‘Why care what people think?’ Musila, Guardian plan to wed

Muslia, 51, said Guardian, 32, gives her joy her peers would never match

In Summary

• Musila said God has given her more than she asked and she is putting herself first

Esther Musila with Guardian Angel
Esther Musila with Guardian Angel
Image: Courtesy

Gospel singer Guardian Angel, 32, last week proposed to his girlfriend Esther Musila during her 51st birthday.

The couple went public with their relationship last year, eliciting mixed reactions from netizens, who mostly expressed concern over the huge age difference between the two.

In a recent interview with Spice FM, Esther said she is in a happy space with dating the gospel singer.

"Even if I had met a 55-year-old as people would like, he would never match Guardian," she said.

Esther added that when she met Guardian Angel, she was not looking for love or being in a relationship.

"How things started taking place, I can only say it is God because, when I was turning 50 years last year, I had a conversation with God and I told him, I want to do things differently in my life," she said.

"After I turned 50 years, He has given me more than I asked for."

About the age difference, Esther said she does not even think about his age.

"I think in my situation is coz I am an older person, I probably have grown-up children. You know the African culture doesn't allow that. I am an African, yes, but I believe in doing my things for myself," she said.

"I have come to discover later in life that I come first and I am going to live doing that. I come first," she said.

"I am in a relationship with a wonderful man and I will always come first in the relationship because if am not happy, then my relationship will not be good. I don't want to make similar mistakes I made in the past."

She said at the beginning, she was skeptical about getting into a relationship.

"When we started talking, I was not for the relationship but in less than a month, we were already talking about ourselves. At some point I was telling him, what will people think, and he asked me, 'Why would you care about that?'"

She said the wedding plans are underway.