Dress to impress: Budget-friendly guide to look stylish

The rich girl aesthetic is a traditional rich girl style which includes dressing in high-quality tailored clothing

In Summary
  • Tips and tricks on how to achieve the rich girl aesthetic
  • Looking rich and classy doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. You need to know a few tricks of the trade.

Rich girl aesthetic
Rich girl aesthetic
Image: Victor Imboto

Do you want to know how to achieve the rich girl aesthetic (dress well on a budget)?

Well, the rich girl aesthetic is a traditional rich girl Style which includes dressing and styling in high-quality tailored clothing and accessories that have a perfectly polished look.

To accomplish that look usually requires spending a great deal of time and money.

Today, it is possible to achieve that look without spending a lot of money, but you still must spend the time.

You have to spend time finding the right garments, accessories, and professionals that charge fees within your budget, but it can be done.

This style of clothing is not something new it was there years ago.

As we know fashion trends that are currently trending today are recycled.

Fashion trends come and go so the ones that die just end up resurfacing and becoming popular and trend again.

What makes a woman look rich?

Looking rich and classy doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. You need to know a few tricks of the trade. 

Forget about expensive jewellery and handbags. Those are no longer signs that a woman is rich.

Luckily there are plenty of other ways that a woman can look rich, such as:

Natural make-up or even none at all

Well-groomed hands

Fresh scent

Eating right and exercising to take care of her figure

Shiny, healthy hair

Here are some fashion tips and tricks that will give you the rich girl aesthetic

When shopping reach for the basics

The key factor when it comes  to dressing rich  is all about the basics (invest in two or three button-down shirts or even plain tops)

The shirt can be styled in any way, wear the top with tailored trousers and heels to the office or dress it down in a good pair of jeans-the beauty here is there's no wrong way to wear it.

Dark denim

Denim is another item that can help you achieve this aesthetic. The darker the wash the more sleek your denim looks

It's also important to keep the material and silhouette in mind. Select rigid fits that maintain their shape after each wear, such as straight jeans since they are not too baggy or too constricting.

When in doubt dress up in neutral tones

Opt for neutral hues (like blacks, navy, white, and beige), pair them all together into a monochrome look, and then you're good to go.

Add jewellery

Don't be afraid to drape yourself in jewellery, from pearl earrings to bold a gold chunky necklace. Don't hold back with the accessories since your outfit will be monochrome. Add the accessories to spice up the outfit.

Sunglasses and hair accessories are a must

Sunglasses and oversized bows or barrettes are like the bow that tie the whole outfit together, a very crucial part of the look.

With these few tips and tricks, you can achieve the rich girl aesthetic.

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