing it as he does, he hopes to keep his blind followers animated.

Is Mukhisa Kituyi the handshake presidential candidate?

He's not polarisng and is steeped in knowledge of how to run a successful government.

Ruto has struck the king, must now suffer full consequences

DP has engaged in insubordination. That can only compound his already impossible path to the presidency.

Shelve BBI but ensure right person is elected President

Let the right person win, except this time with the blessing of most of the country.

Stop hustler nation narrative before it's too late

Hustler vs dynasties is only a charade to hoodwink the ignorant into voting en masse.

We need a break from Kikuyu-Kalenjin presidency

Domination in presidential leadership has always meant enjoyment of the national cake.

Kenyans must reject populist conmanship

Populism is based on hatred of Raila in certain parts of the country and giving false promises.

BBI is intended to right past wrongs, not start wars

BBI is here to not to give the presidency to Raila “through the backdoor” but to open the door and say pole

Consider adopting Thanksgiving as national holiday

Let us be thankful for a country that, despite our failings, many continue to hold us high

Joe Nyagah was not given due credit and recognition

Besides his role in having the US intervene in 2007-08, he made other numerous contributions

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