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Kenya Railways to increase passenger numbers to 8m by 2027

It cites development of rail infrastructure as one of its signature achievements.

AfDB calls for reforms to global financial design

•  Nmehielle says the needed transformation is still work in progress. • He was speaking at one of the events during ...

Kamgoin Conservancy: tiny treasure and biodiversity hotspot with rich history

It contains endangered species including 500-year-old trees and colobus monkeys.

Why Amboseli land subdivision is a wildlife, livelihood threat

Activists say it will limit grazing fields and cut off dispersal areas

Kenya to benefit from fund to reverse biodiversity loss

The Global Biodiversity Framework Fund is gaining momentum in its bid to put nature on a path to recovery before 2030.

More than half of all mangrove ecosystems at risk of collapse by 2050 – study

In Kenya, mangroves are found in Lamu, Tana River, Kilifi, Mombasa and Kwale counties

Lion sighted in Ongata Rongai might have been pursuing prey - expert

KWS said during rains, herbivores migrate through the unfenced southern part of Nairobi National Park towards human ...

Fighting cross-border pests needs united front, IGAD members told

Desert locusts, Quelea birds, fall armyworms, and African armyworms are cited as the most persistent

Heavy rains to pound Coast, Western for four months - Igad

Greater Horn of Africa forecast for June to September shows above-normal rainfall and higher-than-normal temperatures

Locked Baringo residents shop for aloe vera investor

About 60 species of the plant have been identified in Kenya, many of which grow naturally in dry lands.

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