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Locked NYONG'O: Kenya Kwanza illiberalism threat to Constitution

Illiberalism becomes even worse when those who exercise political power

NYONG'O: Illiberalism negates essence of our democracy

Such a situation is the opposite, or the reverse side, of an open society.

NYONG'O: Presidential 'democracies' stifle elections

The tendency when populism doesn’t lead to tangible positive changes is that the regime begins to invent multiple ...

Nyong'o: Intrigues behind Narc formation, Kibaki Tosha bombshell

Before the Uhuru Park rally that gave birth to Narc, Raila came to the rescue of the near leaderless opposition.

NYONG'O: Why infrastructure wins few votes in Africa

Government should build infrastructure and feed the tummy.

My friend Joe Nyagah: Great be the ties that bind

Joe was a stickler for decency, discipline, honour, fairness, work, punctuality and civilized behaviour

There are genuine BBI critics and oppositionists

Let us go back to the origin of the BBI: The handshake.

Build on Kenya's film industry potential in 2020

Our artists should be deliberately supported to grow in their business

To implement UHC, reform NHIF

NHIF needs serious reforms to improve governance.

We need honest and patriotic debate on the handshake report

BBI rejects parliamentary system, wants powerful president — cause of poll violence.

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