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45 days in Mathare troubling prospect

You wouldn’t survive a month in a mental hospital here either.

Facing the law for bedroom violence

An ally turns out to be the bringer of doom

Bedroom getaway the perfect crime

There’s nothing hospitals hate more than the words 'no insurance'

How to get away with bedroom bullying

Sometimes it's good to fake amnesia until you know better

When office fight ends in hospital

Nothing as unsettling as waking up in hospital with unanswered questions

The pain of losing one's manhood

Sexual harassment in the office ends horribly wrong for the offender

Sexual harasser forced to beg for mercy

An out-of-body experience in a cocky client's office

Sexual demands: Dilemma before compromise

Is your fate in your hands when the other side holds all the cards?

When the boss ties contract to sex

A good deal goes downhill after standing up to the signatory

Wine and...getting to ‘know’ each other?

I force myself to drink and I cringe as I let out a huge hiccup.

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