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Locked OMWENGA: Linturi not the problem, the Cabinet is

There is a jobless graduate out there seeing some of these individuals serving in the Cabinet and going, surely; is it ...

OMWENGA: Will Raila help or punish Mt Kenya for backing Ruto?

Odinga might well play it safe, get the AU job, come roaring back to turn tables on Ruto to do as Raila wishes, or he ...

Locked OMWENGA: Kenyans in diaspora still ignored

If wisdom prevailed, the President would involve the diaspora in development

Locked OMWENGA: Decision to send Kenya police to Haiti ill-advised

From a layperson’s vantage point, these are unnecessary and unavoidable deaths of men and women waiting to happen.

Locked OMWENGA: Chopper crash: Don't rush to judgment

Reject rumours and await results of a thorough investigation

Locked OMWENGA: Ruto wrong to invite Benny Hinn to State House

It would be prudent for Ruto to scale back the intertwining of church and state.

OMWENGA: ANC merger with UDA will finish Kenya Kwanza

Were Mudavadi wiser, he would remain put in ANC, play dumb around Gachagua while trying to be his own man.

Locked OMWENGA: Is a youthful presidency answer to Africa’s woes?

Age alone is not a good indicator of how well one in a leadership position can perform.

Intrigues surrounding DP's apology to Mama Ngina

The seasoned politician he is, he has suddenly realised the carpet being slowly yanked from underneath his feet.

Locked OMWENGA: What Monda's impeachment tells us

Greed and a false sense of invincibility often lead to self-destruction, as was evident.

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