Jubaland oppose plan for clan militia for security reasons

Dhuumal believes the clan militia could be in for a different plan

In Summary
  • Among those who were allegedly present were the former president's administration team including the former Somalia minister and political advisor.
  • Reports indicate that the group was seen agitating for plans to oust President Ahmed Madobe of Jubbaland state.
Jubbaland state interior minister General Yussuf Hussein Dhuumal
Jubbaland state interior minister General Yussuf Hussein Dhuumal

Jubaland is alleging a plan to destabilise its government through the recruitment of clan militia allegedly formed to fight the Al-Shabaab terrorists.

The Jubbaland state interior minister General Yussuf Hussein Dhuumal confided to BBC Somali radio that the plan dubbed as an effort to fight Al-Shabaab could pose serious security concerns to Jubaland.

This comes in the wake of allegations that a series of meetings were held in Nairobi hotels over the weekend during which plans for the formation of clan militia were finalised.

Among those who were allegedly present were a former president's administration team including a former Somalia minister and a political advisor.

The group is allegedly advocating for the creation of Ma'awisley local clan militia.

But Dhuumal believes the clan militia could be in for a different plan.

"Any recruitment will be done by the security department led by me as the Security minister. I will prepare their training and their ammunition. Someone can't just recruit militia in the mindset of fighting Al Shabab, it is not a good move for the Federal Government of Jubaland and the Country of Somalia. It's a recipe for disaster," he said.

The the ideology is allegedly also pushed by a senator and former minister who was formerly a close buddy of president Ahmed Madobe before he resigned and joined the former president's campaign team.

The duo hail from Farmajo's Marehan clan which is dominant in the Geddo region of Jubbaland state.

They are allegedly involved in the creation and armament of clan militias in the Geddo region disguised to fight Al Shabab but Jubbaland claims to be a militia created to destabilise them as a state.

"The president commissioned the fight against Al Shabab. It's now ongoing, we will be aided by the Somalia National Army (SNA) and soldiers from neighbouring countries will cross the border to help," he said.

The Nairobi meetings are alleged to have been financed by a former presidential Director of the presidential press who also attended the Nairobi hotel meetings.

In an interview with the Somali BBC radio, the minister said the armament of clan militia poses a great threat to the fragile state of peace and security in the region.

Dhuumal said it is a stop-gap measure, lacks coordination and is possible in areas where Al Shabab have few fighters, scattered presence and meagre combat materials.

He said the Jubbaland forces backed by the Kenyan KDF forces have enough strength to combat Al shabaab

Dhuumal hinted that a more dangerous outfit was likely to emerge out of the attempt to arm the local civilians

He said to get rid of the Alshabab that were already dislodged from major towns and cities in Jubbaland was a matter of time.

Hassan Ali Noor a Kismayu youth activist says the push for clan militia by a team allied to the former Somalia President in Jubbaland was suspicious in nature.

The activist said the former president who enjoyed the support of the Ethiopian government during his tenure attempted to oust Ahmed Madobe several times but it flatly failed since he enjoyed support from the Kenyan Government and the people of Jubbaland state

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