Payitone Kash was robbed on first day in Nairobi

Ugandan star ended up sleeping on the streets after rude welcome to Kenya

In Summary

• He started music career in school, when he was an entertainment prefect

• Eight years later, he says the biggest challenge is connections and finances

Payitone Kash
Payitone Kash

Kenyan-based Ugandan artiste Payitone Kash Ke lost his phone and money on his first day in the country.

He ended up homeless as he could not call his 'poor' parents back home.

"My aim of coming to Kenya was to start a new life, but once I reached Nairobi, I wasn't familiar with the new environment," he told Word Is.

"I received my first welcome in the capital by thugs, who attacked me and stole everything I had."

They left him with nothing and he had to start over by begging in the streets.

Payitone Kash Ke managed to turn his life around and now has songs like 'Weiwe', 'Smoke' and 'Fire' to his name.

He is working on the 'Try and See' EP, which will drop in April.

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