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BIO: Lewis Nyaundi is a young journalist and education writer with the Star newspaper and based in Nairobi, Kenya.

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How coronavirus will mess up the school calendar

Learners now at home for the fourth week, would have been preparing for the April break

Hungry kids miss free meals while schools shut

Programme for 1.5 million children daily, Sh11 per child daily. d.

Build breastfeeding rooms in schools - taskforce

Hardly any school has a lactation room, most new mums stay home.

Why water and soap are enough to kill coronavirus

Doctor says coronavirus contains a coating layer with projections that act as protection.

Schools likely to be closed till end of April

Closure will next week enter what was meant to be the last week of the first term.

Boda bodas want to be listed as essential services

They say some have registered with firms for delivery of food, sometimes medicine.

Isolate virus suspects in schools, say heads

They also propose the use of teachers in educating public on virus.

Covid-19: Ensuring children don't turn into screen zombies

Parents have to juggle working from home and managing homes with kids around.

How technology to can help employees work remotely

Staffers, whether working from home or still in the office, need to collaborate.

Will Mombasa teacher be the next Tabichi, win Sh100 million?

Kenyan among 50 listed to succeed Tabichi as world's best teacher.

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