Ajebo Hustlers drop their much anticipated EP 'Bad Boy Etiquette 102'

In Summary

•Formed in 2015. Ajebo Hustlers quickly escalated themselves as hitmakers with a message.

Dynamic Multi-genre duo Ajebo Hustlers are back with their latest project, the aptly titled 'Bad Boy Etiquette 102'

Hailing from Port Harcourt Nigeria Knowledge (GeorgeDandeson) Piego (Isaiah Precious) have been steadily building a reputation for music that entertains and enlightens.

Formed in 2015. Ajebo Hustlers quickly escalated themselves as hitmakers with a message.

Their debut album 'Kpos Lifestyle Vol 1' and the acclaimed EP' Bad Boy Etiquette 101' showcased their ability to blend slang and hip-hop rhymes with social commentary.

Their 20202 single 'Barawo became a rallying cry during protests against police brutality further amplified by a remix featuring Davido.

'Kpos Lifestyle Vol 1' cemented their status as a creative force weaving social commentary while delivering in in laymans terms for the wider audience.

On their latest offering 'Bad Boy Etiquette 102' Ajebo Hustlers continues the exploration of love ambition and the universal struggles of the human conditions.

The EP opens with the motivational anthem "Dreams II ' featuring BlaqBonez and Zlaytan using dreams as their compass the song chronicles the pursuit of aspirations, urging listeners to persevere.

A shift in tone arrives in 'Last Week; featuring Jeriq confronting the harsh realities of addiction and the fight for recovery.

Throughout the project Ajebo hustlers navigate contrasting themes 'Wicked' explores the lure of temptations, while 'Undecided' featuring Raebel tackles the complexities of relationships capturing internal struggles between commitment and independence.

'Kisses II'  featuring Magixx explores heartbreak's raw emotions and the path to healing. The many moods of love are further explored on 'Sweet  and Sour' featuring King Promise 

The EP concludes with the electrifying 'Burn My Cable II' featuring Sarkodie. 

Each track on 'Bad Boy Etiquette I02' serves as a lesson aiming to resonate with the hearts and minds. Press play Class is in session

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