Why Vera Sidika is back to black

Was promoting her new song 'Mimi', which speaks out against discrimination based on skin colour.

In Summary

• The back to black post got tongues wagging like crazy. 

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika
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Vera Sidika was the talk of the town for the entire week after she posted a photo of herself back to her dark skin tone.

The back to black post got tongues wagging like crazy. Vera said, “Never be defined by your past …it was just a lesson, not a life sentence. Feels good to be back!!! Black don’t crack.”

She got a lot of positive reviews and, of course, criticism.


One commented, “Transformer Vera, this is even bigger than you even think! Encouraging young women to love the skin they were born in. Big ups Vee, you look amazing.”

A critic said, “May God confuse my enemies they way you are confusing us.”

Anyhow, this is how Vera probably got the tan. She probably bought one of those expensive tanning sprays that go for about Sh4,000 to Sh13,200.

One of which is Bondi Sands Self Tanning Mist, which goes for Sh 13,200.

According to experts once you spray the tan, the base coat should last four or five days and, with the extra treatment, seven or eight days before it fades.

You can also shower after six hours of application.

For those who were asking her if her ivory coloured jumpsuit was going to end up with splotches of the spray tan, here is your answer: Most tanning sprays dry instantly.


It is designed to deepen after four hours, and an in-built booster ingredient gives even more depth to the tan after 12 hours.

She was promoting her new song Mimi, which speaks out against discrimination based on skin colour.

“My skin don’t tell me who I am. My colour don’t tell me where am from. Money don’t care, black or white bado utahusle, changamoto kibao [you’ll still hustle, there are many challenges] haters ndo hao call it a struggle.”

Logic can get you from point A to B, Imagination can get you everywhere. Mimi is my new single depicting the essence of audacity in life. Video visualized by ...

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