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OMWENGA: Mass action not ripe, Ruto needs time

The President has barely had time to assemble his government to increase the pace to deliver his vision

Locked Will the new IEBC buck historic curses?

There are candidates who lose fair and squarely but forever complain of having been rigged when that was not the case

Locked OMWENGA: Gachagua is treading water in uncharted territory

It is if Moi was the professor of politics, Ruto will relegate what Moi did to junior league.

OMWENGA: Ruto presidency and what 2023 has in store

Ruto will be a more powerful and more effective President than Uhuru Kenyatta ever was

Locked OMWENGA: Is unity of Kenyans in diaspora an illusion?

Distrust is largely brought about by individuals who consistently and tirelessly create brief-case organizations

OMWENGA: Why Ahmed Rashid should be pardoned

It is not in dispute the two individuals Rashid killed in cold blood were part of a criminal gang

Locked OMWENGA: Ruto right in formalising office of official opposition

President acknowledges that winner-takes-all presidential system not ideal for Kenya.

Locked OMWENGA: Is Ruto for or against GMO maize import?

The President has gone mum since he lifted the ban, leading to speculation he may not be for the decision

OMWENGA: Ruto's visit: Will Kenyans in diaspora unite?

President has indicated his wish to meet with Kenyans when he comes to Washington next month

Locked OMWENGA: Murkomen has disclosed SGR contract, now what?

President Ruto and the CS should now find a solution that turns the project into a viable investment.

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