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It is upon Uhuru to end corruption not the West

While initial expressway cost by the US was Sh185.9bn, government placed it Sh309.9bn, Sh124bn more.

Not true Raila is isolated

To jump from there to a conclusion Raila is finished is a mistake.

Uhuru’s dilemma and what lies ahead of 2022

There are those in the system inclined to see the President throw Raila under the bus

No, Ruto, you are no Magufuli

Magufuli did not use populism as his means to ascend to the presidency in 2015

Central's hatred of Raila is the elephant in the room

It behooves the President and those close to him to do everything possible to slay this tribalism-driven hatred

We're poised for a three-horse race

The person Uhuru told us he will surprise us with will end up being the President.

Ruto is trying to have it both ways

By constantly trashing it as he does, he hopes to keep his blind followers animated.

Is Mukhisa Kituyi the handshake presidential candidate?

He's not polarisng and is steeped in knowledge of how to run a successful government.

Ruto has struck the king, must now suffer full consequences

DP has engaged in insubordination. That can only compound his already impossible path to the presidency.

Shelve BBI but ensure right person is elected President

Let the right person win, except this time with the blessing of most of the country.

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