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Locked OMWENGA: Is Ruto for or against GMO maize import?

The President has gone mum since he lifted the ban, leading to speculation he may not be for the decision

OMWENGA: Ruto's visit: Will Kenyans in diaspora unite?

President has indicated his wish to meet with Kenyans when he comes to Washington next month

Locked OMWENGA: Murkomen has disclosed SGR contract, now what?

President Ruto and the CS should now find a solution that turns the project into a viable investment.

Locked OMWENGA: Why vetting of Cabinet nominees is useless

The President will get his way and appoint everyone he nominated as it is unlikely any of them will be rejected.

Locked OMWENGA: Why Gachagua should slow down

The speed at which Riggy G is making all manner of pronouncements leads one to believe he may become the first casualty ...

Locked OMWENGA: Will opposition be relevant in Ruto government?

We have a history of having an opposition never known to be solid or gutsy

Locked OMWENGA: Will Ruto’s Cabinet deliver?

It can but it’ll take quite an effort and determination devoid of politics.

Locked OMWENGA: What next now that Ruto is President-elect?

We must, as a nation, accord President-elect William Ruto the respect and support he deserves

OMWENGA: Time to unite the country

As provided under our Constitution and laws, the Supreme Court’s judgment is final

Locked OMWENGA: CJ Koome not holding a hot potato

She takes up yet another petition but under very calm circumstances across the country.

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