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The art of bedding a colleague

After her ex snubs a booty call, Samantha seduces her next target

What a boob pic can do to a man

Social distancing is forgotten when a girl flirts with a single workmate

Home alone is booty call time

Nothing like a personal experience to derive a good story from

Cover story after bedroom ‘mishap’

Hunger for attention makes one innovate

The rich also cry, but keep it secret

Fooled by the medic, Chris flirts with his oppressor

Is Covid-19 unsavoury cure to overpopulation?

The planet is strained by humanity and its resources can only sustain so many

How corona ended immigrant's dream

Catching up with news after hospital trip leads to sobering discovery

Bite below the belt without blowback

WIth medical competence in question, doctor lets it go

Moi: No love lost

If you disliked him, don’t revel in his passing. If you loved him, don’t mourn

Royal headache

Power to Meghan as she fights for space

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