Daddy Owen regrets not getting kids earlier

He also wishes he had invested more in his younger days

In Summary

• He wished he spent his time well but said he has learnt through his mistakes

Gospel singer Daddy Owen without a ring
Gospel singer Daddy Owen without a ring
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If gospel singer Daddy Owen could go back in time, he would get kids early and invest more.

In a recent Q and A session with fans, one asked the father of two what he wished he had done earlier.

Owen said he wished he had invested while young and used his time well.

"Serve God more, read more and get children early, and many more," he said.

"Sometimes in life, you must go through a process so you gain intelligence and wisdom later. Wisdom is created for a long list of making wrong choices."

Other fans asked Owen how he stays humble despite being a celeb and veteran in the gospel industry.

Owen said the most important thing is being rooted in the word of God and understanding the why. "For me, I know I am a minister. A mini-star, leading people to the superstar."

Another fan asked how he was doing mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

"Hapo kwa emotionally, we skip. Let’s focus on spiritual and mental. I am good."

On how he overcomes temptations, Owen said he tries so much to live a spiritual life, where he knows how to separate good from evil.

"God’s grace is sufficient, but we can’t go on misusing and sinning and justify the phrase. Not easy. As long as you are human, it ain’t easy. But if it is extreme, I run away," he said.

"I flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body."

Owen also said he listens to music during his low moments. "I give back to the community a lot and hang out with positive friends and family. Do what I love."

In a recent interview with Mpasho.co.ke, Owen, who no longer wears his wedding ring, said he removed it because it was time.

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