Relationship failing? Walk away, ladies - Betty Bayo

She herself got into a marriage without really knowing her partner but walked away in time

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• The killings on TV have driven her to encourage women to emulate her when things don't work out

Betty Bayo
Betty Bayo
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Gospel star Betty Bayo is saddened by the increasing crimes of passion. She has advised women to walk away if it's not working.

She told Word Is on Sunday, "I've learnt marriage is not easy. I have learnt to forgive and let go. No one wants to marry anyone who is embarrassing you on  TV. If it's not working, just let go."

She said she has never pushed her ex to bring up her kids. "Sometimes, agree to disagree for the sake of the kids. I'm sad to see all the killings on TV. I decided to walk away and in the beginning, I didn't want any support because it was not about the money," she said.

"The mistake I made was to get into a marriage without really knowing my partner. I didn't take my time to research on the background. I didn't consider things like character, personality. We differed in a lot of things. Every topic was an argument."


She admitted that she is in a new relationship, and gave hints that she might be walking down the aisle next year.

"When we get to that bridge we will cross it. Can you allow me to date in peace? I am not doing badly. I have not spoken about it, so wait until I speak about it on my social media. I will do a public wedding so you'll know," she said.

Bayo and her ex-husband Kanyari keep in touch for their two daughters' sake.

"Our ministry is so involving because we travel a lot. So sometimes, I need to just relax and look after my two daughters," she said. 

"I thank God they are in school and I can work hard on my music career. Sometimes you cancel international shows because of the kids. We still do talk for the sake of the kids."

In the past, she has been accused of undergoing plastic surgery, claims she rubbished.

"When I want to know the Betty Bayo online, I google myself because kwa ground vitu ni different. There is a time they said I gave birth to a mzungu baby and the baby is black," she said.

"Others said I had done plastic surgery. At the time, I went to the US and gave birth and I didn't have any pressure. I looked so different and then they said I had done something to myself. I don't even know what that is and I can never do it."

She is working on releasing singles and spoke at Mr Seed's event in Ruiru.


"Mr Seed is my close friend and I would say he is one of the artistes who updates me on technology. He actually opened an Instagram account for me," she said.