Don’t suffer in a marriage, says Kate Actress

Either it is working or it is not, she said

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• Kate was asked what advice she would give to couples.

Kate Actress
Kate Actress
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Former 'Mother-in-law' actress Catherine Kamau, alias Kate Actress, says no person should kill themselves trying to make their marriage work.

In a recent interview with Spm Buzz, Kate was asked what advice she would give to couples.

"I haven't been married for a long time to give advice to couples, but if it is working then it's beautiful. If it is not working, then I don't think you're supposed to kill yourself trying to make it work. I mean, don't suffer."

About how she balances her family and career, Kate praised her husband for easing her stress.

"I don't think I have balance, I am just trying to do what I can. But it's great that I have a supportive partner."

Kate will not be getting more children."I have two children and I'm done."

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