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We must have one-term transitional presidency

Failure to do this means the system will continue to control who becomes President.

BBI will be implemented, but not through referendum

All indications are the mood in social media and on the ground is that a referendum will fail in a landslide.

Uhuru’s heart is with Raila but haters are hard at work

There are some forces pushing Uhuru to shove Raila off a political cliff through BBI.

Ruto can't make up with Uhuru, but he can with Raila

Securing the presidency for one of them working together would be a walkover.

Ruto-backed Raila presidency solution to our woes

In this arrangement, Raila will serve one term after which Ruto can succeed him.

Parliament must protect retiree’s pension from taxation

Make sure pension is not taxed as CS Yatani proposed

Will Uhuru save Governor Waiguru?

Distancing himself from Waiguru is exactly what he needs to do.

Why Uhuru needs a third term

There is need to ensure transition is done in a manner that does not threaten the system.

Elections should be held in 2021, not 2022

“The second Tuesday of August in every 5th year”  translates to August 10, 2021.

Ruto impeachment not a wise move, force him to quit

Uhuru should make Ruto's life miserable to the point he quits on his own.

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